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   Chapter 106 Mysterious Handwriting

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All eyes were on Cloris, examining her.

Everyone was surprised to learn she was Cassandra's sister.

"Are you Cassandra's sister? Is she really the daughter-in-law of the Tang family? How come none of us knew it?"

The round-faced man impatiently blurted out the questions without thinking twice.

Cloris was shocked. She had never expected that Arthur would expose her. But she could not show her anger. She just smiled.

Everyone in the field knew the news about Vernon. He got the project by bribing the government officials and did a shoddy job afterwards. A John Doe exposed this affair on the Internet. Since then, he, along with the project was shamed and derided to no end.

People knew that Vernon had a daughter. But no one was aware that Cassandra was another daughter of his. What was more, Vernon's daughter had married the son of the Tangs!

"Hey! You scared her. Cassandra and she are different. Don't say bad things to her!"

Arthur reached out and wrapped his arm around Cloris in an intimate manner as if he was protecting her.

Cloris felt warm in her heart by Arthur's act, completely forgetting that it was Arthur who had first brought up this awkward topic.

"Yes. Cassandra Qin is my sister and the daughter-in-law of the Tangs. There is nothing to hide. She just prefers to stay low-profile. That's all,"

Cloris said, trying to get away from their questioning looks.

The crowd exchanged looks and moved on to talk about other topics. However, many thoughts were surging in their minds.

Arthur realized that everyone was lost in their thoughts. So he suddenly announced that he had urgent work and suggested calling it a day. After everyone left, he went out with Cloris to his car and drove her back home.

In the car on the way back, he frowned and explained to her, "I just wanted to introduce you to my friends. I didn't expect that they would talk about your sister."

He sounded quite sincere to Cloris.

"Oh...Never mind..."

Cloris was hurt and felt bitter although she herself had no idea why.

Cassandra being highly praised made her unhappy.

She had been the apple of her parents' eye all the time. Her parents cherished her so much that they would fulfill all her wishes. She was the most precious person in the Qin family.

Besides, she was pretty and honey-lipped. Vernon liked and treasured her far more than Cassandra.

But, it was Cassandra who married Lionel. Rufus also seemed to have special feelings for her. Now, even Arthur's friends were s

and find the culprit.

"That's not a problem. I'll approve it. But, have you thought about other possibilities?"

Rufus blinked his eyes. He was as cool and peaceful as always.

"What other possibilities?"

Cassandra questioned. She had no idea what Rufus was referring to.

"The staff turnover rate was high in the last six months. Perhaps, the company still has some people's handwritten papers even though they have already left. Try to see the whole thing from another angle."

Rufus looked at her as he finished speaking.

Cassandra began to think carefully, frowning her eyebrows. What did he mean?

High turnover rate? Already left? The original manager of the design department and several other managers had left the company. The staff changed frequently. In her design department...

A faint smile appeared on Rufus's mouth when he saw Cassandra reasoning.

He wanted to lead her to the truth, but he did not want to simply tell her everything.

At first, he had planned to gather evidence for her. But when she told him that she was secretly looking into it by comparing the handwritings, he suddenly changed his mind. If she found out the person by herself, she would feel much more accomplished as opposed to Rufus helping her.

Actually, waiting for her to trace the suspect was troublesome for Rufus and he could just directly tell her. Other women might like his direct style, but not Cassandra. She was different. So Rufus waited.

She had her pride, her honor and things she wanted to protect. As for him, he was willing to protect her secretly.

He wanted to do everything for her without expecting any favor in return. She was his dream.

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