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   Chapter 83 A Hard-working Woman

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In Cassandra's office, the Tang Group business went on as usual.

"This document is not specific enough. Please recollect the data and give it to me before you go off duty...

NIC, follow these cases. We must finish them and sign the contract before the alliance election. It's very important...

Give these materials to Mr. Luo.

And don't forget to let him sign on the contract..."

Across the sofa from Cassandra, Stella sat cupping her chin and looking at her with a sad face.

Though they were supposed to go to yoga together on their day off, Cassandra was just informed that she needed to work overtime, and their plan went up in smoke.

Almost pouting, Stella stared at the woman who immersed herself in work, wanting to be indulged even a little.

"Alas… I've never seen a woman work so hard…like you."

With a moan and shake of the head, Stella leaned back against the sofa in disappointment.

Her words amused Cassandra at once, she raised her head to find that Stella was bored to death.

"I've never heard of a public relations manager urging her colleague to loaf on the job," she teased with a playful smile.

Upon hearing this, Stella suddenly sat up straight and pretended to look dignified.

"Manager Qin, I apologize for what I've said. I hope you enjoy your work and don't need any time to relax and find a boyfriend."

Cassandra's heart sank upon hearing the term, 'boyfriend.' She thought in her heart, 'So Stella still doesn't know I've married Lionel…

We have been very close yet I keep her in the dark. What if she knows my real identity? Could we still joke like this?'

Feeling disheartened at such thoughts, her smile gradually faded as she lowered her head and went back to work.

'I have a sister who doesn't believe me and a mother who treats me like a tool. My husband…we are a couple only in name. Although I have a best friend, I can't tell her everything about me.'

Noticing that Cassandra lowered her head again, Stella was in a fret.

"I'm so bored that I'm about to fall asleep."

Without facing her, Cassandra beamed.

"I'll have someone prepare you a cup of coffee."

At the offer, Stella stood up and refused with a wave of a hand.

"Never mind, I can do it myself. It's kind of like my exercise."

Looking up at her friend, Cassandra nodded with a faint smile.

"Make a cup for me too. I prefer extra sugar please. The coffee bean tastes so bitter."

Replying with a gesture, Stella left the office and headed to the tea room.

Only Stella was in the room until a voice called out suddenly as she

looked like a couple that came out of a movie.

Shaking her head furiously to stop her from getting ahead of herself, Stella pursed her lips. 'What am I doing? They're both single, so it's natural if they like each other. I don't need to overthink it.'

Taking a sip of her coffee, she realized it was so bitter that she almost cried out.

To dilute the bitterness, she intended to pour some more sugar into it when she remembered that Victor had just taken away the last packet of sugar.

With vague sadness, she recalled the moment when she first saw Victor. 'He looks like a tree when he stands next to Rufus…so why couldn't he speak even a word before me?

An ineloquent man with a handsome face and warm hands…'

There was no stopping Stella's mind from thinking about the man.

'My God! Have I fallen in love with him? What's wrong with me?'

Getting overwhelmed with such emotion, Stella shocked herself with her own idea and tried to sweep it away. 'No, it's impossible. I can't fall in love with such a fool.

I have to stop thinking about him!'

Taking a final gulp of the coffee, she clenched the disposable paper cup in frustration.

'Stella! It's a good day outside. You should take a walk instead of wasting time here.

In fact, it should be a good thing if Cassandra starts dating Victor.'

After thinking firmly to herself and making a decision to get over the fact, she left Cassandra a message and headed out of the building. After the little episode in the tea room, Stella thought she should take the Yoga class alone.

Meanwhile, Cassandra was having a taste of Rufus's coffee. A cup of freshly brewed coffee was the best gift for the woman who had been working hard all morning.

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