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   Chapter 114 A Terrible Presentiment

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Horace's eyes glinted and a faint smile signifying triumph crept up his lips.

"Vernon is an incapable businessman. After keeping his company running for so many years, he failed to sustain it and resorted to fraud. Now he's in prison and has no way out of it. He's just lucky he has a capable daughter willing to go to such lengths to save his company," Horace remarked.

Narrowing his eyes, he gazed at the door from which Cassandra had left. 'She's such an innocent woman. As a young person, she had the audacity to spare no effort to protect her father's hard work, ' he thought to himself.

However, Horace had everything well planned.

Though the Qin Group was on the brink of collapsing, it still had a chance of things turning to their favor, if managed properly.

Four years ago, he infused the much-needed investment into the Qin Group, which paid him back soon with a great deal of interest.

Because Vernon treated his employees well, his people were loyal to the company. From what Horace knew, currently, all the managers of the company were still struggling to keep it alive, refusing to leave for better opportunities.

That was, perhaps, Vernon's greatest asset of his lifetime. It was just that, he would unfortunately have no more chance to utilize it.

At this point, Cassandra had no one to back her up except for the Tang family. The only thing Horace had to do was gain her trust. By then, if he offered to help her run the company, he would probably obtain her consent. After that, he could then acquire Qin Group by the name of 'helping' at an unfairly low price. That would be an almost no-risk business deal.

After reading the confidence and victory on Horace's face, Jill finally realized what was on his mind. Her smile turned cunning.

"Well, it seems that I should be nice to her for the time being!"

As she grinned, Jill calculated what she could do to earn Cassandra's trust quickly.

"Don't be so suspicious. Act like your normal self. If you abruptly change your attitude towards her, she'll be skeptical."

With a wave of his hand, Horace made sure to explain to her not to make a rash act.

A clearer plan began fermenting in his head. Instead of pressing Cassandra directly, he would slowly take control over her with little tricks.

On the way to the Tang Group, Cassandra was driving her new car under the beaming morning sun. It was late winter, after which, early spring would arrive, just as her state of mind. However, she didn't notice that some dark clouds were approaching the seemingly peaceful city.

"Manager Qin, the Chairman told us that the amusement park project was transferred to another architect..."

"Manager Qin, the Chairman said that you would only need to work on the small cases of our regular clients. The other cases have been disseminated to other architects of the department..."

"Manager Qin, the Chairman…"

When she asked for things to be done, these were the responses she received. It was strange that just within a few days, the cases she was supposed to be in charge of were all assigned to various designers while she was left with the rather unimportant and trivial ones.

Horace indeed told her to rest, but surely not to the point that she had almost nothing to do.

Finally, Cassandra couldn't bear with her idle status in the company and requested Horace for some work to


The assistant had just handed him a proposal which made his brows furrow in confusion.

He was only away for a few days, and all of Cassandra's major projects had been transferred to other architects. Even the amusement park project, which he had promised to give her so firmly, was also assigned to someone else.

"Yes, Mr. Luo. the Chairman said that Manager Qin had been over-burdened these days, so he wanted to give her workload to other designers," the assistant duly reported.

Though he stated Horace's order with a polite smile, he could feel the chill in his chest as he sensed the grave anger of the man in front of him.

In truth, the entire company knew how important Manager Qin was deemed by the CEO. Now that Cassandra's true identity of Rufus's sister-in-law was uncovered, they had no more doubt about Rufus's special treatment towards her. They were family, after all. It was expected that he would provide his sister-in-law with the best resources.

Still… Why would the Chairman transfer so many projects away from Manager Qin?

Being a skilled architect, Cassandra had just won third place in an international architectural design competition and practically served as the walking advertisement of the company. Why would her cases be taken away from her at such a crucial time?

Knowing what a calculative businessman Horace was, Rufus was certain that he wouldn't make such a decision unless the profit was worth the risk it bore. For quite some time, he hadn't been getting involved in the Tang Group's business, so there must have been hidden intentions behind his abrupt intervention.

"You can go now. Just leave the documents on my desk," Rufus ordered with a cold face, the creases on his forehead deepening.

After the assistant left, Rufus made a call.

"Find out all of Lionel Tang's recent routines. I want to know if he has been staying with Ivy at home for this period. I want to know who he's been contacting!" Rufus strongly demanded.

After the call, a terrible presentiment started surfacing from his heart.

Just like a drop of ink in clear water, the presentiment diffused slowly through his blood, to his chest, his limbs, his brain, until it finally engulfed his entire body…

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