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   Chapter 113 An Unexpected Present

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The next morning, Cassandra was about to head to work after finishing her breakfast when Horace stopped her.

"Cassandra, how is the reconstruction project of the amusement park going?"

Horace asked. He sounded happy today. It was rare for him to be this enthusiastic about a project of Tang Group.

"I've already taken the case. We are about to start the design work soon,"

she replied as a smile spread across her face. The thought that she would design her favorite Ferris wheel herself made her feel very lucky.

This was something that she had wanted to do for such a long time. Now, she was determined to build a unique and beautiful Ferris wheel.

"You seem to have lost a lot of weight recently. I heard you cough a lot during breakfast. Please take care," Horace said.

Cassandra felt moved by his care.

Horace had been rather aloof ever since she requested for a divorce. He had not been treating her affably these days because of that. Sometimes he would totally ignore her during the meals; and the most he did was a nod when Cassandra greeted him in the hall. This was the first time he had started a conversation with her and asked about her work after that day.

'Maybe this is the first step to reducing the tension between us, ' thought Cassandra.

She went back to the dining table and sat down beside Horace to describe her new idea.

"I'm planning to focus on the Ferris wheel in the amusement park. It's large and will take up lots of space. What's more, there will be LED lights installed in it. It will beautifully light up the night sky. It is going to be the centerpiece to all the other parts of the new amusement park. Also, there's a small river inside the park that I am planning to widen so it will be another attraction. With the Ferris wheel beside the bridge..."

Cassandra could talk all day about her design. She was in her element. Her eyes brightened with excitement.

"Why don't you suspend the case and hand it over to someone else?"

Horace suddenly interrupted, still with a smile resting on his face.

"Wh... Why?"

Cassandra was bewildered. The amusement park was her main project. The government was going to create a huge landscape to increase the number of tourists in the city and the amusement park would be located in that area. This was why both Tang Group and the government were investing a lot of resources into the reconstruction.

Rufus frequently went on business trips to visit cities with similar projects to conduct surveys and gather insights. He wanted this to be perfect. Therefore he had barely come home lately.

Work aside, the project was very special to Cassandra. It was where she and Rufus went on their 'first date.' Althou

how narrow-minded she must have been. Horace must have known everything she had been doing to help her family, but he did not want to hurt her pride.

What he said kept repeating inside her head: "I know you've been living a hard life recently." Cassandra felt a lump in her throat.

"Thank you, father,"

Cassandra said, feeling guilty for judging him so early. It was not that he did not care for her, he just showed it differently.

After Cassandra left, Jill, who had been eating breakfast in the background, wiped the area around her mouth with the corner of a napkin.

"Really? You got her a car? We have so many in the garage, why didn't you just get one from there?"

Jill said disdainfully. A part of her felt resentful that Horace did not consult his decision with her first.

"Oh, Jill. Sometimes you can be so dull. She's going through a lot. A new car would mean much for her. Besides, it did not cost me a lot and I could get what I want," he said.

Horace thought about his wife's terrible business acumen. It was evident that she was raised in privilege, ignorant about how to create her own wealth.

"Get you what you want? What can she possibly give you? Vernon is in jail and Edith is a simple housewife. Cloris successfully earned a scholarship and intends to go abroad for study so she's probably someone who could be useful. But her scholarship turned to be part of Vernon's penalty. So what on earth can Cassandra give you? Even her managerial position was a gift from you!"

Jill grew angrier as she spoke. The way she saw it, Cassandra brought nothing to the Tang family but troubles, despite of a few business cases she earned. In a way, she was a burden to the Tangs!

"Indeed, she does not have much. But right now, she has Vernon's company," Horace answered darkly.

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