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   Chapter 104 Joel Came Back

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Cassandra could not believe what she heard. She was stunned by what Edith told her. For a moment, she was unable to move as she looked at her mother with wide eyes.

"An official who is also involved in the case wants your father to take the full responsibility for it. If your father declines, he will get a heavy sentence. This deeply distresses your father. This was why he wanted to kill himself..." Edith sobbed.

Edith lived a very comfortable and luxurious life earlier. But after everything had been happening in her family, she seemed to have aged considerably.

"Your father just woke up so the guard allowed me to talk to him. The first thing he told me was to be careful," she continued.

Cassandra frowned as she heard her mother's words.

She wondered, 'That official and father are under investigation together. It is certain that the official had something to do with the issue. How could he be able to maneuver himself out of the situation?'

She felt strangely uneasy. Something had always felt wrong about the situation, but she could not point her finger to what it was.

"Mom, dad is safe now. I am happy to know that dad is all right. Let's talk about the rest later. I will try to find someone who can help us deal with the case. Don't worry about the fine. I have already had that taken care of. Moreover, don't tell anyone what dad has told you," Cassandra emphasized.

Edith nodded and wiped her tears away.

"Cassandra, what about my tuition fee?" Cloris asked hurriedly.

As soon as Cloris heard that Cassandra was able to raise enough money for the fine, she immediately reminded her sister about her promise to help her with her studies abroad.

Glancing at Cloris, Cassandra's heart was harder than before.

Cloris was clearly accustomed to spending money like water. If she ran out of money, she would clearly lose herself.

Cloris used to be very lively, gentle and considerate. But when she realized that her father could no longer give her what she wanted, she became unkind and mean.

Maybe this was really what Cloris was like. Vernon's predicament finally exposed her for who she really was.

"For the time being, I can't give you the money. I need to pay off father's fine first, and we will talk about your tuition later," Cassandra replied coldly.

She stood firmly against her younger sister's whims.

'Cloris is spoiled terribly by our parents. She takes everyone's efforts for granted. She feels as if I should always give in to her whims. I will no longer do this, ' she thought.

Upon hearing this, Cloris stamped her feet in anger, turned, and ran away.

Cloris sullenly headed downstairs, her mind filling with grievances. Suddenly, she bumped into a man.

"Cloris? What are you doing here?"

That voice was oddly familiar. When she lifted her head, she found that it was Arthur.

"I... I came to see my sick friend," Cloris lied.

She didn't want to tell him that her father tried to commit suicide in the detention center because of commercial bribery. She wondered, 'Even if my father were saved, I still don't want others to know about this. How would I show my face if people found out about this?'

"How is your friend? Is there anything I can do to help? I know the Director of this hospital," Arthur asked gently.

He was as mannered and proper as before

ould drive me out of his house if he knew what I have done, ' she thought.

"Ah! Ivy, you worry too much. I actually came back to help you," Joel answered.

Then, Joel raised his hand to call the waiter so he could order something.

"You have to be kidding me. I'd be lucky to not be in trouble because of you," Ivy answered sarcastically.

She did not trust her impulsive younger brother because of his failure to execute her plan previously.

"Why did you say that? I asked my friend at home to help you before I came back," Joel said.

With a hint of excitement in his face, Joel got close to her ear and whispered, "I asked my friend to secretly meet with Cassandra's father, Vernon. He told him that if he didn't take full responsibility for the case, his family would get into trouble. Haha!"

Joel laughed heartily as he finished speaking. He was waiting for Ivy to compliment him. Instead, Ivy stood stunned before she managed to respond.

"What? How dare you do such a thing without my knowledge! You're so stupid! You do know that there is no chance for those two people to be acquitted of the crime. What you did was careless and wasteful!"

Ivy was so pissed. 'Joel, you idiot. I know you are well-intended, but what you did made trouble for me, ' she thought.

"Have you thought about the consequences of your actions? If Vernon were to tell the truth, you would get into trouble," Ivy added.

She raised her eyebrows as she scolded her disappointed younger brother.

"But he won't tell the truth. In fact, he is so terrified that he tried to kill himself. This is what makes me so happy," Joel explained as he continued to laugh once again.

His laugh was so flagrant that several diners around them began to look over.

Seeing others' gaze, Ivy started to feel more weary. She pushed her sunglasses higher, lowered her head and dropped her voice.

"In short, you have to be very careful recently. I have remitted a sum of money into your account, which is enough for your expenses for half a year. So you don't have to come to me for the next six months," Ivy said in barely a whisper.

Then, she got up and hurried away. Little did she know, a set of eyes were watching them from afar.

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