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   Chapter 109 She Couldn't Decide Her Life

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Cassandra anticipated that Horace would deny her request, but she at least expected him to dilly-dally. However instead, he gave her an outright rejection.

"You want to divorce Lionel? Over my dead body will you divorce!" he roared.

Every muscle on Horace's face convulsed with rage.

He went ballistic.

He thought that he treated her nicely. She was still young when she married his son. When she requested to take up higher studies in Rome, he allowed her to do so and even sent her to the best design school.

Upon finishing her study, she came home and refused to be a real couple with Lionel simply because they did not get along. Horace did not interfere with their affairs as a father, either. He believed that the young couple should solve their own problems.

He made Cassandra the manager of the Design Department, which actually made many board members unhappy. It was a very coveted position. Still, he gave it to her despite their opposition.

The way Horace saw it, Cassandra had no reason to leave the family. He had given her everything she needed. Now, she was telling him in front of everyone that she wanted a divorce? He felt so betrayed.

Jill stood up and rubbed her husband's back to calm him down. It was rare for Horace to be this agitated. He was not easily angered but right now, he was fuming. She blamed Cassandra.

"Don't be so unreasonable, Cassandra. You know his condition. He is not at his peak health, to say the least. Should news of this break out, something terrible would surely happen to him because of distress!"

Jill said. The moment she finished talking, Horace began to cough severely. He had asthma so he had to monitor his breathing often. However, what Cassandra told him today caused him to cough uncontrollably.

Cassandra had to swallow her words when she saw her father-in-law's condition. It was really not her intention to cause so much trouble.

"I'm sorry..."

Cassandra felt as if her chest was getting tighter. It suddenly became so difficult to breathe. Not knowing what to do and quite devastated with what she had done, she decided to run out of the room.

On a kneejerk reaction, Lionel stood up and was about to chase after Cassandra. He felt anxious when she left the room. Ivy, however, was hawk-eyed. She shot him a sharp glance and pulled his arm before he could go anywhere.


She called his name with an affectionate yet aggrieved voice. This immediately stopped Lionel on his tracks.

He lowered his head and looked at Ivy.

There were tears in her eyes, making her look very vulnerable.

Lionel frowned seeing her sad face. His heart ached to see her like that.

Ivy was pregnant. If he went out to chase after another Cassandra, how would she feel?

Lionel turned around and slowly sat down beside Ivy.

With sad eyes and a quivering voice, Ivy also slowly looked at everyone in the room and started to speak.

"Auntie, Uncle,

oleful expression appeared on Rufus's face. 'Who was that man? Why did Cassandra seem familiar with him? She did not even hesitate to go with him when he invited her. That was strange.'

He found himself feeling nervous when he remembered how she would refute him whenever they argued.

Rufus hailed a taxi and got on.

"Follow that car, but stay hidden. Quick, don't lose it," he ordered.

The driver nodded and did what he was told. Steadily and quietly, they drove behind the other vehicle.

Seeing Cassandra so preoccupied, Dylon decided to say something to cheer her up.

"Hey, Cassandra, I found something interesting. This is the third time I've seen you lost in thought. Did that occur to you?"

he jested with a bright smile across his face. He wanted to make her laugh a little.

Cassandra sat on the passenger seat, looking into the distance. She had milky skin just like a doll. Despite Dylon's remark, she remained as distant as she was. Her face was frozen and her depression had a firm hold of her.

"Don't be unhappy all the time, girl. Look, I have good news. I decided to be a photographer as a hobby and a doctor by profession here!"

Dylon announced. Finally, Cassandra turned and stared at her friend with huge, wide eyes. He was rather satisfied with her reaction.

"Really? That's amazing! Your father must be super happy!"

Cassandra's eyes began to glimmer with excitement. This was something she always encouraged him to do. Now that he was set to pursue it, she felt very delighted for him.

"Yeah, of course he is. But I have to start with the basics: be an outpatient doctor first, I guess,"

Dylon replied, feeling relieved to see Cassandra in a lighter mood.

Unfortunately, this cheerful Cassandra only lasted for a minute. As quickly as her face lighted up, her eyes darkened.

"I envy you a lot, really. You can make your own decisions, not like me. I barely have control in my life," she confessed.

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