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   Chapter 102 Forgot To Make A Wish

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As the night grew late, Cassandra prepared herself for the hotel that they were going to stay in. To her surprise, Rufus drove them to Hampton.

Hampton was a village by the beach in the city. It was filled with majestic and luxurious buildings, each with its own walled gardens.

There lived the most influential people in New York city—the most powerful political families, tycoons, movie stars, socialites, etc. Tons of paparazzi lurked to get their scoop on the city elites' lives.

Cassandra stared at an approaching convertible with her eyes wide open. 'Was the woman sitting on the front seat the movie star who just won an award for Best Supporting Actress?' she thought.

Row upon row of towering villas surrounded the coast. Each house was a masterpiece by several architects, impressive in their own way. They all looked sublime coupled with the stormy sea.

Rufus pulled over at a corner beside a slope, on top of which stood a blue castle. It reminded pedestrians of fairy tales from their childhood, making them feel as if there were a prince and a princess living inside.

"Do you like it? I named it 'Dream, '"

Rufus said, taking off his sunglasses. He smiled at Cassandra. His eyes were deep and attractive.


Cassandra murmured, staring at the beautiful building. Her watery eyes brightened her face in the moonlight.

She walked on the castle's white cobbled path as Rufus drove to the back to park.

The iron gate was entwined with vines and a few pink flowers sprawled and adorned the exterior wall.

As a gentle breeze blew and twilight fell, Rufus walked across the yard, to the gate, and finally opened the castle doors to let Cassandra in.

"Welcome to Dream, my princess,"

He said as he put his left hand behind him, offered his right hand, and did a gentle bow similar to a royal curtsy.

Cassandra flashed a smile. Her eyes glittered like diamonds in the night. This was every little girl's fantasy. It was impossible to resist such a moment.

Rufus prepared a room facing the sea for her. Late at night, the sea reflected the stars as the waves rolled to the beach. This enchanting sight dazzled Cassandra.

She changed into a silk nightgown. The castle was empty but warm.

Lying on the bed she found herself still very wide awake. Cloris's words rang in her mind, "Mom asked me to seek help from you." She could hear her say it again and again. It was like a python, snarling at her with its mouth open. Her mind was in such a turmoil that she couldn't sleep.

What did she mean to her mother and sister?

Realizing that her attempts to quiet her mind would be futile, Cassandra got up and pushed the door open. She decided to explore the castle, ins

all me by my name," he said

as he rested his chin on her head. He held her so tightly as if he wanted to embed her into his body.

Cassandra's heart raced and her face flushed. She felt overwhelmed and extremely uneasy.

"Look! A shooting star!"

Cassandra excitedly exclaimed at her discovery, pointing at the line where the sky met the sea.

A shooting star streaked across the sky leaving a hardly visible white ribbon trailing behind it against the dark sky.

The wind whipped her hair around her head and the pale moonlight poured over her pretty face, enhancing her fair skin. Stars glittered from Cassandra's sparkling eyes which looked like the mysterious sea.

Even with the picturesque sky and enchanting waters, none of them could compare with her smile. The wonder in her eyes gripped Rufus. He could not turn his eyes away from her.

"Shoot! I forgot to make a wish! You should have reminded me to do it!"

Cassandra complained with a frown. She looked up at him and met his intense gaze. Her face blushed for a split second, then she reprimanded herself, "It does not seem appropriate."

Rufus flashed a light smile when he noticed that she was trying to avoid his eyes.

"You just made a wish for your birthday. Aren't you a little greedy to have so many wishes!"

Rufus chuckled as he looked at her tenderly.

Cassandra felt a little bit nervous. She looked at him with her eyes wide open.

Seeing Rufus smile like that surprised her since he usually looked so stern.

He always had a very serious and aloof demeanor, even when he was with clients. His playfulness and tenderness were not something that he would show to a lot of people quite often. Indeed, it could melt anyone's heart.

Rufus's lips landed on hers before the blushed woman could get a hold of herself.

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