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   Chapter 100 Who's My Hero

The Enchanted Night By Changdu Characters: 10490

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Women by nature were ambitious, but there were some that to a rough extent would take advantage of their good looks to attract men. At most, they would even trade their young and beautiful faces for good lives.

Different women, different choices, different lives. Cassandra didn't want to make a comment on this.

But for herself, she would never become that kind of ambitious woman.

"Ivy, I'm not rich, but I'm living a dignified life. You'd better save your tricks and think about how to establish yourself in the Tang family. Whatever will happen, I won't make a deal with you!"

Cassandra threw the words coldly and was eager to escape Ivy's presence. Then she walked back to her room and left everything behind.

Ivy's face was distorted because of anger. The way she clenched her teeth made her look less beautiful as before.

'Cassandra, you were brave enough to reject me. Go to hell!

Let me remind you that you're on fire at both ends now. Moreover, the plagiarist label on you hasn't been lifted off yet.' Ivy thought.

Cassandra, however, closed the door, her face being as pale as a ghost.

Then with her hands still on the doorknob, she slid down from the door to the floor, tucked up both of her legs and buried her head in them.

'Cassandra, you must be strong. You need to work things out yourself, ' she encouraged herself.

Her mind was racing as to what were the possible things she should do.

The deadline of the nursing home's design plan was looming and she began to work overtime—even up to early morning.

She hadn't been back to the Tang family for days. Whenever she felt tired, she just slept on the couch in her office with a thin cover to keep herself warm.

Moreover, the burden of the Qin family was all over her shoulder. It made her feel more exhausted than ever.

Even worse, Edith and Cloris kept on calling her from time to time, overflowing her already filled cup of pressure. Her mind seemed to explode about thinking on ways how to deal with her problems.

"Cassandra! Have you told your father-in-law about the penalty? The amount is just a drop in the bucket for him! What's the matter with you? Aren't you going to do something? Your father's trial is going to start next month!"

Edith said furiously over the phone. Her voice was full of impatience.

"Mom. I know. I will seek Horace's help when I get a chance,"

Cassandra lied to console Edith, knowing that if she said that Horace didn't want to be involved in the issue at all might break Edith down.

"Cassandra! We can't wait any longer! You're our only hope for your dad!"

Edith whimpered anxiously. Her persistence annoyed Cassandra very much.

"I'll figure this out, mom. Don't worry."

Cassandra felt more disconcerted when hanging up the phone. She opened the office windows and the cold wind blew on her pale face. The chill made her shivered but helped her feel more rational.

At that moment, Victor walked in and was surprised at the sight of Cassandra by the window. He thought, 'What's this… Doesn't Manager Qin feel cold by keeping the window open in a winter day?'

"Victor, wha

long the way. Today, however, she was craving for some sushi so she went to the sushi restaurant nearby. On her way back to the office, she was stopped by him again.

"Let me go. I need to go back to work!"

Stella was exasperated, her face full of restlessness.

"No. Stella. I won't let you go unless you say yes to me!"

The man wouldn't compromise. He was so clingy.

"Let go of her."

Simple but colder-than-ice words caught both their attention.

Stella was thrilled to hear this, a feeling of bliss flooded her heart. 'It was Victor. What's Victor doing here?' The question lingered on her mind.

The strange man pulled a long face and looked at Victor, who wore a suit that matched his cold eyes.

"Let go of whom? It's none of your business. She's my girlfriend!"

The man was spoiled and behaved disrespectfully. He didn't take Victor's warning seriously.

Victor hated the idea of being shunned. He clenched his fists with his knuckles cracking.

The next second, the strange man was lying on the floor. It happened so fast that even Stella didn't see how Victor's fist landed on him.

Stella opened her mouth in disbelief. She was taken aback at what had just happened in front of her. Her shoulders were trembling with shock.

The strange man placed his hands on his stomach. He was limping in pain and was struggling to get up.

"Don't worry. You will not die. The pain would subside in a couple of minutes."

Victor threw him a few words. Without looking back, he held Stella's hands and then walked back to the Tang Group Building.

Stella didn't say a word on the way back. Victor took her back to the building and then let go of her the moment they reached the entrance.

"Go back to work,"

Victor said and then turned to walk away. He was always that short-spoken.

Following Victor's back with her eyes, Stella felt the biting cold under her feet.

'Victor is such a man of powerful physique. I should be grateful to him. Luckily he didn't flare up at me when I treated him in a bad way!' Stella mused while walking to her office.

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