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   Chapter 65 Almost

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The candlelight quivered. The charming smile across Rufus's face made her face burn.

In the warm atmosphere, Rufus's question flickered through her mind. It seemed to carry more meaning than it appeared on the surface.

As she looked at him, the candlelight was reflected in her eyes, flickering with emotion.

She lowered her eyes and tried to hide how nervous she was feeling.

Rufus chuckled shortly and decided to drop the issue. He could see she was uncomfortable discussing it.

Cassandra focused on her steak. Rufus had cooked it to perfection, medium rare with just a hint of pink on the inside. When she lifted it to her lips she found it tender and succulent. She closed her eyes in delight and savored the taste.

He knew that Cassandra's birthday happened to be on the same day as the submission date of the proposal.

Rufus had asked Victor to prepare the table beforehand, and he had even taken the time to hire a baker - not to bake the cake for him, but to teach him how to do it himself. But the steak was his crowning achievement.

It seemed that his efforts had paid off. Rufus felt himself warm at the blissful look on Cassandra's face. This kind of satisfaction was different than the one he normally felt, better than excelling in the workplace or winning a bet.

Any one who knew him well would have their jaws dropped to the floor if they came to knowledge that he had done cooking and baking for a woman.

He doubted anybody would even recognize him now that he had taken off his business suit and tied an apron around his waist. 'Imagine if they see me washing dishes!' Rufus thought to himself.

It was clear that he had not done this many times before. Unsure of how to properly wash dishes, he sometimes let the plates slip from his hand.

Leaning against the kitchen door and watching him, Cassandra wasn't sure if she wanted to laugh or cry.

This seemed like a snapshot from the life she had always dreamed about.

She had dreamed about having a family life like this - eating together with her husband, cleaning up together afterwards, sharing the chores everyday.

When Rufus had finished, Cassandra decided to keep her promise.

"Alright, where should we watch the movie?" she asked.

She was a woman of her word, although, she had to admit, the lingering taste of the steak in her mouth might have had something to do with it.

Cassandra wondered if anyone else in the world had ever had the honor of having Rufus cook for them.

Rufus's eyes twin

ork separately, and barely interacted at home. It was only when Horace was present that they acted like a real couple. Only then would Lionel show affection toward his 'dear wife'.

That was strange! Way too strange!

And now today, Cassandra and Rufus had left together with the proposal. Determined to get to the bottom of this, Cloris had excused herself, and followed the pair.

She had been shocked to witness that, after leaving the hospital, Rufus had brought Cassandra to his cottage - and the two spent the night together!

Cloris was not na?ve. She knew what these signs all meant. The man that she loved was having an affair - with her own sister! Cloris felt rage rising up inside her. She wanted to lash out, punish them. For a moment she was tempted to reveal their secret.

But, she couldn't.

If Cloris unveiled their secret, Rufus would be defamed.

Her dream was to stand proudly beside Rufus, have them be the most important person to one another. She wanted her man to maintain his status and power, and for herself to share in it.

No...She would have to be cleverer than that. The pain that raged inside her unleashed a cruelty that she had never shown before. The innocence in her face was washed away with it. Cloris felt herself grow cold and vengeful.

Gnashing her teeth, she was engulfed by fury.

"Just you wait, Cassandra. I'll take your place in Rufus's heart, just as I took your place in the hearts of our parents!" she muttered.

Outside the car, the wind scraped a handful of dried eaves across the pavement. The streetlamp flickered and died. The car was engulfed in darkness.

The coldest winter ever was approaching…

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