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   Chapter 95 A Meeting With Ladies

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The sound of heels clicking on the tiled floor faded as Cassandra watched Ivy's receding figure down the hall. When she was out of sight, Cassandra suddenly felt quite tired.

It was said that people always sympathized with the weak, and in this case—she felt sympathetic towards Ivy. Cassandra had truly felt sorry for her, yet she had no choice but to decline her request.

The heavy feeling in her body made her heart sink, but Cassandra tried to cheer herself up and continued to work on the design of the nursing home. Her attempt was successful as a few hours later she got so engrossed in her work that she even forgot to eat her lunch, which had been sent to her office earlier. Fortunately, her efforts had paid off. When it was time to get off duty, the brief draft was almost completed.

She had just ironed out some details in her work when the door burst open to reveal Victor, who looked cold and emotionless like usual.

"Manager Qin, please get yourself tidy up a bit. There is a meeting to discuss about the application of the Director of the Union. Mr. Luo wants you to go with him," he said in a flat voice.

Cassandra simply nodded in understanding.

Ever since Rufus had entered Tang Group, he had been gearing up for the set-up of the Union of Real Estate in G City. In his opinion, the possibilities were endless when many businesses came together and united. Many hands made the job light, after all.

The board was optimistic about his idea as well, thus, the whole process had been bouncing along.

Now, all the members had been already confirmed. The only thing left was the appointment of the Director of the Union, which would be decided by voting.

The high position was actually just a mere title, but winning it would elevate Tang Group's reputation.

Ultimately, only the strongest group in G City could gain recognition from the most members and win power through the ballot box.

Cassandra knew how much time and energy Rufus had devoted to preparing for the application. She understood that it was a crucial time for the leaders to discuss the matter.

After she finished getting ready, Cassandra went down to the ground floor lobby and walked out of the building. Rufus's Rolls Royce Phantom had already been waiting outside for her.

Upon getting in the car, she was surprised to see someone else was sitting inside as well.

"Michelle! Why are you here?" Cassandra asked. Michelle whipped her head around from the passenger seat.

Her lips curved into a smile, the shocked expression on Cassandra's face making her quite happy.

"Would you mind if I join you? Rufus, let's move!" Michelle said friendly.

Finally, the car engine started and they drove off to their destination. The trip was fairly quiet, but a thousand questions boggled Cassandra's mind. She managed to refrain from asking any of them.

It was apparently Rufus's idea to ask Michelle to accompany them. Although she didn't know why, she still trusted him and thought that to stay silent might be a good choice.

After some time of driving, the car finally halted near the gate of a five-star hotel. Rufus signaled for them to get off, then drove away without a word.

"What? Isn't Mr. Luo going with us?" Cassandra couldn't get more confused. She was told to go with him for a business appointment.

However, Rufus just drove away without any explanation. Why did he leave? So...what now?

A soft hand held Cassandra's arm. She turned around to see Michelle, with a smile painted on her face.

"You are the only one we need. Let's go, ' cheered Michelle.

Cassandra follo

ey say that never judge a book by its cover.

"We have included all the basic facilities a nursing home should have, but I add a new idea. We could spare a piece of land for a special purpose to enrich the elders' lives. My suggestion is to use this land to grow some fruit trees. Everyone could enjoy the fruits and feel the happiness of harvesting."

The mayor's wife nodded in agreement.

"That's true. The elders are most afraid of the boring life in the nursing home. This idea would give them the chance to stimulate their minds and do some proper exercises. It's a great idea," she said.

Suddenly, she pointed at one tile Michelle had discarded and happily clapped her hands.

"Cassandra! You can claim the tile to win! It's Michelle's tile!"

In reality, Cassandra was clueless. She just followed the guidance of the mayor's wife.

"Oh! No way! Bad luck for me!" Michelle whined, but a smile rested on her face.

She secretly winked at Cassandra, who was smart enough to understand everything quickly. Michelle had done it on purpose.

"You are such a good teacher! As for your student, she had won so quickly!" the director of the secretary's wife praised Cassandra.

Shortly after, another round began.

It was easy to establish a relationship in the mahjong game. Some people won while some people lost. Under the guidance of the mayor's wife, Cassandra won the most money in the later game.

She was aware that this outcome might have had something to do with the mayor's wife who had the highest status among them. Now, Cassandra learned that diplomatic strategies also existed in a mahjong game.

During the whole time, Cassandra behaved quite well. She was natural and gracious, and all the other women were full of praise for her manner. When talking about a professional topic, Cassandra explained it to them in simple words that the ordinary person would understand. She spoke about lots of interesting facts in the field of design, from home to abroad, and all the ladies drank in her every word.

After the game was over, everyone was ready to leave. Michelle and Cassandra said goodbye to them at the hotel gate.

When the ladies had left, Rufus's car came over. Michelle opened the door and motioned Cassandra to get in.

"Rufus, you didn't leave and waited here all the time?" Michelle asked. Then she added,"Don't worry. Cassandra did a perfect job today!"

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