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   Chapter 81 Clear Everything Out Of Your Way

The Enchanted Night By Changdu Characters: 12369

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Beads of sweat formed on Ivy's forehead. 'She must be in terrible pain, ' Lionel thought. His body was with Ivy, but his mind drifted away to what had happened earlier today.

In the serious conversation he had with his father today, Lionel felt that his father was deeply disappointed with him. The way he talked showed that he had a clear preference for Rufus. His father's words kept on echoing on his mind, and he couldn't fall asleep.

When Ivy finally dozed off to sleep, Lionel felt he needed some fresh air and went to the yard for a smoke. The cold breeze comforted him and eased some of his stress. He enjoyed the tranquility of the moment and stayed a little longer.

On his way back to the mansion, he happened to run into Cassandra who just came down the stairs. The moment he caught a glimpse of Cassandra, he was astonished. Even in the dark, her face was fresh and the nightgown she was wearing showcased her delicate curves. Her black flowing hair extended through her back like a stream steadily flowing through her eloquent shoulders. There was something about her that was so alluring. Never had Lionel imagined that the same woman he looked down on could stir his desire at that instant. He wanted to feel the warmth her body, the softness of her lips, and the smoothness of her skin.

Then he stopped recalling about Cassandra and thought about Ivy's condition. He knew that the baby in her belly was the most valuable chip he had to bargain his worth. If anything happened to Ivy and the baby...

Clearing all those thoughts away, he focused himself on walking briskly to the yard with Ivy in his arms.

Jill was following closely, and she was meticulous enough to take a blanket and cover that on Ivy.

"Be careful!" Jill reminded Lionel while he carried Ivy to the car.

They went straight to the Jenks's hospital. Lionel was tense and out of his breath. He cared for Ivy and her baby as well.

Ivy was immediately registered and was then made to go through a few checkups, and check for the fetal heartbeat. Once the doctor cleared all suspicions of possible problems with regards to Ivy and her child, Lionel heaved a sigh of relief. It was only then that the series of events went back to him and he started to express his frustration.

"Why did you go downstairs in the middle of the night? The light was not even on! You were lucky that nothing serious happened. What if you got a miscarriage? How are we going to deal with that?"

Ivy had been working hard to stay calm and patient as she went from one test to another. The last thing she expected Lionel to do was to scold her. Soothing words were what she needed right now. With a pang of annoyance, she complained, "Sure, it was me who went downstairs in the middle of the night. You were out too, weren't you?"

Lionel's eyebrows met as he tried to decipher what Ivy was conveying and it did not take him long. He suddenly realized that what happened was not an accident. Ivy staged it intentionally. She knew what would happen if she let Lionel continue his move with Cassandra. Ivy created such havoc to cut Lionel's desires short.

The moment he had this realization, he immediately let go of Ivy's hand and his confusion turned to rage.

"You must know your place. You are part of the Tang family only because you are carrying my child. Cassandra is my wife!" he roared angrily.

Ivy was stunned. Lionel had always been gentle to her. Now, she could barely recognize her lover with his monstrous expression and harsh words.

Fury and jealousy rose in her heart. She thought, 'How could he do this? He promised to love me and no one else but me.'

"You told me to wait for you. You promise

ecome a powerful and outstanding young man to his wish. However, his achievements were not enough to shut the mouths of some people who disdained his shameful identity.

If she unveiled to the family about the relationship she had with him, it would surely ruin all his efforts.

Lionel would be going to make a huge mess out of it. And what would Horace think about Rufus?

Horace had appointed Rufus as the CEO of Tang Group because of his ability and talent. If such a huge barrier existed between Rufus and his dear son Lionel, would he still trust Rufus as he was trusting him now?

For reasons known to her, Cassandra kept her tongue pulled to keep the secret and was ready to accept her fate. Luckily, tonight there was a turn of events and Lionel left. She was saved.

Cassandra tightened her embrace and tears began to well up in her eyes. She wished time would stop ticking and the moment with Rufus would last forever.

She didn't know why she ended up in such a situation. Her body and her spirits were confined in this cold castle which was surrounded by thorns. As much as she wanted to break out, she couldn't.

What she didn't know was that the near miss she had with Lionel wasn't a stroke of sheer luck at all. Rufus had kept an eye on her throughout the night. Having seen Lionel entering her room late that night, he climbed over the wall and knocked on the window of Ivy's room to wake her up. And then the story continued from there.

As for Spiderman… When he was living abroad, Rufus was an extreme sports lover. Rock climbing was one of his favorite outdoor activities. Compared to the steep cliffs he had climbed, the wall of the Tang family mansion was way too easy. It wasn't a challenge for him at all.

Lowering his head slightly to kiss Cassandra's smooth forehead, Rufus whispered in a determined voice, "Don't be afraid. I'm here. I will clear everything out of your way."

Cassandra's eyes widened as she lovingly gazed at Rufus's resolute face. Her soul seemed to start drifting away.

Those words were the sincerest words she had heard for her entire life. Those were lovely words—words of love, words of comfort, words of protection, and words from the man she loved. Cassandra was contented and exuberantly happy.

She couldn't feel the cold from Rufus's clothes anymore. The warmth they shared melted all her worries away.

Cassandra felt that as long as she was in Rufus's arms, nothing could bother her.

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