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   Chapter 96 Vernon In Trouble

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The faint smile on Rufus's handsome face, gave him a more relaxed look.

Michelle didn't leave with the two, and was picked up by a deep green Land Rover.

Cassandra bit her lower lip as she got in the passenger seat, fumbling for the safety belt.

For some inexplicable reasons, she felt so nervous that she couldn't plug the belt in. Sweat was formed on the tip of her nose.

Rufus found it amusing, and the smile on his face widened to a glee. He turned towards Cassandra and lowered his head to help her with the belt. They were so close that Rufus's warmth made the little woman blush.

When he was upright again, he found the mild redness on Cassandra's face so alluring. Under the dim light of the car, her skin looked pure white. Her glow attracted him even more.

"Luckily Michelle was there. Or else I wouldn't even know how to deal with them," Cassandra started, breaking the romantic atmosphere.

As she remembered playing mahjong with the ladies in the high class, Cassandra pitied herself for she realized that she lacked skills in socializing.

"Michelle is older than you. Surely she is more experienced. She has lots of connections. If you make friend with her, you can learn from her in the future," Rufus stated.

He had arranged the session, especially for Cassandra. She could remind the ladies of the Tang Group and potentially build up the profile of the company. This was also a good chance to build her own connections and widen her network, which would most likely be useful for her career development.

There was no doubt in her technical skills. The four years of studying in Rome had definitely equipped her with the necessary knowledge to do her job well. The only problem that she had was that she didn't know many people in G City. Cassandra was not a people person, which was parallel in significance with skills when it came to business.

Now he purposely created the chance for her to establish more connections and associations so that her road to the higher level would be easier. After all, one more friend meant one more opportunity.

Cassandra's repeated rejections made him more determined to protect her, in a way that she would accept—the independent woman wouldn't want to rely on him.

Rufus wanted to protect her perseverance, her helplessness, and everything about her.

Abruptly, Cassandra's phone rang. It was from Edith. Curious at the rare call, she asked, "Mom, what happened?"

The person from the other end of the line couldn't stop herself from weeping. In a voice mixed with crying and shouting, she told Cassandra, "Cassandra! You dad has been whistle-blown! They say he bribed officials! He was taken away by the people from the prosecution for investigation!"

The words cast a gloomy shadow over Cassandra. She could see nothing except for darkness. With her entire body trembling, she muttered, "Mom… You… Just wait for me. I… I'm coming back now."

Barely able to control the shaking of her hands, she failed to grip the phone, which dropped onto the car floor with a loud thud.

"What happened?"

Rufus asked with so much worry and concern, as he sensed that something was wrong with Cassandra.

"My mom… My mom said that my dad had been arrested for bribery," Cassandra stuttered in a weak

Edith dashed towards her last hope, and pulled Cassandra's arms, not letting her savior go. Before she could say anything else, she started to sob again.

Cassandra supported the woman who had lost her strength due to excessive crying, and cheered herself up in heart forcefully before she started to console the desperate woman.

"It's going to be alright. It's just an investigation. If he is innocent, everything is going to be fine. He will come back after the investigation!"

These were the only words that she could find to pacify the sorrowful woman.

However, it didn't help. Instead, it intensified her despair.

"You father was too ambitious. He was so head-on to bid for that project. Now the project has gone wrong. Many people associated with this case are arrested. Even if he didn't bribe anybody, he can't excuse himself from it!" her mother explained in tears.

Cloris also stood up. Her eyes were already sore.

"Cassandra, ask Uncle Horace to get dad out. We talked to him about it over the phone, and he seemed reluctant to help. But now, the only solution is the Tang family. Ask a favor from him, please!" the young girl pleaded.

There were still traces of tears on her face, which were left from the time Vernon was taken away. Cloris had witnessed the entire event.

"I understand. I will ask someone to find out how dad is now. Don't worry. Tidy up our house. Don't panic. We should calm down first and think carefully of what we are going to do," Cassandra assured the other two women.

In front of her sister and her mother, Cassandra was as calm and composed as she could make herself be. Now in this family, she was the most powerful woman who could block all the pressure from outside. The strong image portrayed by Cassandra finally brought temporary peace and assurance to the two women in despair.

After they have recovered a little bit, Cassandra led them to clear the mess inside the house. And when they finally finished, it was already one o'clock in the morning.

"Have some rest now. I will try to pay a visit to dad. Hopefully, they will allow me in. I think I need to get things clear with him personally!" Cassandra stated.

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