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   Chapter 75 Lusting For His Warmth

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Squinting slightly, Rufus turned to gaze upon Cassandra, lying on the sickbed with a strange flush covering her cheek.

Suddenly standing up with his tall and strong figure, Rufus responded in his deep and velvet voice, "Yes, she's my wife."

Upon hearing this, the doctor's expression turned colder, and displeased with the man's lack of care for his own spouse.

"What are you doing? Do you have any idea how long she stayed in the wind and snow? Why didn't you stop her? She's barely wearing enough clothes for the weather! Even if you quarreled with her, you should, at the very least, pay attention to her health. She's too weak with a low blood pressure. It's so cold outside that she can't stand it at all."

Being the rather strong and intimidating figure he was, Rufus had never been blamed and chastised by others, much less a woman, in such a harsh tone. Faced with the blame the doctor placed on him, though, he was not angry at all.

In the doctor's eyes, Cassandra and Rufus were merely a young and carefree couple, making it easy to put the blame on him.

"When will she wake up?"

Without commenting on her scolding, Rufus didn't say anymore as he just wanted to know of Cassandra's physical state.

With a roll of her eyes, the doctor tapped the case folder to show him.

"Look at this case! The diagnoses and treatments are all recorded online now. Looking at her hospital admission records, she's been hospitalized with a fever so often in the past six months. She gets sick so easily. And now, seeing you, her husband…I'm curious about how you take care of her. Her physical condition is poor. When she gets discharged and return home, you need to nurse her body very carefully. I can't emphasize enough how you need to pay attention to her physical state. You need to be vigilant in taking care of your wife's health. After all, she's so weak that the wind could practically blow her over," the doctor explained reproachfully.

In the midst of the little sermon, a nurse came in and went to the doctor in a hurry.

"Doctor, the patient in bed 27 on the 7th floor vomited again. The doctor on duty is asking you to have a look!"

Upon hearing the news, the doctor quickly signed the current diagnosis and hung it on the bedside table. Even as she turned away and followed the nurse out, her grumble could be heard from far away.

"There is no need for the patient in bed 27 to hurt himself. Even if his family doesn't come to see him, he should know enough to take good care of himself. I've tried to persuade him a number of times, but he kept refusing my advice. Goodness! I wonder what's going on in the heads of young people now..."

After she left, Rufus simply stood next to Cassandra wearing a gloomy expression as he looked at her, who was passed-out with her eyes closed shut. Faced with such a situation, Rufus had no idea how to make her regain consciousness as soon as possible, so he only stared at her with a worried expression.

Standing beside her sickbed, Rufus thought about how little attention he had paid to Cassandra, since she'd been to the hospital so often. A trace of remorse sparked in his heart.

Although she was in a coma, Cassandra slept uneasily.

Her body shook from time to time - her face twisting into a frown and the sweat trickling down her forehead, as if she was being plagued by a nightmare.

All the while, Rufus held her hands, bringing them up to cup his face so that he could warm them up. Still, her hands remained icy cold.

"Cassandra, I'm here. Don't be afraid. I will always be with you." His deep voice was soothing.

Regardless of Rufus' words of comfort, Cassandra still suffered the nightmare.

Having stayed up late to take care of her, Rufus's eyes had already turned red. By midnight, her fever turned even more severe than earlier. Being worried about her condition, Rufus abruptly grabbed the arm of a nurse passing by.

"Where is the doctor? She's been passed out for such a long time, why hasn't she woken up yet?"

Unsurprisingly, a flush crept into the nurse's face as she looked at the handsome man who grabbed her.

"I'll find the doctor for you," she whispered.

Upon saying it, the nurse shyly walked away. After a short while, she came back with a doctor, who happened to be the one checking up on Cassandra earlier.

Before Rufus could say anything, the doctor examined Cassandra immediately and chattered again, "Her fever has gone up to 39.5 degrees. It's not easy to bring down a hig

sed, her face turned red and got more and more flushed.

It was when Cassandra finished speaking that Rufus understood her behavior. 'It's no wonder it looked like she was trying to say something earlier…' he thought.

It's really no big deal if she could just directly tell me she wants to go to the bathroom…'

Suddenly, the two heard a sound from inside the ward. Splash! A middle-aged woman next to Cassandra's bed was having breakfast.

Apparently, upon hearing what Cassandra had said, she spit out and sprayed the food from her mouth.

With the woman's reaction, Rufus looked rather flushed and was at a loss for what to do so Cassandra wouldn't feel embarrassed. After clearing his throat awkwardly, he murmured to her softly, "Uh…do you want me to come with you?"

Cassandra's eyes were full of frustration and glassy with tears as if she was about to cry. Shaking her head hurriedly, she thought, 'Every time…every time I'm in trouble, he's by my side.

Even when I need to go to the toilet, he would want to accompany me.'

"Then why are you waiting, just go quickly then," Rufus said hastily.

Reaching his large hands out to stroke her long hair, he reveled in the feeling. Raising his brows, he was rather amused.

'What a silly woman you are. There's no need for you to ask my permission to go to the bathroom, ' he thought.

Slowly, Cassandra got out of the sickbed. As soon as her feet touched the floor, she felt week at her knees, wobbling and barely able to stay upright. Seeing her struggle, Rufus quickly went to support her waist with worry flashing across his handsome face.

"You're such a silly woman," he said with a light chuckle.

Raising his lips, he suddenly reached his arms behind her knees and picked her up with ease as soon as he made his remark. Ignoring others' eyes, whether full of awe or judgment, he carried her to the restroom.

"Woah! Rufus, what are you doing? Hurry and put me down!"

Cassandra's face was clearly flushed as she clenched her thin hands, unsure of where to put them. After some struggle, she finally gave in and let them rest on his chest. Her burning cheeks made her feel a little light headed.

Completely ignoring Cassandra's complaints, Rufus simply strode towards the bathroom.

"Shut up. You talk too much," all he murmured.

Though she opened her pink lips as if to say something, Cassandra couldn't utter a word. Lying in his arms, Cassandra inhaled his unique scent, calming herself down, almost like a kitten. As she closed her beautiful eyes, her lips curled naturally into a sweet smile while she savored the feeling.

'Earlier, my heart didn't feel so open…I was even a bit cold, maybe, but what Rufus has done for me keeps warming my heart over and over again, ' she thought.

In truth, Cassandra wanted to relish in the feeling of being in his arms for as long as she could. If she was to be completely honest with herself, she had to admit that she absolutely lusted after his scent and warmth.

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