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   Chapter 101 Forcing A Smiling Face

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As she entered Rufus's office with her completed design, Cassandra found him sitting on the sofa, swirling a glass of wine. He seemed lost in thought.

"Mr. Luo, this is my design of the nursing home. Please check it before I submit to our partner,"

she said as she put her work on Rufus's desk and waited for his reply.

Rufus took a sip of wine and closed his eyes, enjoying its flavor and sensation as he swallowed it down his throat.

"How is your father doing?"

asked Rufus instead of acknowledging Cassandra's request. One of his subordinates managed to locate the IP address of the poster. It was in New York. He already sent someone to look into it.

Cassandra's thoughts on the matter interested him.

"My father… He should be punished by what he has done, but I don't think his company should go bankrupt. I am determined to do my best to save it," she replied.

In reality, Cassandra had no idea how to help her father's company. Still, she was not about to show weakness in front of Rufus. She did not need anyone's sympathy, especially his.

Rufus stifled a sigh. He knew everything about Cassandra and her situation. The only way to save her father's company was by paying a fine. It would be impossible for her to come up with such a vast amount of money.

Rufus stood up and gave her an envelope.

"Open it," he said.

Cassandra hesitated. A part of her did not want to take it.

"What are you thinking about? Just take it,"

urged Rufus as he pushed the envelope closer to her.

"No, Mr. Luo, I can't accept your money!"

Cassandra stepped back stubbornly.

She knew that raising the money would be difficult, but she was determined to try.

She would not let the Qin Group go bankrupt. She would sell their villa and rent an apartment for her family if she had to.

Since the villa was bought many years ago, it had already increased in value. It would sell for a good price. Cassandra also had some friends back in Rome who were willing to lend her money. Another option was to apply for a loan.

The last thing she wanted to do was to borrow or accept money from the Tang family. This included Rufus. It would be a huge blow to her ego.

A smile spread across Rufus's lips when Cassandra refused him.

He knew that she would refuse his financial help, so he made sure that the envelope did not contain money.

"Calm down. It's not money, but it is something that will help you. Open it,"

he assured her gently.

After thinking for a while, Cassandra took the envelope and opened it.

In a few seconds, Cassandra's face lit up with excitement.

It was an entry notice from

looks like she has been spoiled by father. She has always been given a life of privilege. It is to no surprise that she could ask for such a huge amount of money without any consideration, ' thought Cassandra.

"I've asked mother, and she said she didn't have any money so she asked me to seek help from you. How will you help father if you don't even have forty thousand? Do you intend to leave us with this, alone? You do know that we will lose everything if you don't pay off the fine, right?"

Cloris shot impatiently.

'This is all mother's fault. Why did she tell Cloris to ask money from me? Do I look like an ATM machine to them?' Cassandra thought, outraged.

"Cloris, I will raise money for the fine and do my best to earn your tuition. Trust me, I will save the company. You and mother don't have to worry about that," she promised.

Actually, Cassandra felt sad knowing that even her family did not seem to trust her. Still, she maintained a strong facade.

"I know you are in New York to join a competition. We have to meet when you come back. It's a rare chance. Father promised to pay my tuition before he was imprisoned. Students who graduated from that school all enjoy a great life. I need this chance!"

Cloris demanded, and without even waiting for Cassandra to respond she hung up. Hearing the dial tone, Cassandra lowered her arm feebly.

Despite the pain she felt, she could not abandon her sister and her mother. They were her family.

'Hope I can win the competition. I need to save my father's company and pay my sister's tuition fee," Cassandra prayed.

She took one deep breath and managed to force a smile before she looked up at Rufus.

"Let's eat, shall we? This steak looks good,"

said Cassandra, beaming.

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