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   Chapter 116 What's Her Name

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This was perhaps the first time that Cassandra was dreaming during an afternoon nap. She'd fallen asleep in a distorted position in the office chair.

Time flew fast in her dream. Seasons changed in seconds. One second it was summer; then, autumn; next instance, winter. As she stood there looking at the leaves and light change around her, a shadow accompanied her. She recognized it to be Rufus, standing next to her, through the tumultuous changes.

The spring flowers were beautiful and so were the fallen autumn leaves. The winter snow glistened so beautifully it stunned her.

She looked at Rufus through flying hair in front of her eyes, grabbed his hand and walked in the snow. Their heads were covered in gently falling snow, making it look like they had grey hair. It looked like they were a couple grown old together. Dreams often, were considered to a method of wish fulfilment.

Cassandra always believed the idea of two people in love growing together was the most beautiful and romantic thing in the world. She had always imagined to be with someone who she could share this with. Before she could enjoy that imagined reality in her dream, Stella entered the office.

Cassandra opened her eyes, perturbed by the slight sound of the door closing behind Stella. She had always been a light sleeper and woke up very easily. She raised her head and saw Stella looking down at her.

"Oh... Stella. What's the matter?"

On finding it was her best friend who had entered the room, Cassandra let down her guard, slid back in her chair and rested her head on the desk again. She was still sleepy.

"Whose is this from?"

Stella asked, waving a white paper card at her, confused.

Cassandra got alert the moment she saw the card. Her eyes widened in surprise and panic took hold of her for a second.

"Oh, I have no idea. Maybe someone dropped it unintentionally,"

Cassandra said, taking the card from her and throwing it in the trash bin under her desk. There was still a slight hint of panic on her face.

Stella had always been a careless person. But Cassandra's unnatural behavior was so obvious that even she found it strange. She could tell when her friend was nervous or trying to hide something.

As Stella glanced around the office, her eyes landed on a round trace of water on Cassandra's desk, It looked like something had been placed on the desk, which left some water behind.

The size of the circle looked quite familiar. It looked exactly like the size of the container Stella had seen in the trash can!

Stella furrowed her eyebrows, recalling how nervous Victor was when she ran into him and how Cassandra had a similar reaction. Something was surely going on between those two. Or was it a mere coincidence?

Stella had always sensed Victor treated Cassandra specially. One time, he would even put lumps of sugar in her coffee himself.

And today, as per Stella's instinct, he'd bought lunch for Cassandra.

What was even more surprising was he had even tried to destroy the evidence by throwing the container away, to keep this a secret. Something truly was fishy. Could it be that Victor had feelings for Cassandra?

To add to Stella's wonderment and suspicion was the white paper card. Perhaps, it was from Victor, which was why Cassandra got all nervous about it? Was she trying to keep this whole episode with Victor a secret from Stella, her best friend?

Honestly, Stella didn't think a sturdy and intimidating man like Victor would have such beautiful handwriting. It looked so elegant, like a girl's. She hadn't expected that but then again there really was no point dwelling on it.

She hesitated for a short while, staring at Cassandra with squinting, complicated eyes. She couldn't resist asking anymore. Finally, she let it

tella? I can hardly think of anything! To be honest, I did't expect you to know him so well! I never thought he was your type!"

Cassandra chuckled, teasing her, no more afraid of her secret being out.

"He... He is not my type at all!"

Stella denied, almost too quickly. Despite that, a gorgeous blush took over her face. Any person with eyes could tell she was lying.

"Uh huh. Don't you lie to me! A little bird has told me you even cried on his shoulder at the concert!"

Cassandra smirked. It looked like she didn't plan to let this go so easily. It was such a rare sight to see a blunt, out-going person like Stella to blush like that! She really enjoyed to see this side of her friend.

"That... That was because the concert was so moving. The pianist was just so good, I got emotional,"

Stella tried to explain, but that only made it look like she was overcompensating. Cassandra could see how her eyes lit up as she dwelt on a thought in her mind.

"By the way, the pianist is famous around the world! She is so young and talented. Besides, she is very beautiful and stylish. Her personality is so appealing, you can't even imagine! You know, I didn't even want to go to the concert at first. I just went to finish that task. I didn't expect I would cry by the end. She was just that good, I tell you! At least, now I know good music can really touch one's soul and be overwhelming. Never will I ever complain about people who get touched by music."

Stella's eyes shone with excitement as she told Cassandra about that concert. Cassandra could tell from the look on her face how much she had loved it!

"Really? She's so good she taught you to appreciate music? She must possess some magical powers! I remember you saying you'd rather just listen to some pop songs on your phone than go to a concert,"

Cassandra kept teasing her, with a wholesome smile on her face. It really was surprising the concert made Stella change her mind about Classical music.

"No kidding, Cassandra. If you get the chance, do go to her concert. She is stunning, like an angel! Watching her play is like admiring a beautiful painting. You cannot help but hold your breath!"

Cassandra's interest piqued manifold. Stella had never obsessed over any other female celebrity before. Usually, she would be the one judging them. Yet, here she was fangirling! It truly was surprising. The artist had to be amazing to trigger a response like this out of Stella!

"The pianist, what's her name?" Cassandra asked, curious.

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