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   Chapter 69 Rufus’s Capable Assistant

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Cold sweats were running down Cassandra's forehead. She didn't know what to do considering that she was the center of attraction and everyone was staring at her. She stood awkwardly alone on the rostrum with her face as pale as the bare walls. Obviously, there was something wrong with her.

Arthur knitted his eyebrows in confusion and anxiously leaned back in his chair.

"What's going on with her?" he tilted his head to his assistant and asked.

His assistant, however, just shrugged his shoulder because he had no idea what was happening. Judging from their previous experiences in doing businesses with the Tang Group, they had witnessed what Cassandra was capable of and they dared not to underestimate her.

They had come and prepared for whatever Cassandra had in store for them, but now it seemed that it was the other way around. Something wrong was happening to her.

Rufus sensed the oddity in the way Cassandra held the flash disk on her clenched fist. He stood up without any hesitation, walked to the organizers and whispered something to them.

He was planning to ask them to give Cassandra another thirty minutes. That would buy Leo some time to go back and fetch a backup copy. He was surprised when Cassandra had braced herself and snapped back right away.

She waved up the flash disk for everyone to see and slowly explained her tight spot.

"It seemed that my flash disk has decided to leave me hanging alone, and it's not good timing," she spoke in no hurry as she shrugged her shoulders with a helpless expression on her face.

Everyone present in the room smiled at her frankness.

"The reason I bought this flash disk was that it got the coolest, most attractive, and had the most unique appearance amongst all the products of the same brand, but it turned out that it didn't serve its purpose. It has a nice appearance but of little use," she continued.

The room was filled with laughter.

Rufus straightened his back and fixed his eyes on Cassandra interestingly.

He was curious about what she would say next.

Then, she changed the topic.

"When I was a little girl, I thought that the most important thing in a certain design was an attractive appearance, but the longer I worked in this industry and the more I learned, the better I understand that the final purpose of design is practicality. The utility should not be sacrificed on behalf of beauty," she narrated emotionally.

The audience she was speaking to was a group of experts when it came to design and architecture. Thus everyone seemed to get the implication of her statement as they nodded their heads in approval.

They had seen the designs of both Tang Group and Dawn Star Group in the past. The former was conservative and practical while the latter focused on the novel appearance. To cover up the unexpected emergency brought about by her broken flash disk, Cassandra compared and contrasted the two design plans taking the example of her own experience.

In the next few minutes, she briefly introduced her design and the reasons behind such a proposal.

Attracted by her vivid introductions and the small incident earlier, all the attendees were absorbed in the picture she portrayed.

About ten minutes later, someone from the company gave Leo another flash disk and he handed it to Cassandra immediately. Finally, all the attendees were able to view a concrete example of the design plan.

It was a wonderful experience for them to see with their own eyes the things they heard slowly unfolding in front of them. They had been impressed by her description, and the pictures gave them another visual shock. They praised the design plan

ed to be Rufus assistant and not the 'assistant' that Arthur was implying.

On the other side of the city, Lionel received a call from Ivy, and she sounded excited.

"Honey, the doctor said that it's a boy!" she rambled on the other side of the phone.

Lionel suddenly felt exuberantly happy as if the horizons opened up for him. All this time he had wished and wanted for the baby to be a boy, and thankfully it had met his expectations. He thanked God for the favor, sincerely.

Being an excited father as he was, he couldn't help but tell his mother about Ivy's pregnancy. Jill was stricken dumb by the news and it took her a while to weigh things over and accept the fact that she would be a grandma.

Ever since Rufus returned, Lionel was almost invisible and no one paid any attention to him. Jill was so annoyed and Horace chose to stand by Rufus every time she and Rufus were in conflicts. She couldn't persuade herself to accept that truth.

Thus, when Lionel told her his plan of overpowering Rufus with Ivy's pregnancy, she agreed with him and thought that it was a good plan.

Despite their best-laid plan, Jill had her own worries. Cassandra was Lionel's lawful wedded wife but he was having an affair with Ivy even before their marriage. That would make Lionel the unfaithful husband.

"That sex video of you and that woman was played at the banquet last time, and it made your father felt humiliated. I don't think that he could accept her," she told Lionel her worries.

The excitement on Lionel's face was still blooming, and he was overwhelmed by the delight of kicking Rufus out of the Tang Group.

"Mother, please don't worry. We'll do things one step at a time. As long as Ivy can give birth to a boy, Father will favor me again. Remember how my grandpa valued him because you had me and all his other sons didn't have a baby boy," he comforted his mother.

Lionel's idea won over Jill, and they began discussing how to tell Horace. They believed that he would cherish Lionel's baby because this was his first grandchild. Cassandra, however, was their pain in the neck.

If Lionel was single and Ivy was pregnant with his baby, it would be easy for Ivy to marry him, but now things were complicated because Cassandra, Lionel's wife, was chosen by nobody but Horace himself. It would be impossible for Lionel to divorce her by his own will. They needed to think over a perfect plan for Horace to accept Ivy.

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