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   Chapter 71 The Dress Disaster

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In this world, there are a thousand things that can bring pain:

a sharp object like a knife that lacerate through flesh; a bullet from a gun that end a life; and forces of nature that wreak havoc upon humanity…

But nothing is more dangerous than a sinister mind. Evil is indifferent to appearances, and when it lurks underneath pure, beautiful skin, it becomes twice as deceptive.

Cloris's fingers closed over a small pair of scissors as she stood behind her sister. She clutched the handles with determination. In one swift, clandestine motion, a piece of lace was cut from her sister's beautiful dress.

It was barely holding on, and threatened to snap any moment.

An eerie smile flashed on her painted lips before morphing into one of her sweeter ones, the one that charmed people and had men running to fulfill her every whim. It was a very convenient facade indeed. No one could have discovered the malicious tilt of her eyes as she waited.

She had taken the time to carefully study the dress. The piece of lace that she had damaged held the upper and lower parts in place. Once it was broken, the dress would break apart from the waist.

Cassandra would definitely become the center of unwanted attention if her dress caused a blunder at this event.

Nothing would save her from judging eyes. They would feast on the sight of her and tear her skin off piece by piece until nothing was left of her reputation.

They say clothes make the man, but after tonight, Cassandra would be destroyed by these fabrics. With these thoughts in mind, a wicked sense of fulfillment rose in Cloris.

'Cassandra, don't blame me for being cruel. You're being too ambitious, stealing the spotlight every time. You need to have a taste of humiliation!' Cloris thought spitefully as she looked at Cassandra.

Her sister was refining her make-up in front of the mirror, powdering her beautiful face innocently and ignorant of Cloris's plans.

"You look really beautiful tonight, Cassandra," she said sweetly. Yes, her sister looked beautiful, and she could hardly wait to see her lovely features twist into shock and despair later. She would surely savor the image of a devastation on Cassandra's face. As they walked out of the restroom, she let Cassandra go out first and stealthily threw the scissors into the trash bin. Cassandra was none the wiser.

A cold expression dawned on Cloris's face, giving her eyes a cruelty that was impossibly wrong on such a beautiful face.

Who could ever have imagined that a girl such as her, blooming like a flower, had poison in her veins? Her beautiful eyes were scalding in their malice.

"Cloris, let's go find Arthur. I have a plan to discuss with him," Cassandra said to her young sister. At once, Cloris's expression morphed back into practiced pleasantness.

Cassandra remembered that Rufus mentioned his plan of pursuing a real estate company alliance, which would promote the joint development of real estate companies in G City. Arthur headed one of the major real estate companies. This event would be a good opportunity to discuss plans with him.

The two sisters walked back towards the hall, oblivious of Victor's watchful eyes from the dark.

He stalked to the trash bin where Cloris had secretly disposed of the scissors. Pulling a handkerchief from his pocket, he picked them up and examined.

There were tiny blue fibers caught at the blades, the same as those of Cassandra's dress.

felt more at ease.

Victor watched her silently with curious eyes, wondering what was going on inside the woman's head.

Unable to decipher her thoughts from the quick changes in her face, he finally decided to open his mouth and ask, "Have you figured out how to deal with this? What's the plan?"

Stella rolled her eyes at Victor and said, "Don't worry. Watch and learn."

As they stepped into the hall, Stella took out a pair of black-rimmed glasses from her bag and put them on. The glasses had the desired effect, making her look more serious.

It was as if a switch had been turned on. Now, in place of the casual air around her from a few seconds ago was a professional and mature aura. Her shoulders were squared as she stood a little straighter. Victor was impressed with the sudden change.

She walked confidently into the stage, wearing a cordial smile. Then she spoke into the microphone, "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. The Tang Group would like to extend our warmest welcome to each and everyone of you. It is an honor to be the host of this year's party. I am Stella, the spokesperson of the company. On behalf of our president, Mr. Horace Tang, and our CEO Mr. Rufus Luo, I would like to welcome and thank you all for coming!" She spoke clearly and steadily, and her presence commanded everyone's attention.

All eyes were on her. Conversations were brought to a temporarily halt as they listened to her remarks, then an applause sounded as she finished her speech.

Stella accepted the sound of claps and smiled brightly at the audience.

She had always been a good speaker. Years of debate competitions served her well at this time.

Proceeding without a script, she continued to speak, summing up a bit of history, and concluding with optimism for the future of the companies and businesses. Once again, the hall echoed with applause, and the party moved on smoothly.

Victor watched Stella, awestruck and visibly impressed.

She had proven him wrong. At first glance, Stella looked like any other lively girl who had just graduated from her college and those who were around her age who were always laughing and did not take anything seriously.

Now, seeing her confidently speak in front of all these people, calm and graceful… Victor saw her with new eyes.

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