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   Chapter 91 The Dream In Her Girlhood

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When she was just a little girl, she had a lot of dreams.

Once she had dreamed that she was a prized princess who was about to be wed to a handsome prince. The wedding was grand, no expense was spared. They were locked in embrace in the middle of the huge hall full of friends and family witnessing their union. She looked joyful and was smiling from ear to ear.

When she woke up from the dream, her face had been blushing and scarlet from the romantic event. It had been years that she could still vividly remember that wedding dream.

It was in a frost-touched kingdom, full of snow and ice. Her tiara was sculpted by the finest crafstman in all of the land, made from crystal clear ice. It was inlaid with diamonds which reminded her of the clear and sparkling eyes of the prince.

She was also wearing a long skirt weaved from gold and silver threads, which dazzled in the icy environment.

But now... Holding and looking at the large box containing the precious dress in her arms, a radiant smile graced her lips.

Early morning the next day, Cassandra opened her eyes to the light of dawn trickling from the window blinds. She sat up, rubbed her eyes and stretched her lazy arms before she stood up and groggily went to the bathroom to run a bath. After she was clean, refreshed and fully awake, she went out of her room, intent on going downstairs to have some breakfast.

Her phone buzzed when she was in the middle of the stairs. She tapped the accept button on the touchscreen and pressed the phone against her ear. Stella's high pitched voice hurt her ear a bit.

"Cassandra, I searched every nook and cranny of the archives center and found something! Get here stat!"

Feeling the intense anxiety in Stella's voice, Cassandra went back to the room to change into her work clothes.

As Cassandra hurried downstairs and proceeded to the door, Horace and Jill were having breakfast at the nearby table. Jill started to mutter in her usual sour tone, glancing at Cassandra from the corner of her eyes, "Someone's manners are degrading everyday, it seems. She even ignores the in-laws now!"

Horace's eyebrows furrowed in irritation as he turned to look at Cassandra with a scowl.

The main reason why he appointed her as the Tang Group's design manager was because she had won many awards abroad, as well as her impeccable school record. And she was his daughter-in-law, a member of Tang family.

But things had apparently changed now.

Lionel had no love for Cassandra and was having a baby with Ivy now, while Cassandra was in the middle of a shameful plagiarism rumour. At the very least, there was still no evidence that could vindicate her. It was hard to predict how the situation would develop.

It would be good if her innocence could be proven much later, but if not… An icy gleam radiated from his eyes.

He would never feel an ounce

the Tang Group and earned her praises from all its members.

But as the rumour about her plagiarizing someone else's work spread, her honor was diminshed.

"Cassandra, let me know immediately if you find out the asshole. I'll kick his ass."

Stella was visibly indignant and her obvious concern for her friend made Cassandra feel warm all over. Aside from Rufus who totally trusted her, she also had Stella.

Suddenly, Cassandra's guilty conscience reminded her of all the things she had been keeping from Stella.

"Stella and Cassandra, are you inside?"

A man's gruff voice can be heard from outside the door.

"Damn it! How did Victor know we were here? I just went through some files! Does that count as some kind of company rule violation?"

Stella murmured to herself, slight apprehension evident on her expression.

Cassandra and Stella stepped out together. Victor got a bit nervous at the sight of Stella, feeling awkward all of a sudden. He didn't know where to put his hands.

"Cassandra, Mr. Luo knows you're here. He said to meet him at his office."

Rufus had eyes everywhere in this place for sure. Cassandra took a deep breath.

A disturbing thought crossed her mind, 'Am I being stalked?'

She quickly dismissed the thought. Rufus would have absolutely no reason to stalk her.

Victor started walking in the direction of Rufus's office, with Cassandra in tow. When they entered, they found the senior executive facing the window. He turned his head briefly to look at Cassandra, but then looked back out the window again immediately after. She let out a sigh of relief, because he didn't seem to be in a bad mood.

"So here I am, Mr. Luo. What can I do for you?"

she said, looking at Rufus's sculpted back.

Strangely, she could still feel his warm gaze even with his back turned. It felt like sunlight in a cold winter afternoon.

"Do you like my gift?" he uttered.

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