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   Chapter 105 If I Can't Have Her, No One Can

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 11028

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"You mean, it was Joel who sent someone to blackmail Vernon into taking the blame?"

Rufus asked with his back turned to Victor. His words did not give away any of his thoughts. Standing in front of the huge window of his personal office, he projected a very dangerous vibe.

"Yes. Also, he is Ivy's brother,"

Victor replied calmly. His face showed no emotion.

"Right, then. Find a way to come up with evidence that Joel was the one who stole Cassandra's works, and do it fast,"

Rufus ordered as he turned to face Victor. His eyes were stone cold and menacing.

Victor nodded obediently and quickly left the room. Now alone, Rufus threw a hard punch on his heavy wooden desk.

He was frustrated with himself. Why didn't he act on this sooner? He turned a blind eye the first time Joel set Cassandra up. He did not expect it to happen again. Now, Joel was back causing them even more trouble. He should have ended it the first time, and he regretted now that he did not.

He must get rid of Joel. This man was too dangerous with his vile ideas. He almost killed Vernon with his stint.

Finding proof of his plagiarism would be a good leverage to get rid of him once and for all. Then, all this would end.

Rufus swore that he would make him pay for hurting Cassandra, and he was determined to get it done no matter what it took.

"Mom, I need your bank account number so I can transfer Cloris's tuition fee to you,"

Cassandra said. Even she scolded Cloris, she was still her sister, after all. Cassandra was determined to help her out in spite of anything.

"What? Cloris told me that she already got the money. Was that not from you?"

Edith asked, surprised. When Cloris told her that her tuition fee was covered, she assumed that the money was from Cassandra. Now that Cassandra was requesting for her account number, she realized that she was wrong.

"She already got it? How is that possible? I borrowed money from my friend just now!"

Cassandra was confused. She borrowed money from her friend, Stella. She also sold her car to come up with Cloris's tuition fee, even if it meant that she would need to go to work using the Tang family's car or taking a cab.

"I got a scholarship so I don't need her money anymore,"

Cloris, who had her face covered with a face mask, told her mother after overhearing the conversation. She looked at Edith with a trace of smugness in her eyes.

"Oh, Cloris said that she managed to get a scholarship so she doesn't need your money now,"

Edith relayed the message to Cassandra joyfully. She was very proud that Cloris was resourceful enough to solve her own problem. She had always been very proud of her daughters. They always had good grades and were growing up to be very responsible and independent young ladies.

Cassandra acknowledged the update and hung up the call. A proud smile spread on her face. It also made her proud to see that her sister was becoming more independent.

Meanwhile, Cloris, who just finished applying face mask, proceeded to do her make up and change her clothes. When she came out of her room, Edith looked at her with surprise.

"Cloris, are you going out? It's already late,"

she said, worried. Cloris was a girl, it was dangerous to go out so late at night.

"It's going

fresh aftertaste.

He looked at Cloris affectionately, making her heart skip a beat.

"What do you mean? You seem to know some insider info here."

The round-faced man stared at Arthur with curiosity. He looked at him and then at Cloris, hanging on to their next words.

"I mean, Cassandra is part of the Tang family. That said, no amount of money can persuade her to work for somebody else,"

Arthur answered. He didn't say straight away that Cassandra was Horace's daughter-in-law, but it did not take a genius to figure this out after Arthur's hints.

The round-faced man thought for a few seconds and then appeared shocked at his own realization.

"You mean, Cassandra is Horace's daughter-in-law ?"

the man asked as his eyes widened in surprise. He looked even more ridiculous that way.

"Hey, you can ask Cloris here. Cassandra is her sister and she has been married for several years by now," Arthur said, looking at Cloris with an unreadable look in his eyes.

Cassandra's marriage was a secret that both the Tang family and the Qin family tried to keep.

She was still very young when she got married and only a few close friends were informed. It was very intimate so the news did not get out.

Apart from that, Cassandra and Lionel did not seem to get along. Both of them did not want a big wedding so even after years of marriage, there were only a few people who knew about it.

Arthur's friends were all realtors. Even though they were not that influential, they all knew a lot of people.

Now that they knew of Cassandra's real identity, Arthur believed that the news would soon spread fast. It wouldn't be long before everybody in this industry knew the truth.

For big companies like the Tang Group and the Dawn Star Company, it was very beneficial to have a top designer like Cassandra. Ever since she entered the Tang Group, she had helped them get a lot of projects and was instrumental to their successful completion. This made Arthur wary. He couldn't afford losing more projects to the Tang Group.

Cassandra was a great designer and employee. He wanted to get her to help him. But if he couldn't get what he wanted, then he would destroy her.

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