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   Chapter 85 Let Me Go!

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 11297

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Back in high school, Cassandra was obsessed with Ferris wheels.

For her, they were big toys that gave you a slow flight over the sky, taking you all the way to breath-taking heights before bringing you back to the ground where you could recapture the wonderful experience. It seemed to her that its shape alone symbolized endless happiness.

She had wished, more than once, that she could one day take a ride on it with her beloved one, kissing and hugging him under the stars.

It might have been beautiful, but she now knew it was all but a little girl's romantic fantasy.

Rufus took a look at the Ferris wheel before looking back at Cassandra beside him. Then, as if he had read her mind, he turned and asked, "Do you want to take a ride?"

Cassandra, however, shook her head silently. The Ferris wheel did remind her of her long, cherished desire, but she didn't want to satisfy it since she hadn't found her love in the real life. She would rather not ruin the fairy tale. She would wait for the prince.

"The amusement park will be rebuilt soon, and this Ferris wheel will probably be torn down. Our company has talked to the head of the park, and if everything goes well, we may win the bid for the rebuilding," said Rufus.

Cassandra jerked her head in his direction upon hearing his words, with a?twinkle?in her?eyes.

So she might be able to redesign the park? And finally bring the Ferris wheel in her dream into reality, after so many years? She couldn't believe her luck.

Again, she stared at the glittering big toy, lost in her thoughts. The colored lights of the wheel reflected brightly in her eyes.

Not far away from them, Lionel was talking to a man with a salt-and-pepper beard while walking through the crowds.

The man was introducing the park's existing facilities and explaining ideas for future plans to Lionel, but Lionel's thoughts were far away.

He hated working overtime, but he was ordered to conduct site investigation as soon as possible since the board favored the project. He was already upset by the extra work, and the bustling scene here further annoyed him.

Not knowing what was in Lionel's mind, the man went on guiding him enthusiastically through the park. When they reached the Ferris wheel, the man stopped and pointed to this eye of the park, surrounded by neon lights.

"We plan to rebuild it into the biggest one in Asia, and move it to the centre of the park to make it a landmark," the man declared, with a hint of pride.

Lionel looked up at the Ferris wheel, which made a blaze of color against the night sky.

Just when he tried to turn away from the dazzling lights, he saw a familiar figure.


And the person by her side was none other than Rufus!

Cassandra was holding a big toy bear, standing shoulder to shoulder with Rufus. Lionel couldn't hear what they were talking about, but he saw the delighted look on her pretty face.

While Rufus, a man?of?composure?and mildness, now was standing by her gentlemanly, looking her in the eye. He was tall and handsome, and even more so under the lights. Girls passing by all stole a second look at him.

To them, they must have looked like a happy couple on a date in this romantic park.

Furious, Lionel clenched his fists, his nails digging into his palms. His veins stood out on his temples. His eyes flashed with anger.


my affairs?' she thought.

What was more, their marriage was nothing but a sham. All they had to do was to play their own parts and put on a good show. Surely he should not wish for anything more than that!

"Don't you dare! You are my wife, and you are not allowed to get that close to a man, especially when it is Rufus!" Lionel almost yelled at her.

He seemed to have lost control of his emotions and pressed himself against her to bully her more. Whether due to rage or jealousy, veins on his forehead kept bulging. He really hated it when she was indifferent, for it made him feel like this woman would leave him at any time. He wanted her under his thumb!

"Sorry, but I'm tired. Let's go back now,"

Cassandra softened her tone a bit after looking at his angry face. She was alarmed by how mad he had become, and gave him a quick and wary glance. But she still didn't want to talk about this matter with him or explain herself to him.

Because she liked Rufus, which she couldn't deny. And she didn't think it was necessary to tell Lionel about it. But, even if she could hide it from others, she couldn't lie to herself.

She felt truly happy only when she was with Rufus.

That man might not be good at expressing himself, and was even a bit quiet sometimes, but little by little, he gave her a sense of security and warmed her heart, in a way no one else could. Rufus. Yes, it was Rufus who had been the sunshine in her life, and brought light into her soul.

Since she had sacrificed her true love for this marriage of convenience, she would not let others deprive her of her right to decide who she liked or to whom her heart really belonged.

Cassandra knew what she did after getting drunk that night was wrong, but she regretted about it no more.

Feeling miserable, she kept telling herself all the time that she must endure it—the shame, pain and humiliation—for the sake of the Qin family.

"Looks like you will not stop seducing other men if I don't make you my woman and satisfy your lust!" Lionel spat out, enraged.

Now Cassandra could no longer ignore the wickedness in his eyes. Her eyes popped out in fear as she sensed that the car filled up with danger.

"What are you doing, Lionel? Let go of me!"

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