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   Chapter 107 I Will Not Give Her Another Chance

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After Cassandra left his office, Rufus called Victor through the company phone.

"Victor, collect handwriting samples of all our employees and send the files to Manager Qin. Remember, Joel's handwriting is to be placed at an easily noticeable place,"

Rufus instructed.

"Yes, Mr. Luo. I'll do it now," Victor replied.

Just as he was on his way to the archives room, he came across Stella who was scuttling her way as fast as her high-heels could take her.

With a worried look, she said hurriedly, "Victor! Is Mr. Luo here?"

She gasped for air as she spoke. Clearly she had dashed her way here.

"Yes… In his office…" Victor stuttered.

He was originally excited that Stella called his name, but as it turned out, she was only looking for Rufus. Immediately, she got the answer and quickly walked away. She did not even stay to hear the last three words.

Embarrassed, Victor rubbed the back of his head. He actually planned to smile at Stella but did not manage to go through with it.

'Oh well. Next time, I have to remember to smile first, ' he told himself.

Stella instantly knocked on the door the moment she arrived at the CEO's office. Before anyone answered, she took the time to catch her breath after her exhausting travel. By the time Rufus asked her to come in, a courteous smile was plastered on her face.

"Mr. Luo, I just received an invitation from a magazine. They requested to have an interview with Manager Qin. Now she is out of the office and her role is suspended, so I have come to to ask you what we are going to do with this invitation," Stella inquired.

She worked hard to keep her composure, and her heart trembled with excitement.

The thought that a world-renowned magazine wanted to interview Cassandra was a very thrilling prospect!

As Cassandra's closest friend, Stella was overjoyed when she received the invite on Cassandra's behalf. She almost accepted it for her, but it was not her place. So, she had to give them her prescribed spiel that she would relay their invite to management and Cassandra, and get back to them shortly. After hanging up, she immediately did her best to sprint towards Rufus's office.

"A magazine interview? Is it because she won in the architectural design competition in the US?" Rufus inquired.

As a stark contrast to Stella's exhilaration, Rufus seemed calm and still. His face gave away no emotion.

"Yes. They told me that they think Manager Qin is a designer with huge potential. That's the reason they want to interview her. In my opinion, this is a great opportunity for Manager Qin and additional publicity for the Tang Group as well," Stella shared.

She had no idea what Rufus was thinking at that moment, but she could not help expressing her thoughts in hopes of convincing Rufus to approve.

"Tonight, there is going to be a concert at the theater of G City. You will go there with Victor. I have ordered the tickets for you two,"

Rufus said after thinking for a few seconds, seemingly ignoring her initial concern.

"What? Concert?"

Stella was confused. What was wrong with her boss? Why would he suddenly make her and

t her career at risk. Her reputation was very important.

Cassandra was persistent and hard-working. She was willing to go to all lengths to achieve her dreams. But Joel almost single-handedly ruined it. She was not going down without a fight. This time, she would not allow him to escape.

Stella immediately showed her support for her friend.

"Yes! We must report this to the police! Let's catch this thief! Let's report this to Mr. Luo now!" she exclaimed with urgency.

Her face was full of anger. Being a girl who didn't always take her time to think things through, she pulled Cassandra's hand and led her to Rufus's office.

"Manager… Manager Mu, Mr. Luo asked me to take you to Michelle Ling's studio to pick up your dress," Victor stuttered.

He was about to knock when Stella suddenly opened the door. He put down his hand and looked at her bashfully.

"What? Dress? Do I really have to wear a dress?"

Stella asked, hesitating. Now she was in a dilemma with Rufus's order on one side and her close friend's issue on the other. Which one should she choose?

"Stella, it's okay if you're busy. I can go talk to Mr. Luo myself,"

Cassandra offered, after she realized her friend's predicament. It was best for her to handle the issue herself. She was well aware of Rufus's temperament.

Stella agreed then left with Victor. Unable to expel her worries away, she kept turning back to look at Cassandra. The moment that Stella disappeared in her sight, Cassandra calmed herself and started to walk to Rufus's office.

When she was at the door of his office, she raised a fist ready to knock but was stopped by the sound of Rufus talking loudly. Intrigued, she pressed her ear against the door to listen in.

"I have given the concert tickets to Victor. I asked him to go to the concert with someone else. I won't go!" the man shouted.

As usual, he allowed no room for negotiations when he expressed his desires.

"I told you! I won't go! The magazine interview is also her idea, right? Tell her that I will not give her another chance to hurt me!" he exclaimed.

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