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   Chapter 99 A Second Round Negotiation

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Cassandra had been busy running around for Vernon's case these days. This had left her exhausted and she assumed she had lost a few pounds in the process.

However, her efforts did not pay off. The fact still remained that a lenient sentence would cost the confiscation of his property, or a whopping penalty. This was the final conclusion and now Cassandra was in a dilemma.

It turned out that the amount of the penalty was far beyond what the Qin family could handle. In that case, sacrificing the company was the only choice left.

Cassandra announced their decision to Edith and Cloris. Her sister went wild when she heard this decision.

"No way! We can't give up all our properties! This is not going to happen!" she screamed.

This news turned her face pale. A strand of her hair waggled as she shook her head to show her disagreement in this matter.

"That's the only solution we have. If we don't do this, we'll have to pay the penalty, which we are unable to afford. It is going to be a huge amount of money."

Cassandra closed her eyes and tried hard to make Cloris understand the seriousness of this matter. If she continued screaming, Cassandra might lose her temper.

"Can't you ask help from someone? You might know someone who is more powerful. Wait..why don't you talk to your father-in-law? He could be of some help!" Edith pleaded.

Deep inside, even Edith did not think they should abandon all their properties, especially the company. It was the fundamental foundation of the Qin family and losing it hurt her a great deal.

If the company got sold, then she and her daughter, Cloris, would have no source of revenue to live a good life. Even if Vernon got a lenient sentence, he would still have to be in prison for at least a few years, which meant they would have to live a few years without him. Edith had been a housewife for many years. She had lost the motivation to work a long time ago. In that situation, she wondered who would be accountable to pay for their daily expense. 'The company could not be sold, ' thought Edith.

"Yes! Mother is right! You can turn to Uncle Horace for help. He is your father-in-law, hence he is bound to help us. Anyway, there's no way we will give up our properties. Even father would be sad when he gets to know about it. You have to remember that this company is his life!"

Now Cloris nodded her head to show her agreement with Edith. There was no way she would go along with Cassandra's proposal.

"Cassandra, please. Talk to your father-in-law. Or you can send Lionel to talk to him. Borrow some money from the Tang family for the penalty and keep the our company safe. I'm sure your father will rise from the ashes. He has the ability. We can pay back the money when your father succeeds again!"

Edith stared at Cassandra, expecting a positive reply from her.

Cassandra lowered her eyes silently when she realized what Edith and Cloris were expecting from her.

She comforted herself by telling herself that Cloris was still a young and naive girl who couldn't differentiate between right and wrong.

However, she was bitterly disappointed at Edith who was being so unreasonable.

If Horace genuinely wanted to lend a hand to the Qin family, then he would have easily done that using his connections. However, in reality, he chose to do nothing which made it evident he had no interest in helping.

He merely gave her some directions by telling her who she could talk to. In short, he kept himself as an outsider and didn't have any interest in actually helping them.

Everything Horace did suggested that he decided to stay away from this mess. There was no way he would offer any further help to the Qin fami

he sharp teeth of a serpent to Cassandra. Cassandra's heart prickled as she listened to Ivy's hurtful words.

"I'm warning you, Ivy! If I ever discover that you have something to do with this then I'll never let you go!"

Cassandra looked at this hypocritical woman coldly and threatened her.

"Oh my god! I'm so afraid of you. You won't let me go? Oh, sure. I'm just a weak woman who is incapable of escaping from you,"

Ivy teased with a disdainful and cunning smile.

"Let me make it clear to you, Cassandra. You want to save your family, right? But I know you don't have the money it takes to do it. It is going to be impossible for you to borrow it from others. Guess what, I have got the money. I have enough to pay for the penalty. Now you go ahead and think about it carefully, Cassandra. Are you sure you don't want to accept my offer? If I were you, I would think...really quickly...and say yes. The clock starts ticking now."

Cassandra glared at Ivy as she went on with her little speech. Her words had hit Cassandra right where it hurts. At the moment, she was in a state where she couldn't even form a word.

Cassandra felt like Ivy's face was enlarged in front of her eyes which made her feel dizzy all of a sudden.

Seeing Cassandra's hesitancy, Ivy started laughing even louder.

"Don't hesitate now, Cassandra. You married Lionel to save your family. But as you can see, no one in the Tang family is willing to help you. They are staying away from you and didn't even bother to offer any help. I'm sure you have realized your position in this family. You are nothing but a poor beggar here! The Tang family would kick you out of this family when they realize how useless you are! Face the reality please. It's better for you to leave before they show you the door!"

The serpent's bright red tongue hung out, forcing the princess to grant its request.

Its green eyes stared at the princess and its tongue twitched. It was restless and wanted a quick reply from the princess.

However, Cassandra closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened her eyes again, there was no more hesitation or anxiety in those clear eyes.

"You are the poor beggar, Ivy. Everything you have is Lionel's, right? You have nothing of your own. Everything is taken from the Tang family, isn't it? Have you ever earned a cent by yourself? You have been using your baby to earn this position in the Tang family. You are living such a pitiful life."

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