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   Chapter 90 A Precious Gift

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Cassandra looked around the auction hall and all she could see were a number of unfriendly, snooty and self-obsessed faces. Attending the auction with the Tang family was the last thing Cassandra wanted to do. More so when Rufus counldn't come along, she thought she would just somehow kill the time alone by attending this activity. But having to meet Cloris and Ivy just made it more suffocating for her. It's true when they say one can't avoid one's enemy.

Ivy's voice pierced through the silence of the hall. And then it was soon followed by the price chasing game.

Four million, five million, six million...and suddenly there were numbers buzzing and paddles being raised all across the hall.

The most stylish women, the who's who of the city, graced the hall persistently and passionately by raising their paddles for many top lots. Everyone's eyes were sparkling with hope, expecting that they could win the precious gown.

"Eight million!"

Lyndsy raised her paddle and uttered her price clearly. A bunch of well styled heads turned towards her following her voice.

A live broadcast of this spectacular event was going on over the giant screen. The camera panned on Lyndsy and Cassandra, who were sharing the same table. And suddenly Cassandra's face flashed on the big screen. Absolutely unprepared and unexpected, she came to be noticed by everyone in the hall which made her feel rather awkward.

Jill was the first to spot Cassandra. She opened her mouth in surprise and patted Ivy on the shoulder.

"Look, Ivy!" And she pointed at the screen.

Ivy moved her eyes to follow the direction Jill was pointing at and looked towards the screen. And her eyes stilled over the two most elegant and gorgeous faces as pretty as roses. They were so attractive and bereft of any kind of malice.

Over the screen Lyndsy and Cassandra were seen exchanging looks. Lyndsy lowered her head and whispered something to Cassandra's ear, and then both of them smiled happily. The beautiful camaraderie shared by the two of them made quite a sight for the eyes that were gazing up at the screen.

The amity shared between them, made people who did not know much about them feel that they were such close friends.

However, Ivy could not keep her eyes on the smiling face of Cassandra for a long time.

She just turned her face promptly towards Jill and said, "Auntie Jill, I had planned to win this dress for your collection. But now it seems to be a difficult task. Look at her, Cassandra's friend, Lyndsy. It looks like she is holding the trump card,"

Ivy clenched her paddle and gritted her teeth. No matter what the result would be, she had to at least win Jill's faith.

Jill's face became ashen as she fixed her seething gaze at Cassandra—the one woman she could not bear the sight of. She could clearly remember how the Tang family had a narrow escape from getting involved in a law suit thanks to Cassandra's act of plagiarism. That woman was the root cause. Had it not been for Horace who defended Cassandra, she would have bombarded her with every cursing word she knew.

Jill muttered under her breath, 'Her mistake was an unpardonable blunder. But shouldn't she be locking up in the room and reflecting on herself? How dare she show up so happily at this auction? What a shameless woman!'

Sitting on the chair, Lionel could not stop himself from admiring the radiant beauty of Cassandra that was a befitting match to the elegant Lyndsy who was sitting by her side. His gaze froze at her mildly smiling face as he thought, 'People who did not know her must have thought her to be a star or something like that.'

Ivy peeked at Lionel only to find that his eyes were fixed on the screen. She winced her face as the look on Lionel's face tugged at her heartstring but on the wrong note.

She kept her eyes painfully fixed on Lionel, witnessing his admiration towards Cassandra. And her mind went back to the time when she had seen the same gaze in his eyes before. It was the time when Lionel met her for the first time. She remembered how he stared at her silently with such deep eyes. Lionel seemed absolutely un

e with her. Was it possible that there was someone who made her to do this on his or her behalf?

"Why don't you just stop asking? Someone asked me to do this today. But what happened on the red carpet earlier was absolutely unexpected. You have helped me. And I got to know you better. So, have I been a good actress today? What do you say? Huh?"

Lyndsy smiled mysteriously as she spoke. She really liked Cassandra. Not everyone would like to offer a hand to a stranger, after all. Most of the time, people would prefer to stay away from such hassles.

However, questions kept popping in Cassandra's mind. Someone asked her to do this? Cassandra's face became tense as she tried hard to figure out the mind behind this act.

Whoever it was must have been equally influential and wealthy to have asked the best actress to put up this act? And how much that person might have paid her for this act?

Why that 'someone' wanted her to do this? What was his purpose by sending her this expensive dress?

As Cassandra remained lost in her thoughts, Lyndsy left the hall guarded by her bodyguards. Finding Cassandra standing alone with a stiff frown on her face oblivious to the surrounding, Michelle walked up to her and patted her on the shoulder to bring her back from her reverie.

"How do you feel? I'm afraid you will really hit the headline tomorrow. Oh my god! A twenty million's dress. He is so generous!"

'He!' Cassandra seemed have grabbed a clue in her words. She turned towards her hastily and asked, "Do you know him?"

Cassandra opened her eyes widely as she requested for the information from Michelle. She felt that the truth was about to come out.

"Ha ha. A play on my stage. How could I not know him?"

Michelle replied with a question and smiled. She felt that Cassandra was pretty cute with her eyes staring wide.

"Who is he? Please don't keep me guessing. I have to return it to him,"

Cassandra pleaded Michelle for the answer. The dress worth twenty million was just like a hot potato. She could not bear to hold it for long, especially not knowing who it was from.

"I promised him to keep it a secret. So I'm afraid I can't tell you now. But don't worry. I'm sure you'll come to know about it very soon! There's still something I need to take care of. I have to go now. Bye."

Michelle walked away after finishing her words, leaving Cassandra alone. A possible name was wandering in her mind. The name of the mysterious man was on the tip of her tongue.

She could not believe that it could be him. But he was the only possible one.

When her dress got spoilt the other day and she ran on the street aimlessly, he had told her, "Don't be afraid, Cassandra. I will send you a unique dress later. I promise you!"

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