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   Chapter 82 The Enigmatic Boss

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It wasn't until Rufus left her alone that Cassandra closed her eyes and drifted off into sleep. When she recalled Rufus's promise, her face lit up with happiness. It was a good thing that the Tang family's drama didn't ruin the night.

As Cassandra lapsed into deep sleep, dreams filled her head. The peaceful night was pressing up against the windows and around her, held at bay by the marvels of modern life.

In the reception room of Dawn Star Group, Arthur was waiting for someone.

The Union of Real Estate of G City was about to be established. At present, their strongest competitor for the Director of the Union was Tang Group.

Dawn Star Group developed rapidly under Arthur's leadership. Although known for his gentle and cultivated image, Arthur was a sly man and never shied away from playing tricks and resorting to every conceivable means.

Poaching employers and customers from his rivals was a cinch and second nature for him. Given the current situation, he was already working on an even bigger plan.

The door of the reception room swung open and Arthur's assistant Nana entered gracefully, followed by several men clad in suits and leather shoes.

In front was a man in his thirties—handsome, tall, and cool.

Given his demeanor, Arthur thought that he must be the Jasper Li he was supposed to meet today.

Jasper Li was the CEO of the world-renowned TY Securities, which was hailed as one of the most profitable securities companies in the world, and also established the TY Group. In recent years, the group had been even engaged in various industries aside from finance, including entertainment, catering, film and television investment, and luxury goods sales.

However, all the buzz was on its enigmatic chairman.

Being the CEO of TY Group as well, Jasper was in charge of all affairs of the group. But it was the chairman who had the final say when it came to implementation of decisions.

Neverthelesshe the chairman's age and gender remained a mystery to the general public. Rumors said that he came from home and worked overseas before owning the group.

TY Group was quickly able to gain an impressive reputation abroad. In the past two years, it began to develop its business in the country, having even invested in several movies allowing them to garner good box office and reputations.

Because news traveled fast, TY Group quickly went public. Everyone was aware that it was wealthy and fully reinforced as well. Its wealth, making people in business click their tongues in envy, was only the tip of an iceberg.

Dawn Star Group was now in the ascendant, but it was difficult to move up further as it needed abundant funding for its projects. This greatly restricted the company's development.

In a meeting with his clients, Arthur inadvertently learned that TY Group planned to enter the domestic real estate market, first targeting locations in G City. Finding a reliable partner was crucial for the group's success.

As a newcomer, the foreign enterprise had to work twice as hard to cooperate with a leading enterprise in G City.

resolute rectification measures, undertaking several big projects, and even putting the establishment forward as a commercial alliance. All his actions put him in the spotlight for a period of time.

Cassandra, Tang Group's design manager, couldn't be underestimated either. When she won the last bidding, Arthur was beyond pissed off but had to pretend to admire her.

Given all those conditions, Arthur was well aware that he wasn't born into an ideal family status. With this, he knew that he had to eat dirt to make a real difference. In his eyes, people were either useful or useless. Admiring anyone was no option.

With a vengeful heart, he swore to defeat all the people who looked down on him.

In the current situation, however, Jasper Li was forcing him to make a choice.

Having to choose between the cooperation with TY Group and the position of the Director of the Union which he had striven for all that time, he could hardly make up his mind.

Seeing that Arthur was feeling embarrassed and indecisive, Jasper stood up, still keeping his poker-face.

"Mr. Zhuang, I know it's an agonizing decision to make. You need time to mull it over. If you make up your mind within the week, have your assistant contact us. If we don't receive any reply from you, we will find another partner."

Although Arthur put on a polite smile, there was a hint of bitterness to it. As a courtesy, he stood up and bid Jasper Li and his men goodbye.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Li. I have to go back and discuss the matter with my father. The cooperation with you is very important to us as a milestone for our group's development. I can't make the decision alone."

Nodding in understanding, Jasper headed out of the building. As he drove away, Arthur took out his handkerchief and wiped away the sweat trickling down his forehead.

Jasper Li was truly intimidating. Even Arthur had to admit it as he tried to hide his feeling of inferiority in front of the overbearing man.

Having met such a character, Arthur wondered what kind of boss he was working for.

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