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   Chapter 64 Cassandra, Happy Birthday

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Horace grew angrier when he saw the confused expression drawn on Lionel's face.

"Cassandra is not in a good shape, she's not feeling well. She must not be disturbed so that she can fully rest. So don't quarrel with her anymore! Do you understand?" asked Horace.

Lionel creased his eyebrows in confusion after hearing his father's demands.

He examined Cassandra closely, hoping to clear his confusions. Her face was a little pale, it could be that she had been having fevers frequently. Aside from that, she was perfectly fine. Maybe Cassandra had some disease they didn't know about.

Horace handed Lionel a medical record, the diagnostic proof of Cassandra's illness. Lionel examined and read the paper thoroughly. However, he was still confused.

"What is the meaning of these words?"

His eyes rolled around the room inquiringly. Finally, his eyes fell upon Jill. He was expecting that he would get an explanation from his mother.

Jill spoke with a crying voice. She explained everything to Lionel while sobbing.

After his mother's explanation was synced up, Lionel completely froze. His eyes were full of disbelief as he looked upon Cassandra's hopeless face.

He dreaded Cassandra, but couldn't help feeling sorry for her for having such condition. On the back of his brain, a ghastlier plan sufficed. 'So that means... the child inside Ivy's womb now would be the only grandchild of the Tang family?' he thought.

Lionel's pitiful heart towards Cassandra was replaced by joy after weighing the odds. He would be more troubled if he would carry out his original plan. Luckily for him, Cassandra got such kind of disease. It would be great for him as if the universe was working on his side. They only have to wait a few more months till Ivy would give birth to his baby. Then everything would be okay, everything would work according to his plan.

"That's okay, Cassandra. Just take a good rest. Anyways, we are still young, and it would be fine with me. We can have the baby after your disease is treated,"

Lionel pretended to comfort Cassandra, but deep inside his heart was an inexplicable joy. He rejoiced over Cassandra's misery.

Words of comfort from Lionel was all that Cassandra needed. She took the opportunity to make an innocent facial expression and said, "Sorry, Lionel...But don't worry. I... I'll take good care of myself."

Horace felt relieved and was happy to see that they were reassuring each other.

As the evening progressed, Cassandra went to rest in the guest room. Lionel did not force her to stay with him. It seemed that the crisis of baby-making had already passed.

The days after the news of Cassandra's disease, she went on with her usual routine and immersed herself in work.

Cassandra worked hard day and night. She was busy with all kinds of materials and design drawings. After all, this was the biggest project she had received since she entered the Tang Group. This was a big deal for her. And she was taking it seriously, leaving no stones unturned.

The design and the architectural layout were spearheaded by her. And she had never missed visiting the site every week to make sure that everything was aligned according to her plans.

It was a surprise for Jenks when he saw her design proposals. He was held in disbelief at the uniqueness and beauty of the drafts.

The architectural style was the post-modern style, which he liked a lot. Spaces were fully maximized and the exterior of the buildings was also striking.

The interior

th in surprise, not knowing what kind of expression she should show or what to say.

Today was her birthday. But no one remembered it except Rufus. She, herself, almost forgot her natal day.

Altogether, there were 22 candles on the cake. The soft glow of the candles brightened their hearts. It lightened Rufus smiling face while Cassandra couldn't help her tears from falling.

Tears trickled down from her beautiful eyes. Her nose suddenly turned red and her heart melted with gratitude.

"Thank you so much, Rufus."

Cassandra was overjoyed. Today was a good day for her. She successfully led Jenks to sign with Tang Group. And now, she was celebrating her birthday with a birthday cake. Although there were only the two of them and not so many people were present to congratulate her, she still felt very glad.

The busy work made her forget her birthday. But how did Rufus know that?

"Silly girl, why are you crying? There is nothing to cry about. Come on, make your wish!" said Rufus in a big smile.

Cassandra nodded tearfully. She closed her eyes and started making wishes on her mind.

Rufus's eyes turned deep as he looked on her innocent face. Under the candlelight, she glowed so beautifully, exuding a luminescent radiance that attracted Rufus even more.

The flickering candle was like his unsteady heartbeats. He was curious about what she had wished for and whether it had anything to do with him.

Cassandra slowly opened her eyes and blew out the candles.

Rufus made the dinner himself. He prepared the steaks and opened a bottle of wine he had treasured for years.

The rich fragrance of the dark red wine was enticing as Rufus poured some into their wine glasses.

"Rufus, cheers! Thank you for the surprise!"

Cassandra boldly lifted the glass and drank all the wine in one big gulp. Rufus burst out laughing.

"How could you drink the wine like water? Do you always act like that? No wonder you were so drunk the night when we were in Rome."

Hearing him mentioning about that night, her mind went back to the moment when they were entangled together. She did not know if it was because of the wine or the memories between them, her face turned red.

Rufus was satisfied to see her speechless.

He tasted the wine triflingly and asked, "Aren't you going to say something about my wine?"

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