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   Chapter 63 Cassandra’s Disease

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Surely, this was a case of sense over sensibility.

Cassandra was still weak which was why Rufus reminded himself to treat her better, thinking anything less than normal behavior would hurt both her health and her heart.

Neither did he want to be bitten again so he decided not annoy her anymore.

As he stepped outside the bathroom after a long bath, Rufus saw the her lying on the sofa, fast asleep already.

He stared at her sweet face, looking so serene in her sleep it made him smile.

Perhaps, she was dreaming. What could she be dreaming of? Maybe, him? He couldn't help wondering like a teenager.

Gently, he picked her up in his arms and put her to bed. He kept his arms wrapped around her waist and held her against his warm body.

She purred comfortably, and turned on her side, snuggling into his chest.

If only she could remain this way...

Soon, Rufus closed his eyes, enjoying the calm he felt.

With the first rays of the sun, the sky was clearing up after the heavy rain.

Sunlight shone brilliantly, reflecting off the ground, making its way into the room. Cassandra got woken by a single dazzling ray that fell right into her eyes, peeking from behind the curtains.

Her sleepy eyes cracked open and caught sight of Rufus's gentle gaze stuck on her face.

"Good morning, Sleeping Beauty!" he said, softly.

He'd been watching her for a long time, eyes filled with adoration. To him, she looked beautiful even while she drooled like a kid in her sleep.

He'd even taken a picture of her sneakily, snickering at the photo for a while afterwards.

Even in his dreams, he couldn't imagine himself to treat another woman so gently and patiently.

Cassandra was still drowsy and groggy. She had no memory of what had happened last night in the rain.

"What? Don't you remember anything? The passion with which you attacked me last night? Has your memory drifted away with the rain?

He teased her, amused at her panicked expression.

She racked her brains to recall what had happened and it didn't take long for her to realise she was being pranked.

Cassandra glared at him but upon meeting his gentle and affectionate gaze, her own anger melted. She didn't know in what manner was she supposed to look back at him.

"You put on my clothes, leaving me no choice but to wear no clothes and had me fighting the temptation to touch you the whole night. How will you make it up to me?"

Cassandra slapped the hand he had on her jokingly but was shocked by a sudden shriek.

Damn! It was his right hand, wrapped in gauze. Her face changed immediately, overcome with guilt and concern.

"I am so sorry, I totally forgot about your hand." she murmured apologetically.

But then in a flash, it occurred to her she was the one being joked upon this entire time. Her defence was justifiable and there was no need for her make the apology.

Annoyed, it dawned upon her how she wasn't herself whenever around him.

Realizing she had better distance herself from someone who made her feel so small about herself, Cassandra got up and rushed into the bathroom to change. Her own

The mark of that affair was so deep in Horace's heart, he shook with anger at the memory of it.

"Whenever I tried to discipline him, you always took his side, crying you would die for your son. And I am the one not taking responsibility? You better reflect on yourself first," he said, slamming the table.

Cassandra and Cloris looked at each other awkwardly while Rufus looked nonchalant, listening silently.

In comparison to all the stories he knew about Lionel, this bringing-girl-home affair was simply nothing.

Even though Cassandra was Lionel's wife only in name, this was still a little embarrassing for her.

On the other hand, Cloris reassured herself for being in love with Rufus, who shared no characteristics with Lionel.

Just then, Lionel stepped into the living room.

Immediately, he noticed her mother's red, wet eyes. He could imagine what might have transpired.

"So you finally got back? I couldn't get through to you last night, especially because it was raining so heavily. Cassandra always calls me if she is working overtime and isn't coming back for dinner. Why not you?" Horace said, at the verge of thundering at him.

Lionel had spent the entire day with Ivy the previous day, but he dared not mention it at the time. If he did, it would surely lead him to a reprimanding.

"I also worked late last night. I called you, Cassandra, right?"

With that, he took a seat next to Cassandra and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, with a look of phony affection all about his face.

"Don't try to fool me again! Do you think I know nothing about the things you are up to?"

Horace pounded the table, getting more irritated by his casual behavior.

"Keep screwing around with those whores! I'm really ashamed of having a son like you! You are not worthy of Cassandra! I can't imagine you ever wanting to work despite of being ill!"

Lionel got puzzled, and turned to look at Cassandra.

"You're ill? What happened?" He asked. She opened her mouth to speak but couldn't go on. He asked again, almost yelling, "Tell me what it is!"

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