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   Chapter 66 Ice Queen

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Winter was coming, along with the howling north wind. A branch snapped off a tree in the wind, while another branch of the same tree showed no signs of weakness. In fact it seemed to have been strengthened by the fall of the other branch.

Tang Group was as same as the unaffected branch. Stable in the face of difficulties, the company had become better under Rufus's leadership.

It was time for most companies to invite bids in the winter and Rufus was not only winning bids in G City but also expanding and scaling up operations in other cities.

More and more of the projects also brought Cassandra and Rufus chances to work together.

'Rufus is charming when he's focused at work. He stands out from the crowd by his confidence and charisma. When he speaks at meetings…'

Cassandra shook her head to stop her train of thought. 'He is the last man I could fall in love with.'

Distracted, her thoughts wandered to Lionel, who rarely showed up in the company these days.

'It's a good thing, ' thought Cassandra, as she would have more time and motivation to work.

Beyond the question, Horace was satisfied with Rufus. Although it was the first stint for Rufus working with the Tang Group, he was quite able as a leader. Everyone looked up to him and believed he was someone worthy of staying at the helm of the company.

Going by how well the company was doing, Horace believed that Rufus was better suited than Lionel for leadership. In a short time, Rufus had come up with a new proposal for expansion - a move which would see the Tang Group diversify to other areas beyond real estate.

The increasingly busy schedule for Rufus however got Horace concerned that the young man might have little time to think about marriage.

"Rufus, there is a wine party next week," began Horace, careful in broaching the subject. "I think it's a great event for meeting young people of your age. Who knows, you could find yourself a wife at such events," he added, carefully watching Rufus's reaction.

As much as he could, Horace tried to keep the talk causal. Although he was being implicit, everyone at the table had realized what he meant.

Knowing that Ivy's tummy was getting bigger and bigger day by day, Lionel thought he had the game in his hands. 'I'll take her for an ultrasound scan. If it's confirmed to be a boy, I'll gain an advantage that could take me way ahead of Rufus.'

When she heard Horace's words, Cassandra slowed down, eating as if some invisible powerful claws had gripped on her heart.

But her sister, Cloris was excited. Right off the bat, she requested, "Uncle Horace, may I go to the party?"

Although Cloris' politeness had left a good impression on Horace, it was not enough for him to make the decision at once. In addition, although she hadn't made any terrible mistakes at work, her manager still rated her as impatient and lacking in creativity.

Horace knew

iting for you in this room." As directed, Cassandra opened the door and entered in, Cloris following closely after her.

All around they were awed by the collection of evening dress designs of every color and size imaginable!

There were also collections of lace, gauze, rhinestones, jewelry, gold and silver...

All expensive, fashionable accessories chased after by women filled a section of the room. Michelle really built a paradise for woman.

"I… I feel like I'm in a dream now…"

murmured Cloris.

Michelle Ling's dressing room was like a gigantic locker room filled with all luxury items that most women coveted.

However, Cassandra seemed calmer than Cloris. She was not obsessed with those dresses.

A woman with a svelte figure and long curly hair was scrutinizing a dress on a dummy with her arms crossed over the chest. When she heard the door opening, she turned around to see who was coming in.

Cassandra and Cloris were surprised by the woman's elegance.

Running a business empire with more than twenty years on the market, they hadn't expected her to be so stunning still. For her age, she was surprisingly graceful.

Her hair was black and full, styled into a beehive, with bangs at the front swept to the side and held in place with hairspray, giving her a very retro look. Her clear eyes sparkled with an oriental slant.

Her long and cute lashes flashed with enchantment.

In her early 40s, Michelle Ling could still pass for a younger lady in her 20s.

To complete her stunning looks, she was wearing a white suit that accentuated her graceful figure.

The aura of power around her made her look a little too official to get along with.

'Like an Ice Queen from Snow Country, ' Cassandra thought.

But when Michelle Ling put on a graceful smile and greeted them, Cassandra and Cloris felt they were relieved by the warmth of her tone.

"Welcome to my studio, Her Royal Highness Princess."

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