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   Chapter 112 Cassandra's Final Decision

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Vernon's case was finalized at court; the judges finally gave him a ten-year jail sentence.

Edith wailed with agony, however, Cassandra seemed so indifferent that not even a hint of tears could be found on her face.

Since the responsibility of managing the Qin Group fell on her shoulders, she did not have the luxury of time to allow herself to fall into sadness. There was a more pressing need for her to immediately start devoting herself to the hectic work schedule ahead of her.

Accompanied by Cassandra and Cloris, Edith stepped out of the courtroom. The sky was clean and blue; the clouds looked pure and white.

Having made up her mind to disperse all the grief-stricken memories that had been afflicting her family, Cassandra felt the need to say to herself silently, 'I will try my best to support the family, to maintain and sustain all the things that we have been enjoying.'

Finally, the Union of Real Estate was soon to be established in G City. The election of the Director of the Union was rather imminent, and everyone was highly concerned about this event. People from all walks of life were enthusiastically guessing which group would be able to win over the other, the Tang Group or the Dawn Star Group.

Although the two parties had their own strengths, it seemed that the Tang Group had a higher chance of winning the game. Recently, the Tang Group was exhibiting an overall enthusiastic aura. As the manager of their architectural design department, Cassandra was granted a resounding award thanks to her outstanding performance in an American architectural design competition. Meanwhile, the Tang Group had already invested in some projects in G City, such as the construction of Nursing Home Project and the Amusement Park Plan, which had all won the group a positive reputation as a strong foundation.

While the Dawn Star Group had undertaken just the same amount of projects as the Tang Group, due to these projects being of smaller scale, it was difficult for the company to broaden their sphere of influence in the city. Although the company did have a great number of business counterparts, it was highly likely that it would be at a disadvantage when it came to the scale factor. Given this, it was difficult to say whether or not Dawn Star Group could seize the votes of their partners.

Right at this critical juncture, a piece of rather heavy news was just disclosed by the insiders, which could possibly reverse the situation.

Vernon, who had just been sentenced to jail for bribing an official, was found to be related by marriage to Horace Tang, the Chairman of the Tang Group.

Even more shocking was the news that Cassandra was Vernon's biological daughter.

As the information was bombarded throughout the people in G City, the companies of real estate experienced much turmoil.

As Vernon was found to be guilty of his crime, the people turned cautious as to avoid any signs of connection with him. To the everyone's surprise, the Tang Group had quite a close relationship with the Qin Group.

The residents could barely stop their imagination from running wild. Since the Tang Group was so closely tied to the Qin Group, how could it be as clean and uncorrupted as it appeared to be on the surface? The inner workings were probably not much better than those of the Qin Group. They could be all tarred with the same brush.

For example, the largest private hospital in G City had planned to build a hospital branch recently. Such a crucial project ended up being taken over by the Tang Group. Although Jenks and Horace did share a friendly relationship, with someone spreading the news entangled with rumors, many still chose to believe that it was not as simple as it seemed to be—the Tang Group must have done something behind the scenes to get such an opportunity.

The discussions inevitably reached Horace's ears, who could do nothing but foamed with anger.

ife in front of other people or follow him wherever he went. Her acting skill was not even comparable to that of Lyndsy, and she could barely hide her true feelings as well as Ivy could.

It turned out that Cassandra's explanation didn't do well for Stella, as she didn't buy it. Though she knew that Cassandra must have had her reasons, she wasn't so eager to find them out. All she knew was that she felt cheated—how could she not be the first to know of it?

Having heard the news from someone other than Cassandra was unacceptable to her.

"Then, what do you plan on doing next? Are you going to take over your dad's company?"

Quickly, she pushed aside her negative feelings and let her concern for Cassandra surface.

"I'll take over, of course. That's my dad's only asset in his entire life. I've tried so hard to save it and I'll guard it for as long as I'm able to."

Her tone was determined and firm.

"What is this nonsense?" Lionel shouted in anger.

The blogs and posts online only ignited his burning fury and almost drove him to throw his computer against the wall to vent out the fury.

"Mistress of Lionel Tang Forced His Wife Away!"

"A Playful Man and a Forbearing Woman, How Can the Able Woman Win the Game?"

The article titles that drew the eyes of the public portrayed Lionel as some kind of bastard Casanova of his era.

While Lionel was deeply irritated by the public judgment, Ivy, being one of the protagonists, was unconcerned by the offensive remarks online, for all she cared about was how to beat Cassandra. She had a vague feeling that by breaking the news, it would become harder for Cassandra to stay in the Tang family.

It was Cassandra who was under the most stress, being pressed by the Qin and the Tang families at the same time.

The Tang Group was eager to explore the market and expand themselves, while the Qin Group, under accusation, was on the brink of collapsing.

Being right in the middle of these two matters, Cassandra had no way to stay balanced.

If she supported the Tang Group, it would definitely doom the Qin Group; and if she decided to support the Qin group, Horace would be disappointed.

It was a tough situation. 'Which side will you choose, Cassandra? What will you do to break out of the predicament?

Which side will you tilt the balance to? Are you going to be trusted by the Tang Group as you were before?' Ivy asked silently.

As if she were the evil witch who saw Snow White with the poisonous apple in her hand, Ivy's mouth twisted into a wicked smile. She wanted to know how Snow White would make her final decision.

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