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   Chapter 74 The Smile In Distress Is The Bitterest

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So can you tell me what kind of animal is a deer?

The encyclopedia says, The deer is an even-toed ungulate. They are mammals that belonged to the Cervidae family. Typical characteristics among deers include long, powerful legs, a diminutive tail, and etc. The males tend to be larger than the females, generally, and in most species, only males possess antlers. There is a wide diversity of deers and according to legends, those deers pulling Santa Claus' sleigh are called elks.

He was beginning to entertain the idea that Cassandra was more like a deer, and he found it interesting. Yet he was at a loss of words to comment.

On the back of his mind, he searched for images of the deer he had seen and looked at Cassandra at the same time. Doing so made his perception even stronger, indeed Cassandra resembled a deer—a graceful and elegant one.

Drowned by the noise of the bustling crowd, he raised his voice and shouted out to Cassandra, "See you later! Miss Deer!"

Without turning back, Cassandra placed her hands on her head, imitating the antlers of a deer.

Her silly respond caused him to draw a sweet smile. Looking down at the business card, he couldn't help but keep on repeating her name on his mind, "Cassandra Qin, Cassandra..."

Cassandra, on the other hand, didn't look back, as her tears had begun to streak down her delicate face.

She didn't like the idea of crying in front of a stranger. The tears came so suddenly and so unexpected that all she wanted was to be somewhere far from that place.

Having such a shallow tears, she cried at the thought of the deer. She had once watched a documentary about deers.

In the documentary, deer usually inhabited the vast forest.

As beautiful and mild as they were, they were timid but alert at all times.

Poaching the deer's coat had endangered majority of its species. In order to get the deer's beautiful fur, poachers exerted a variety of extremely brutal means.

The most brutal one was to take advantage of the deer's kindness.

The poachers would first hunt a fawn or a baby deer so as to lure the adult deer they wanted to kill. The fawn would serve as the bait to catch the bigger deer.

The deer would be allowed to come near the fawn before finally shot to death.

Cassandra closed her eyes to stop the tears from falling, yet the tears won't stop.

Her heart sympathized the deer. Just like a helpless deer, she was set up by her own sister.

The fawn this time was so dear to her that the moment she caught sight of it, she immediately drew near. She had no idea that there were poachers lurking around the corner waiting to shoot her.

Yet for the deer, its death would be simpler. Whilst on Cassandra's case it was more complicated. The fawns laid in front of her gave her no choice. They all lead to certain death.

She had no options - she was forced to live with Grace Zhang in the small town when she was young; sadly when she grew into a lovely lady, she had to marry Lionel who she didn't love, and become unexpectedly attached to Rufus in an affair, and worst of all, be deeply hurt by Cloris, her own sister.

Why on earth would all the betrayal and misery happen to her? What had she done to deserve all these?

Suddenly, a surge of nostalgia swept over her. She missed the seaside town badly. In that sparsely-populated small town, the salty sea wind kept her company over the whole span of her childhood. Whenever she dreamed of that place, she could always smell the salty tone of the seawater in the wind, as if calling her to come home.

Grace Zhang had passed away a couple of yea


She struggled and desperately got on her feet. She forced herself to take a step but flopped down on the ground. She fainted.

A silhouette of a man rushed over across the street towards her direction. He was wearing a long and black coat.

"Cassandra, wake up," he called her name anxiously.

But she gave no response. Her body felt cold and rigid all over.

Rufus had watched her across the street for a long time, so long that it felt like an eternity for him. He enjoyed the view of her at a distant, she resembled a priceless masterpiece worthy of adoration.

Just as the thickening snow obscured his vision. Unable to see her face clearly, he could still sense her pain and sorrow.

She did sit in the icy wind for quite a long while, not knowing the consequences it might cause her.

Rufus, in his car, smoked the cigarette one after another to keep himself calm.

He was confused whether he should go over to her or just get away from her. He thought about the incident yesterday, she was such a stubborn girl that she didn't even glance back.

He had wanted to have a word with her in his office, but she evaded him by an excuse. To make sure that she was safe, he had to tag along.

The sight of the stormy snow blowing over her delicate and pale face covered by ice-cold tears broke his heart.

He was hopefully longing to stand in front of her, to hold her shoulders to pull her reasons back, to command her to stop putting herself up with the sufferings, to stop fearing, to assure her that he would protect her forever, as long as she was willing to be his woman...

But hesitation won over him. His eyes darkened, at the thought of his mother's photo on the tombstone, and his vow before her grave.

However, seeing her fainting down, he couldn't contain his feelings anymore, jerked open the door of his car and rushed over to help her up.

Holding Cassandra in his arms, it was the first time that Rufus panicked this way. He carried her to the car and drove hastily to the nearest hospital. He didn't step on the brakes even when the traffic lights turned red.

In the hospital, they had Cassandra's body temperature and blood pressure measured, and her blood samples drawn...

After a series of inspections, Cassandra was sent to the emergency ward for observation.

Viewing the medical record, the doctor asked Rufus in a cold tone, "Is she your wife?"

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