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   Chapter 93 His Intensive Eyes

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Seeing the contented smile on Jenks's face encouraged Cassandra to go on with sharing her ideas.

"Nursing homes aren't just a place for elders to kill time. We can build it into a three-bedroom apartment where elders can actually live together, chatting, making friends, and having fun. This will make them feel like they are living in an actual home instead."

Jenks nodded, signalling his approval.

"I need you to work overtime the next few days to finish the design. Even though I'm appointing you to this case, you still have to work hard and deliver a good design to be able to convince the shareholders that you're the right person for this project. Do your best and show them what you've got!"

"Thank you Director Tong for the opportunity! I won't let you down!"

Cassandra appreciated his confidence in her and it solidified her resolve.

As Cassandra packed her things to leave, Dylon stood up and said, "Father, I'd like to walk Cassandra out."

He then left the office with Cassandra.

"Can we have a walk together?"

Dylon asked as he sighed to himself.

The usual smile on Dylon's face was replaced by a concerned look, alerting Cassandra that something was upsetting him.

"What's wrong? You don't look like your usual self,"

Cassandra asked with a hint of worry in her voice.

Dylon had saved her life in the past, so her heart aches as the once cheerful Dylon was now wrapped in worry. She decided to try and take some pressure off his shoulders.

"I was planning to tell my father that I'll be going away for a trip next week. But I don't have the heart to hurt his feelings, he works so hard at this old age,"

Dylon confessed with a rueful look on his face as his mind went into turmoil.

Cassandra suddenly recalled what Jenks said to her the other night, "My son doesn't want to take over the family business and just keeps to his interest... He wants to go to the tropical forests, the grasslands, and the deserts. He brought his camera equipment and stayed there for months at a time..."

In the past, Cassandra was able to persuade Jenks to accept his son's hobbies and cheer up. Maybe he would change his mind one day and grant his father's wishes.

But the truth was that Dylon really wasn't interested in all about the family business. Jenks had no other choice but to find a new successor which was very difficult for him. He worked all his life in the hospital. How could he hand it over to anyone else other than his son?

He wanted Dylon to take it over. No one else.

But, to avoid fighting with his own son, he did not force the job upon him. This was why Dylon was able to stick to his hobbies all those years.

Cassandra thought about what to say for a minute. She composed herself then said, "Dylo

me from the door as Lionel walked in on them and explained with a frown.

Jill pulled a long face as Lionel defended Cassandra. She was about to scold Cassandra due to her absence today but didn't expect Lionel to get involved at the moment. It annoyed her so much to see her son take Cassandra's side.

Ivy almost lost her temper as Lionel talked for Cassandra, but she managed to hold it back.

The air in the room was becoming tense and Cassandra knew something was wrong, so she made up an excuse to go back to her room. Jill gave out a snort but Cassandra simply did her best to ignore it.

She had been holding a grudge against Cassandra, and the daughter-in-law just never tried to please her. Even though her parents married her to Lionel as a trade-off, Cassandra was actually very talented and able to earn her position in the Tang Group. She deserved everything she got and there was no need for her to please anyone.

It was hard for the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law to get along with each other. There was a long way to go for Cassandra, but instead, Ivy, the mistress was pretty good at it.

Lionel suddenly grabbed the door as Cassandra was about to close it. He stood in front of her with a smile.

Cassandra felt a tingling sensation all over her body. She was uneasy whenever being with Lionel alone and wanted to run away.

"How come you didn't tell me you were in trouble with plagiarism? I knew nothing about it until I attended the meeting today."

Lionel went to meetings according to his changing mood and was not a regular member of the board. It wasn't until today that he was told Cassandra's design was plagiarised.

As Lionel's eyes gazed at her, she felt discomfort building from inside her.

"I know I didn't steal anyone else's idea. That's enough. I don't care what others think of me."

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