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   Chapter 67 I Am Married

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The exquisite gown was sure to catch everyone's attention. Cassandra was as calm as ever, looking at the mirror. Her beauty was breathtaking.

She politely nodded her head to the designer.

"Michelle, thank you so much. May I get my tailored dress?"

Michelle nodded in acknowledgment. She pointed to one of the inner rooms proudly.

"It's there in that room. Try it out and see."

Then she looked at Cloris, mildly curious.

"You are... ?"

Cassandra was about to introduce her sister to Michelle, but before she had a chance, Cloris extended her hand and introduced herself, "Nice to meet you, Michelle. My name is Cloris. I am the younger sister of Cassandra!"

To her surprise, Michelle didn't shake her hand. She just nodded, acknowledging Cloris in a half-hearted manner.

Cloris pulled her hand back in embarrassment. She was dreaming of connecting with this famous designer but got a flat-out rejection. She couldn't believe it, having been the center of attention all her life.

Cassandra had heard about how proud Michelle was. Now she had witnessed it in person. This side of Michelle was really unique from other people.

'If Rufus hadn't asked the favor from Michelle to customize my dress, I might have not even been able to see her.

But... How did Rufus get to know about Michelle?' Cassandra wondered.

Pulling herself back from the reverie, she spoke to break the awkward silence, "Cloris had heard about you a long time ago. She is an admirer of you! I have brought her to ask a favor from you. Could you help her select a gown to the wine party next week?"

Cassandra glanced at the luxuriant dresses hanging in the room, beaming with adoration.

"It is an honor to have the opportunity to wear a dress designed by you," she added.

Michelle looked at Cassandra from head to toe, then at Cloris, paused for a short while, and turned to retrieve a dress.

"If you are asking for a tailored one, it would take at least one month. It's impossible to make it this soon. So I will select one from my collection. This one should suit her style," Michelle explained, unemotionally.

The dress was full of Chinese symbols, with lace strips decorating the waist and the chest. It was both tidy and solemn.

Michelle gestured towards the fitting room and told Cloris, "Try it out first. I will see if I need to adjust anything."

Cloris happily took the gown and dashed to the fitting room.

Cassandra was now in a conundrum. 'If cus

e another request. It seemed more like an order rather than a request.

She nodded again without giving it a second thought. Then, winking her eyes intentionally, she put up a sly grin and spoke with her innocent voice, "Rufus, I am married..."

Upon hearing that, the hand around her waist suddenly tightened the grip, which made her scream out, "Ouch!"

Rufus had a look of sadistic pleasure, as if he was enjoying the reaction from Cassandra.

"Good that you know it hurts. I believe you know how to reject the invitations from others," he said.

Cassandra pouted, thinking to herself, 'Why does he always behave this way?'

"There's another thing. Your sister will be accompanying you. Just be careful.." Rufus randomly gave her a reminder out of a blue.

Nonplussed, Cassandra wondered, 'Be careful of what?'

Rufus didn't speak more, but just rubbed her head instead. After all, Cloris was Cassandra's own sister, who always had her trust. If she ever came to know that her kindness towards her sister was paid with jealousy rather than gratitude, she would surely be grief-stricken.

"Just be more cautious. Sometimes, the person who is the closest to you will be the one that hurts you the most," he reminded her again.

Michelle had told him about what she had discovered at her place today. The best he could do was to subtly remind her. He had no evidence, after all, to show that Cloris would carry out more sinister moves against Cassandra. The action of hers today was just a manifestation of jealousy and didn't cause any real harm.

However, if she dared hurt Cassandra in any way, he would certainly make her pay!

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