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   Chapter 111 You Will Never Be Alone Again

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Dylon gaped at the two, his gaze flickering confusedly back and forth from Cassandra then to Rufus. He was struck speechless and had no idea what to say.

Rufus's face remained calm, his expression unwavering, and Dylon had the feeling that he should not remain here anymore. The man caught just now had something to do with Cassandra and the Tang Group. He was just an outsider. It would be best for him not to involve himself any longer. 'I should probably go now, ' he thought to himself.

He cleared his throat and spoke, "Then, Cassandra, since you'll be going back with Mr. Luo, I'll be on my way as well."

Cassandra opened her mouth to speak, but Dylon had already turned on his heel and left.

She could feel Rufus's presence behind her. There was an awkwardness between them that seemed to grow with every passing second.

Rufus stayed silent. Without speaking a word, he took her hand and led her into his car. A car which he had already sent for was waiting for them.

He shut the door forcefully, and Cassandra flinched from the sudden motion.

"You requested for a divorce?" he asked. Cassandra didn't reply to his question and avoided his eyes. "Why didn't you tell me before your announcement?" he pressed, his voice dropping and the words trailing off coldly.

His eyes were steely and his face was set in harsh lines.

"It's my business. Why would I need to tell you?"

Cassandra sensed his coldness and replied in an equally distant tone.

Rufus's eyes darkened with shadows at her reply. Her business? This was very far from being just her business at all!

Horace was strongly opposed to her decision. From here on, it would be difficult to disentangle her from the complicated relationships in that household. Had she discussed it with him before her sudden announcement, things could have gone differently.

Rufus let out a sigh and said simply, "You're too impulsive."

Then he proceeded to start the car.

Cassandra settled herself in a long silence before speaking again.

"I felt that it was the only chance," she confessed. "If I hadn't said that then, I wasn't sure if I could have said it later, or ever."

Her voice trembled as she spoke the words, and Rufus felt a small pang of pain in his chest, interfering with his breath. She looked defeated with her shoulders slumped and her head hanging lowly.

Yes, Cassandra knew that it was not carefully thought through, but she did not regret what she did.

She was pulled from her thoughts when Rufus asked, "Then, why don't you be even more impulsive and be my woman?"

He pushed hard on the brakes and Cassandra's breath was caught in her throat, more with his words than with the sudden halt of the car. He turned around and looked at Cassandra, his eyes holding hers warmly.

If Cassandra got divorced, there would be nothing standing in the way of him being her husband. She would no longer be tied down with the excuse that he was her brother-in-law.

But she shook her head, and Rufus felt his heart drop. "No, Rufus." She looked down and broke from his gaze. "It would just complicate things even more."

Cassandra thought of the roundness that was forming on Ivy's stomach, then of Lionel, and their strained relationship as husband and wife on paper. Despite the knowl

Vernon seemed withered and aged, as if he no longer had any spirit left in him.

He had lost so much weight, and his eyes were absent. Such was the image of a man who had been to hell once. He had changed and there was a different man in his body.

He was not enraged, nor did he revolt anymore. He changed so much, and it was all because of Cassandra's words to him when she visited him once.

"Father, I know how much you struggled all your life to keep our family's honor. I know you wanted to give us the best, but we have no need for prestige or glory. All we want is a family, a complete family with healthy parents, Cloris and I."

Cassandra fought against her tears as her lips trembled. She reached out a hand and held his father's callused hand.

"Father, I will wait for you to come back. We need you."

The old man could not help but weep. His elder daughter who he least favored was very different from him. But all these years, it was Cassandra who had been trying the most to save their family from the crisis.

Four years ago, she sacrificed the rest of her life and married into the Tang family to save the Qin family.

And now, here she was again, saving his family. She ran around, talking from one person to another, to save him from jail and protect his company from being sold.

She did not talk much since she was a little girl. She was introverted and didn't talk with him a lot, nor did she ask for attention.

She was so strong and independent that she hardly needed her parents' care. In truth, her self-reliance left him feeling unfulfilled as her father. That was one of the reasons why he was much closer to her younger sister, who was the opposite of her.

However, he knew that although she might not be forward with affection, she loved her family from the bottom of her heart.

With tears in his eyes, Vernon let himself drift to a time in the distant past—white curtains and walls, and a small baby girl born with thick, dark hair whose eyes looked up to him brightly.

His heart had stopped at the sight. At that moment, he had become a father. 'Cassandra, ' he named her, hoping that she would grow to be a strong and honorable person.

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