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   Chapter 89 We Meet Again

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The surprise was evident on Cassandra's face. The Dylon in front of her seemed to be a different Dylon from their previous encounters.

Normally, she would see him dressed in casual clothes, making him look younger than he actually was. His aura was that of a boy-next-door; but now, he was dressed in a slick and chic navy pinstriped suit. Even she had to admit that he looked rather handsome and more mature than usual.

"I knew Michelle from when we were both abroad. She's my friend. We met at a film festival,"

Seeing her shocked reaction upon meeting him, Dylon kindly explained.

"Oh, I see."

In that case, it made sense that Dylon would be here.

"I didn't expect that you and Michelle were such good friends that you're sitting in the front."

With a wink at Cassandra, he gestured to the VIP section. Because Dylon himself was assigned to the second row, it would indeed seem like Cassandra was really good friends with Michelle to get a front seat.

"I'm just lucky to have gotten a seat here. In fact, I really don't know her well enough. She's a pretty big celebrity, after all."

As she explained, a person walked towards her direction and sat down beside her. When she turned to see who it was, it gave her another big shock to see it was Lyndsy.

Seeing that Cassandra was there as well, Lyndsy turned to her and smiled fondly.

It couldn't be helped that Cassandra was a little mesmerized by Lyndsy's beauty. With a smile so warm, even Cassandra's heart skipped a beat seeing it directed at her.

"What a nice coincidence to meet you again here. Thank you for your help earlier."

As she thanked Cassandra with a grateful tone, her bright smile never faltered.

"Cassandra, you know Lyndsy?"

Seeing their interaction, Dylon was rather surprised to see that the two were acquainted with each other. He never would have suspected that a humble person like Cassandra would know so many famous people.

"Um... I actually just met her earlier."

The reply was honest, as Cassandra didn't even know how to explain to Dylon how they met. Just then, when she glanced at the entry of the assembly hall, a few men and women walked in, cladding in nice outfits that caught the crowd's eye.

The two in front walked arm in arm, sharing in conversation and laughter. They truly made an attractive couple, but it was a shock for Cassandra to see Arthur and her sister Cloris together.

It was normal, of course, for Arthur to be invited since the Dawn Star Company was very famous in G City.

'But why is Cloris here?' Cassandra thought. 'More importantly, why is she here with Arthur? Did he invite her to accompany him?' The very idea puzzled Cassandra all of a sudden.

Noticing that she was lost in her own thoughts, Dylon glanced at the direction she was staring at and found Arthur standing by the entrance.

"If I've guessed right, the man you're looking at is the Dawn Star Company's CEO, isn't he?"

Holding a thoughtful look on his face, he wondered how Cassandra knew Arthur as well. He was still curious about how she knew all these famous people.

"Do you know him?"

Hearing his words, she looked at Dylon curiously, because she didn't think that the man in front of her would know someone like Arthur.

"Well, sort of. My father knows his father."

Though she found his answer rather vague, she didn't press the issue further.

To cut the conversation short, she turned around. As long as Arthur's seat wasn't near hers and she hid herself well, she wasn't likely to be noticed by him.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Arthur said to Cloris, "If you see something you like, just tell me so I can buy it for you."

Although there was a gentle smile on Cloris's face, his eyes turned rather thoughtful.

"Thank you, but there's no need for that. I'm already very happy that you even invited me to this grand event. How could I let you spend more money on me?"

With a sweet smile on her

he money would be donated to the foundation of rare diseases.

Finally, the auction began. Exclusive haute-couture dresses were being auctioned off at great prices, piece by piece. All the guests were very excited as they raised good charity money with all the items.

At last, they came close to the end of the auction. With only one single piece left, an extravagant and beautiful dress was brought to the stage.

It seemed as though even Michelle was terribly excited to present it as she gave a huge introduction about the magnificent dress.

The traditional-style dress was designed by Michelle herself, as she gave the traditional wear a flare with some new and bold adjustments. The dress was dotted by Swarovski crystals, making it shine so brightly under the lights on the stage as it sparkled. It was every woman's dream.

Originally, the dress belonged to a princess but she had donated it for auctioning during the charity event. It was a truly meaningful gift that had been delivered from a very distant country to the stage. Many royal women wanted to own it but weren't even given a chance to have it.

It was a pleasant surprise to see that the dress was at such an event. Everybody was yearning for it in no time.

As a designer herself, Cassandra was well aware of the value and beauty of the dress. As soon as it appeared on stage, her eyes shone with excitement and her creative senses tingled. It was an utterly beautiful piece. No words could possibly capture its magic.

Without realizing it, her mouth had gone agape upon seeing the dress. It was no wonder that it was the last item to be auctioned off today.

For such a fine dress, having a reserve price of five hundred thousand was definitely rather low. As soon as Michelle announced the price, the crowd started buzzing as people began bidding against each other.

It was not long before the price went up to three million.

Releasing a quiet sigh, Cassandra simply accepted that the price was out of reach. It seemed that she couldn't have the dress after all.

Not wanting to rely on the Qin family, she refused to use their money. At the same time, she also didn't want to use up the Tang family's money. She was simply not that kind of person.

Three million was simply too high a price for her. It would cost her a few years' worth of salary, after all. To use that kind of money on a dress was way too extravagant for her.

"Three and a half million!"

Suddenly, a woman called out to her with a high and shaky voice, full of excitement.

When Cassandra recognized the voice, she immediately stunned. It was definitely Ivy!

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