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   Chapter 94 The Deal Provided By Ivy

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Lionel couldn't believe himself. His feelings for Cassandra seemed to change with each passing day. The more he knew Cassandra and her innate kindness, the more he got attracted to her.

As a sought after bachelor, he used to hang out with all kinds of pretty women. Everywhere he went there were always be batches of women prepared to throw themselves onto him.

They loved the money he had more than himself and all the advantages he could provide. At the same time, Lionel was a quite generous man, and he'd never been thrift to them financially. However, his heart was already captured by a woman. Despite being married to Cassandra, he gave all his love to Ivy, who had been his girlfriend for many years.

Surprisingly, out of his expectation, Lionel had been gradually attracted to Cassandra ever since the moment she came back from abroad.

Cassandra, on the contrary, turned down his olive branch, and refused to work in the Group as his wife. It was obvious that she was trying to prove herself in her own way, without his help and influence.

Her stubbornness never failed to piss him off. The dread and annoyance, however, had turned into pity and concern when he heard what happened to her.

Lionel couldn't pretend to ignore her existence as he did before, and he didn't have any clue why.

"I trust you, and time will bring light to the truth anyway," he comforted her.

The aura of peaceful tenderness on his face was new to Cassandra. She had never seen such an expression on his face before.

It made her felt uneasy, she was desperate to escape his tormenting presence. With one hard push, she wanted to close the door of her bedroom right in front him.

But Lionel stopped her before she could. He pushed the door open forcibly, making Cassandra's shoulders jerk at the loud bang.

"Why are you avoiding me like that? I'm your husband!" feeling humiliated, he shouted with eyes bulging with rage.

He had been used to Cassandra keeping distance with him. But now, when he was trying to be good to her, she refused to give him a chance.

"We're both old enough to know that fairy tales are not true. Are you happy with what was happening between us all this time? We always break up on the verge of a fight. Thus, for your own good, please just leave me alone," Cassandra said plainly.

She tried hard to close the door, but Lionel was way far stronger than her. He wouldn't let her go.

"Just wait and see, Cassandra! You'll be mine someday. You'll beg me to join you in bed!" he hissed through his clenched teeth.

Lionel withdrew his hands from the door, and it banged close right at his face. Frustrated, he gave the door a good hard kick before he turned around. While holding his sore face, he was surprised to see that Ivy was standing at the other end of the corridor, her hands rested on her belly silently.

Lionel was a little discomfited as if he was caught stealing something.

On the other end, Ivy acted nothing unusual, and she walked toward him with a sweet smile on her face.

"Honey, your son kicked me several times today, and I can feel that he's such a strong baby. I believe he gets a pair of long legs just like his father's," she mused as she looked down her belly.

Lionel also spun his gaze at her belly and his eyes turned soft. It was his son, his own blood and flesh. One of his weapons to win over the Group from Rufus.

"Why do you bother tiring yourself coming up here? The dinner is ready, and you need to stay relaxed," he scolded her slightly.

He put his arm around her waist, escorting her to her room.

"I forgot my phone in my room and I need to get it," Ivy responded.

It seemed that she didn't hear the conversation between him and Cassandra, and Lionel took a deep breath of relief.

"Okay, go get your phone. I'll wait for you and then we'll go downstairs for dinner," he said

he assumed that her plan was working.

The last thing that Cassandra wanted to see was a woman's tears. She took a piece of tissue and passed it to Ivy.

Ivy took the tissue and wiped off her tears, and took a deep breath to calm herself down.

"Cassandra, I understand that you don't love Lionel, and thus, I want to make a deal with you," she said with a convincing voice.

I would like to claim the title of Lionel's wife in exchange with anything you want. I desperately want to be his wife legitimately!" she exclaimed determinedly.

Ivy looked both excited and sincere from the bottom of her heart. She looked into Cassandra's eyes intensely with the hope that she would give her the answer she expected.

To her disappointment, Cassandra closed her eyes and shook her head slightly.

"It's impossible, Ivy. What you are asking me is something beyond my control. You know the reason why I married Lionel. My father's company needs their backup. Without their help, he wouldn't have made it the past years," she said.

"If Lionel and I get divorced, my father's company will shut down in no time!

As a daughter, the last thing I've ever wanted for my parents was a safe, peaceful and secured life. It's not something you can provide and I have nothing to exchange for that," she explained remorsefully.

Cassandra thought of the tears on her mother's face when she begged her to marry Lionel, and it hurt like a sword piercing her heart. She understood the helplessness of her mother.

She was their eldest daughter and it was her responsibility to help them out. She cried, and she complained, but she never regretted. It was her destiny.

"All of us needs to pay for what we did in the past. Ivy, love is love and it has nothing to do with marriage. You and Lionel have spent so many years together happily even without marriage, and why do you have to marry him now?" Cassandra asked.

"If you give up the idea of becoming his lawful wife, you don't have to be separated from your own baby, and I can assure you that you can see your baby anytime you want, regardless the objection of Lionel's parents. I won't say a word," she promised Ivy.

Ivy looked at Cassandra resentfully. She understood Cassandra's side as she had explained it clearly. It was her greed that trapped her in this situation. She mocked herself that she lifted a rock only to drop it on her own feet.

"I understand Cassandra, but since you turned my deal down, I swear, I won't let you and your parents live in peace from this day on. Just wait and see!" Ivy threated Cassandra.

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