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   Chapter 80 An Opportunity To Get Pregnant

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 9299

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If men were likened to animals, Rufus would definitely be a cheetah.

A cheetah was a master of stealth. It would hide in the jungle and wait silently. The moment it spoted its prey, it would attack and deliver a fatal blow.

Ivy could feel Rufus's coldness as they dined together. She did not dare to even look at him. Instead, she conversed with Jill as an attempt to ease her anxiety.

"Auntie, the world famous dress designer, Michelle Ling, is going to hold a charity auction in G City next week. There is this one dress that everybody seems to be talking about. Rumors say that it was worn by a princess in Europe before it was donated to Ling. The auction sounds fun. Would you like to go?" Ivy asked.

Jill smiled. Her eyes twinkled with excitement.

"Really?" she said. "I'd love to, but events like those are usually invite-only. I don't know Ling very well..." she said sadly.

Ivy gave Jill a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry. I have an invite! You can be my plus-one!" Ivy replied.

Jill knew that Ivy rubbed elbows with many influential people in the fashion and entertainment industry. Because of this, Jill got to attend fancy events and galas as well whenever Ivy would take her.

After getting married to Horace, Jill spent most of her time playing mahjong, or in the beauty salon talking to her friends about other rich women. It eventually started to bore her. When Ivy moved in, a new world opened up for her. Jill started to become exposed to the world of fashion. It almost made her feel young again.

Luxury brands, limited edition clothes, famous designers, fashion icons…Jill became obsessed with these things.

But then, something occurred to her.

"I haven't been to a charity auction before. Is there anything I should prepare myself for?" she asked, worried.

Before Ivy could answer, Horace furrowed his eyebrows in annoyance.

"Stay at home! You're not going anywhere! Ivy, you're pregnant. Why would you want to go to those places? There are lots of people there. What if you get hurt?!" he said.

Jill's face turned gloomy immediately. She looked forward to the auction. But because Horace didn't allow her to go, her excitement quickly turned to disappointment.

Ivy was embarrassed and didn't know how to react. Lionel tried to lighten up the mood, smiling, he said, "That's fine, father. I'll go with them. I'll take care of them. Nothing bad is gonna happen, I promise."

Hearing Lionel, Horace shook his head as he begrudgingly gave his consent. He didn't object anymore.

Rufus, who remained silent the whole time, seemed to realize something.

A charity auction? No wonder he couldn't see Michelle these days. She must be busy with the auction.

When Cassandra woke from her sleep, it was already midnight.

ild. It's not my place to interfere with their marital affairs.

If I did, Lionel might take Cassandra's side. What am I going to do then?'

Ivy was furious and jealous. Then, an idea came to her. She ran down to the living room, got a vase and threw it on the floor.

A loud noise filled the house as the ceramics scattered. Ivy, likewise, 'fell' on the floor.

The whole family woke.

Jill was the first one to come out of the bedroom to see what happened. She looked down to the living room from the third floor. When she saw Ivy surrounded by the pieces of the broken vase, Jill exclaimed, "Ivy! What happened? Are you okay?!"

She hurriedly rushed down towards the living room.

Ivy put her hands on her belly. She looked as if she was in so much pain.

"I… I couldn't find Lionel. So I came downstairs to look for him and accidentally broke the vase..." she explained.

Jill bent down and helped Ivy stand up. Then, she shouted.

"Lionel! Lionel! Where are you? Come here!" she called out.

In Cassandra's bedroom, she was completely backed to a corner being dominated by Lionel. She helplessly watched him go nearer and nearer with his lips getting closer to hers. The loud noise from the living room startled both of them.

Then, they heard footsteps and Jill's calls.

"Lionel! Come here!" she screamed.

Lionel punched the wall, annoyed. There is many a slip between the cup and the lip. He was that closed to get what he wanted.

He had to let go of Cassandra. Then Lionel turned around, opened the door and looked down at the living room.

Ivy was crying and Jill was anxious. There were ceramics and mud on the floor. Ivy seemed so frightened and in pain as she held her belly with her hands.

"What are you doing still standing there?! Call the driver! Take Ivy to the hospital!" Jill immediately instructed.

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