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   Chapter 88 So Near Yet So Far

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The salty sea breeze blew in people's face. Cassandra and Dylon were sitting face-to-face in a restaurant near the sea.

As usual, Dylon was a humorous and optimistic character, with an easy-going personality. Their meeting by chance and deciding to have dinner together was a delightful surprise to both of them.

When they finished eating, Dylon used the shells to playfully make a smiley face on the table and told Cassandra, "Cassandra, you look so beautiful when you smile. You should smile more."

Hearing his praise, Cassandra lifted up her head and met his eyes. His gaze at her was loving and gentle, putting her at ease and making her heart feel warm.

Having bumped into such a nice friend when she was extremely upset had her feeling fortunate.

After dinner, Dylon called her a taxi before bidding her goodbye and heading back to his hotel.

With Cassandra on his mind, Dylon couldn't help smiling as he walked. The smile on his face only grew brighter when he thought of Cassandra's beaming face. 'What a nice day!'

Meanwhile, back in the Tang mansion, Horace sat in the living room next to Jill while they watched television, which was quite a rare sight as Horace was normally always busy with his work.

When Cassandra returned, he waved his hand in a greeting.

"Cassandra, come here!"

His words were like pebbles being dropped into a lake, disturbing the calm, which Cassandra silently dreaded. Lowering her head, she carefully walked towards Horace and greeted him softly.

As she got closer to the couch, she noticed a pile of files beside him.

"Cassandra, I heard about today's meeting. It's a serious issue and might do harm to the Tang Group. I want to hear your explanation."

The way he spoke to her was different, much more serious than usual, making Cassandra nervous.

Before the scandal came out, Cassandra was invisible in the Tang family—Lionel took pleasure in torturing her, Jill didn't like her, and Ivy moved in. Horace was the only person in the family who would care about her and yet she betrayed his trust. The whole ordeal only made Cassandra ashamed of herself.

While she didn't plagiarize other's design, it was true that she didn't take measures to protect her own work and prevent such a huge dispute on intellectual property rights. It was indeed her fault.

In some ways, Horace was even more of a father to her than her actual dad. Never did he fail to treat her well or appreciate her work and contribution to the company. His interrogation, however, made Cassandra feel sad.

"I'm terribly sorry to have put the company in such big trouble. But the design is mine, I can assure you. I've already involved the authorities and it's currently in the process of investigation. The results should come out very soon."

As she explained it, Cassandra kept her expression flat and her tone calm.

Trust was a luxury and she was well aware of it. It would be unreasonable to expect people to believe her right away. The upsetting feeling almost took over Cassandra then she thought about Rufus' words.

The fact that he trusted her brought her much comfort. Even though no one in the company was taking her side, as long as Rufus believed her, Cassandra would be


As she posed in front of one camera, a nearby reporter threw his phone at her by accident as he fell, startling her and making her freeze in place as the phone was about to hit her face.

"Look out!"

As if out of nowhere, Cassandra popped out of the crowd to push Lyndsy out of the way. Thanks to Cassandra's quick thinking, the phone didn't hit the star's face and instead, fell to the ground.

Lyndsy's face was pale as she found herself at a loss for what to do.

At this moment, a woman walked over to Lyndsy and whispered something to her.

"You can just go ahead. The sponsor will handle this."

The woman's words snapped Lyndsy out of her daze and she turned to Cassandra gratefully.

Catching her breath, Lyndsy calmed herself down and walked down the red carpet but she didn't feel truly relieved until Michelle came to greet and comfort her.

Putting a hand to her chest, Lyndsy thought about the incident just then. If it wasn't for that woman, she would have made a fool of herself. Unfortunately, she didn't have the opportunity to ask for the woman's name as she had already left and disappeared quickly in the crowd.

When Lyndsy looked around to find Cassandra, she got nothing and felt regretful as she couldn't thank her.

Meanwhile, as Cassandra looked for her seat, she was surprised to find it on the front row.

Those seats were usually reserved for the VIPs and it seemed as though there were only ten of them. They included officials or celebrities and were definitely the focus of the crowd.

'How could I be assigned to sit in the front row?' Cassandra thought to herself, 'It must be Rufus's doing.'

As a close friend of Michelle, he must have asked her to give Cassandra a front row seat, since he could even have her customize clothes for him.

The thought of Rufus made her upset again. To help her, Rufus was busy dealing with the press and hadn't been able to go home the past several days.

While lost in her thoughts, someone called out to her.

"Cassandra, we meet again!"

When she turned around, she was met with Dylon's charming face and bright smile.

"What brings you here?"

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