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   Chapter 117 You Are Part Of Tang Family

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"I forgot…"

Stella closed her eyes trying to remember the name of the pianist. Unfortunately, despite her best efforts, nothing came to mind.

"You are so unreliable," Cassandra teased her.

She wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.

But whenever she thought about the support that Stella had given her about her divorce with Lionel, Cassandra found herself instantly being filled with courage and determination.

A marriage for financial reasons instead of love was ridiculous, hilarious and tragic. It was imperative to save herself from the trap that she walked into.

Cassandra rose early the next day and prepared to travel to her father's company situated in the North District.

It was now being run by an old friend of Vernon's, Kevin Wang. However, he was unable to help as much as he would like to by this point.

As she was walking out to the garage, Cassandra saw Rufus.

He wore a relaxing smile on his face, welcoming her.

"How did you know that I am leaving?" Cassandra asked suspiciously.

She was sure that she did not share her plan with him.

"I can read your mind," teased Rufus.

He was clearly not telling the truth, but still holding the door open for Cassandra, anyway.

Cassandra just shrugged with a smile. It did not make sense to reject a free driver, a free ride and the company of a more experienced business manager. She was actually quite nervous about her visit to the Qin Group, but with Rufus on her side, she felt more at ease.

He always seemed to appear when she most needed him even without her asking. The idea that there was someone looking out for her without her knowledge made her feel safe and grateful.

They drove for long hours and it was almost noon when they arrived at the Qin Group. Cassandra quickly got off the car and walked towards the office building, hoping that she could still catch Kevin Wang. Just as she entered the building, Kevin was on his way out.

Smiling, Cassandra was about to greet him when she was taken aback by the man that followed after him.

The man was tall and looked somewhat familiar. When she finally managed to make out who it was, she was astonished to find that it was Lionel!

She froze. Kevin also spotted Cassandra and stopped on his tracks. He seemed to look nervous.

'Why is Lionel here?' Cassandra thought.

Lionel, however, acted as if there was nothing unusual happening. He bypassed Kevin, who seemed to be currently glued to the floor, and walked right up to Cassandra. Casually putting his arm around her shoulder, he said affectionately, "Cassandra, there you are! I have more or less sorted everything out with Uncle Kevin."

He beamed at her with tender eyes. His expression convinced everyone else that they were a sweet couple. Cassandra was the only one left angered.

Unfazed, she asked, "What is it that you have sorted out with Uncle Kevin?"

She intentionally continued to walk forward to subtly get rid of him.

able. He even gave me a car as a gift! Now I know why, ' Cassandra thought. She finally saw the ulterior motive behind Horace's kindness.

It was obviously to let her guard down and remove her suspicions.

When Vernon was arrested, Edith approached Horace for help. He told her that his position would not allow him to help her directly, but he promised that he would ask his friends from the government to aid her and her family. Oddly, they were not able to offer much help when Cassandra approached the officials.

Cassandra did not allow herself to resort to begging the Tang family for their help because of her pride. Still, being a naturally kind and understanding woman, she assumed that Horace meant well. She bought his excuse about how his stature prevented him from doing things. It was only now that she realized how weak that rationale was.

If he were really sincere about helping Vernon, he could have just helped Cassandra with the money for her father's fine.

Instead, he gave her a car to give her the impression that he cared about her well-being.

Putting the puzzle pieces together, she saw how it all came down to Horace's plan to acquire the Qin Group.

"Well, Uncle Kevin, if you really want the best for Qin Group, you shouldn't hand it to an outsider. My father built this company throughout his life, it was everything to him. I am certain that he will dispute the decision to have his beloved brand changed from Qin to Tang," Cassandra scoffed at Kevin.

She thought of everything that her father sacrificed for the company, and then looked at Kevin. It pained her so much.

"You shouldn't say that Cassandra. You might have forgotten that you are part of Tang family too,"

Lionel argued back, with his eyebrows creased.

Cassandra's words gave him a huge sense of loss. He did not want to admit it but with what he heard, it looked like Cassandra never saw herself as part of their family. The realization pained him gravely.

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