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   Chapter 115 A Lunch

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Cassandra had always convinced herself that as long as she indulged herself in working hard, things would become better.

For her not to be a person who couldn't earn her living and be dependent on others, she went to Rome to study architecture and design.

While some of her classmates were shopping, dating and partying, Cassandra stayed in the library, studying piles of thick books about architecture.

Cassandra, as one of the few Asians in college, consistently scored higher than her classmates and won the full scholarship. She was studying at one of the prestigious schools in Rome without spending a penny.

In one instance, she had beaten some famous designers and won a prize in a design competition when she was still a college student.

When she was employed by the Tang Group, no one really trusted and respected her. She was so young and inexperienced. Everyone wondered how she could be the manager of the design department of the Tang Group. Cassandra ignored all those criticisms. She had just kept her mouth shut while busy signing contracts one after another.

There was a two-hour lunch break in Tang Group. During the break, everyone in the office would gather together and get out to grab some food. Cassandra, however, would always take a snap, order something to takeout and then get back to work right after lunch.

She was never late or got off work early for no reasons. Instead, she always worked late, determined to give her clients a perfect design.

She worked very hard these past years, thinking that her life was getting better and better gradually. However, now she felt exhausted. She didn't know whether she could carry on with her way of life.

"Cassandra, some senior executives of your father's company came to our house today. They asked me about my plans. They said if the business volume couldn't recover, they might resign,"

Edith called Cassandra during the lunch break. She sounded so nervous on the other end of the phone that Cassandra could even imagine her anxiety without seeing her.

"I see, mother. I will go to dad's company tomorrow and talk to them. Please don't worry."

When she hung up the phone, Cassandra bent over the desk and sighed, helpless.

She felt stressed and drained.

Cassandra thought the prize she won in the competition could support herself for a while. However, Horace gave all her cases to the other designers and she couldn't even fight for that. Otherwise, people would think her as a self-centered and arrogant manager who would take all the credits and didn't give opportunities to others.

She was so annoyed.

Suddenly, the door opened. Victor walked into her office, with a food container in his hand.

"Good afternoon, Manager Qin. Mr. Luo asked me to bring you this."

Victor walked towards her desk and put down the food container and left. Victor's timing was just perfect. Cassandra was hungry and she was glad that someone sent her some food.

She opened the container, the meat dishes and vegetables all looked tasty and smelled better than the takeout she used to order.

Fried potatoes with green pepper, stewed pork trotters...everything looked mouthwatering.

Cassandra could see that Rufus had put a lot of

a talkative person and he hadn't quite recovered from the embarrassment that he had made a silly mistake just now. Stella scared him and he didn't know what to say.

He opened his mouth, but nothing came out. It made Stella suspicious.

She took a glance at the dustbin and saw the food container. Strangely, questions on her mind were beginning to form.

'Is it broken? Why did Victor throw it away?"

Stella wondered. But she didn't show her suspicion.

"Let's go. Let's go for a walk. It's good to walk after lunch, isn't it?"

Stella had a talent in engaging people naturally. Although she and Victor were not that close, she knew that he was a nice person. He was just introversive and looked cold. He was the kind of person who was serious in manner and speech.

Stella held his arms and slowly walked back to the company with him.

"What did you have for lunch?"

She looked at Victor and asked indifferently. She wanted to find some clue from his face.

"Just takeouts."

Victor stiffened since Stella was holding his arms. He looked extremely unnatural.

Stella, however, didn't believe him at all.

'Takeouts? I've never seen a takeout in such a large nice food container. What a waste just throwing it away!'

Stella kept on thinking about this on her way back to the company. Glancing at her wristwatch, she realized that she still had ample time for the office hours hadn't begun yet. She decided to go find Cassandra.

Cassandra didn't have any projects to do lately. Stella was afraid that she might not get used to it.

She pushed the door and walked into the office quietly. Cassandra was still sleeping at the desk. She seemed to be in deep sleep.

Indeed… Cassandra really had nothing to do!

Stella walked closer to her and noticed a white card paper.

She peeked at the card and read it, "Enjoy your meal and take some rest."

The creases of wrinkles on Stella's forehead increased in confusion. The handwriting was good and neat. She knew for sure that it was a woman's handwriting for she had some training on chirography.

'Who is this woman that has written the note to Cassandra?' she wondered.

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