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   Chapter 98 The War Between Men

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The heavy cloud cast a gloomy shadow on the ground. The wind started blowing in the cold weather. A few crows could be heard crying in sorrow. It seemed like they were cursing the freezing winter.

Cassandra had just walked out from the office. In the corridor, the wind squeezed its way through the window.

This was an old building which was going to become obsolete soon. People had been moving out hence only a few rooms were occupied.

Not far from where she was, there stood a new building. It was constructed by Vernon's own company.

This thought sounded hilarious to her. Her father sent himself to the detention house that was built by himself. The idea of him living caged in something built with his own money was ironical.

Last night, she didn't manage to get a good sleep. And today early in the morning, she had to play smart with the foxy officials. This indeed drained all the energy out of her.

Feeling a bit dizzy, she headed to the washroom at the end of the corridor. Quickly, she scooped some water and splashed it on her face. Deep down she hoped this would relax her mind.

The piercing coldness was indeed effective. Raising her head, she squinted her eyes and tried to see herself in the rusting mirror. In a low voice, she said to herself, "You can do it."

The old washroom wasn't equipped with light. In the dimness, Cassandra felt frightened.

Walking briskly out, she wanted to reach the place where sunlight could touch her face. All of a sudden, she was pulled back by a strong pair of hands.

The strong hands pulled her into the darkness, away from sunlight. Under his control, she found it hard to move.

As she was about to shout for help, his hand pressed against her lips. With her mouth covered, her scream turned into broken whimper.

The fear for darkness and the pain from the grip made her eyes wide open. Yet the dimness made it hard for her to recognize the attacker's face.

So far, she only knew that the man was tall and strong. She felt him breathing fast. Without any mercy, he pressed Cassandra against the ice-old cement wall.

The corridor was invaded by yet another gust of wind which messed up her tidy hair. Though her vision was a bit clouded by her hair, she knew the man was drawing closer to her as he felt his rapid breath against her face.

"Why are you always with Rufus?" the man asked with fury.

Gnashing his teeth to squeeze while he spat these words out, Lionel looked like a demon to her.

Cassandra's heart sank into a state of hopelessness.

She instantly deduced where his fury came from. It was certain that Lionel must have heard that Rufus had accompanied her. His self-esteem must have been shattered. And now he decided to explode his intense emotions on her.

The shabby building was empty, and she was aware she couldn't match up with his strength. 'I am doomed!' she thought.

Shaking her head violently, Cassandra attempted to shake his hand off her face. But he was strong beyond her imagination and she couldn't manage to escape from his control.

After some time, she was accustomed to the darkness and the distinct features of the man began to become clear.

She could even see his eyes ablaze with wrath and fire.

"Cassandra! You are my wife and only my wife! No one else is allowed to touch you! Do you get it?" the man roared.

Lionel was like a trapped beast and he used his strength to the fullest which caused Cassandra's eyes to well up with tears. The pain was excruciating.

Unable to move, she resorted to biting. As soon as she

life. It contained his sweat and tears. If his company's assets were confiscated, he would lose all his hope.

Moreover, if everything was sold, then the house of Qin family would also be gone too. 'Where will my mother and sister live? How can they support themselves?' she asked herself with frustration.

Even though Qin family had been having a tough time, they still maintained their lavish lifestyle. She could sense that from the time she last visited her parents. The living standard was way higher than that of a middle class family.

'If father loses everything, how can Cloris and mother manage to live? They have been wealthy for so long, after all. Can they get used to poverty?' Her mind was now jumbled with these questions.

With all the different thoughts swirling in her mind, her brain was in a total turmoil. Resting her head on the seat with her eyes closed, she tried to come up with a solution.

Rufus knew what Cassandra was going through. He could tell her mind was filled with questions that needed solution. The weight of the entire family had landed on her slim shoulders. She had already sacrificed everything she had for Qin family and now this new burden had befallen her. As if to make it worse, her career as an architect was also in danger now.

There was simply too much burden for her to carry. It was much heavier than what a girl of her age could bear. She was like a camel with heavy weight, trudging in the desolate desert with an unknow destination.

If it was possible, Rufus would be willing to help her carry this burden. He wished to help her during this tough time. He hoped himself to be the stars above, so that when she was lost in the sand storm, she could still find the right path. He hoped himself to be the Noah's Ark, so that when her entire world collapsed, she could board the boat and survive.

When these thoughts passed through his mind, the little woman's breathing became soft and steady. With a quick glance he realized she was asleep.

Rufus stopped his car at the side of the road, walked out, and lit himself a cigarette. Fixing his gaze on the Sleeping Beauty, he had an inexplicable feeling rising in his heart.

It seemed like he could stand there and watch her forever. It was a sight he wished to behold. While sleeping, she looked peaceful. Her burden wasn't visible and it made him happy.

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