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   Chapter 108 Divorce or a Dead Body

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As per Cassandra, Rufus was a symbol of calmness. She had never seen him lose his composure.

'Had someone hurt him? But who was able to do that?'

At the sight of Cassandra standing in front of the President's office, Rufus's assistant hurriedly pressed a button.

"Mr Luo, Manager Qin is here to see you."

Several seconds later, Rufus's languid reply came, "Let her in."

Cassandra steeled herself against all her thoughts and doubts, took one last look at herself and strode into the office.

He had recovered and was waiting for her, sitting behind his desk.

"Mr Luo, the owner of the script is Joel, I would like to report this revelation to the police right away."

Cassandra was resolute. However, aside from his knitting eyebrows, Rufus's terse reply was also surprising.

"I don't think it is a good solution for now. If he divulges all his actions, all your previous pains to hold them back was in vain."

Rufus seemed to have already prepared for this.

To allow the lady to find the answer herself, he had instructed Victor to place Joel's report on top of the stack of files. Thus, making it very easy for Cassandra.

As expected, Cassandra demanded that the case be handed over to the police immediately. However, this action would not serve its purpose. It would instead create a scandal that would bring to the front the fact that she had been drugged by Joel. Her reputation would suffer.

In truth, he had made sure Joel was being watched. He was just waiting for the right time to catch him.

He planned to negotiate with Joel to ensure that he confessed to the charge of plagiarism. He was not evil enough to compromise on his reputation knowingly.

As for his sister Ivy, she was an untamed bomb in the Tang family, yet she might be used for something later.

Rufus had everything measured out; therefore, any reaction from the pretty woman wouldn't surprise him.

"All right. I will send someone to look into it, it will be better for us to get to him before the police do."

Rufus gazed at her unemotionally. Watching his face in front of her, Cassandra could not associate his current calmness to his ferocity from earlier, which she heard from outside the room.

'Maybe I was being paranoid?', she doubted herself.

Rufus stood up, made his way to Cassandra. He reached over and gently smoothed a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

"Don't worry about that! You have me."

Cassandra looked up, into his dark brown eyes.

"Fetus: 28 weeks; heart rate: 135 times per minute..."

Lying in bed, Ivy appeared to be listening to her doctor attentively, yet she was gripped by anxiety inside.

She knew it was getting more

the turmoil that lay beneath.

He had never expected that she would ask for the divorce voluntarily.

It hadn't taken long for him to understand that she must have retained the idea in her heart for a long time. Since she was now free of the shackles of the Qin family, she now had fewer reasons to hold back.

Lionel stared at Cassandra with an unfathomable look in his eyes, his fists clenched into balls.

Did she really hate him so deeply? That she was this desperate to escape from him?

Only a few people sitting at the table did not find the appeal to be too bad. The most delighted of all was Ivy. She had never dreamed that Cassandra would voluntarily raise the white flag. She was pleased that she had won without too much effort.

"Cassandra, we know you have won the award and now you have taken up a keen position at the company. But you cannot do this to us! Have we ever treated you shabbily? All your education expenses in Rome were paid by us!"

The first thought that sprung into Jill's mind was that Cassandra wanted to exit the marriage due to her professional ambitions. Besides that, Jill couldn't think of any other reasons that would cause her to leave.

"I promise I can still work for the Tang Group after Lionel and I separate, unless you choose to dismiss me."

Cassandra had no doubts that Jill mistook her reason for the divorce. The latter had never understood her anyway so it did not surprise her.

While Horace, the head of the family, remained silent, his face had darkened.

"Father, Lionel and I have no attachment to one another. Forcing us to remain together is not going to be agreeable. Please allow us a divorce!"

Cassandra looked at Horace imploringly.

"A divorce? Over my dead body!" His voice rang clear across the room.

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