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   Chapter 62 The Storm

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A heavy silence permeated the elevator. Cassandra glanced at the redness spreading over Rufus' hand, and felt her heart squeeze in pain.

She tried to keep the tears in her eyes from running down her face.

"Rufus… You… You asshole!"

The words burst from her. She struggled to get her emotions under control, barely noticing that her fingernails were dug into her palms. Her voice trembled with emotion.

Her reaction made Rufus's face soften.

He looked away from her, wanting to conceal the swirl of emotions in his nebulous eyes.

Each droplet of tears that escaped from her eyes splashed straight onto his heart.

His heart became heavier and heavier.

As soon as the lift doors opened, Cassandra rushed out. After a second Rufus realized that she was heading not toward the carpark, but towards the exit.

While he stood there stunned, Cassandra disappeared into the heavy rain.

He dashed to the main gate, but Cassandra was nowhere to be seen.

The swirling sky above him, was dark as ink. A traffic light stood out in the storm, a beacon in the night.

He stood for a second, and then spun back toward the carpark. Climbed into his car, he sped out of the building right away.

The car seared through the thundering weather; the wipers screeching hopelessly against the downpour. He peered through the rain, barely able to see the road. He had no idea how he would find Cassandra.

But Rufus was determined. Slowly, he circled around the block, driving back and forth for some time before finally spotting a bedraggled woman at the corner of the street.

She was huddled under a ledge outside of a darkened shop. The ledge barely kept the rain from her, with water lashing at her on either side.

As he parked the car and leapt out of the door, he saw her sitting on haunches and staring blankly at the rain.

He ripped his coat off and covered her with it.

He crouched down and put his arms around her, almost flinching as he felt how cold and drenched she was.

"What were you thinking? Do you know how severe this typhoon is?"

Rufus tried to keep the anger and fear out of his voice. The rain streamed across his face, and the wind ripped the words from out of his mouth.

Cassandra gave no indication that she had heard him. The tears streaming out of her eyes mingled with the rain pouring down her scalp.

Just now, she leapt into the rain at the spur of the moment. She was almost knocked flat by the storm, but her need to escape pushed her forward.

Her hair clung to her face, getting in her eyes and mouth and entwining around her throat.

Her clothes were soaked and heavy, and the cold had seeped deep into her flesh and bones.

Cassandra didn't know where to turn. She needed to get away from Rufus, but she had nowhere to run in such a storm.

She couldn't see a way forward. And she couldn't go back either. C

to come to her aid.

Cassandra's body stiffened. She seemed to have understood what he meant.

"I will do it myself. Thank you Mr. Luo, and you can leave now," she demanded.

Rufus was not pleased that she addressed him as 'Mr. Luo', but at least it was better than being called 'brother-in-law.'

Seeing how exhausted and fragile she was, he did as she asked and stepped out of the room.

As soon as he was gone, Cassandra sank under the water, trying to bury her humiliation.

'Where do your resolve and determination go, Cassandra? Why is it that all he has to do is to treat you kindly for a minute, and your anger dissolves?' she asked herself in her heart.

"Cassandra, you weak foolish woman! How will you ever escape the influence of Rufus! You have to be firm and strong!" she muttered out loud.

While she spoke, she shook her head, and tried to shake off the guilt and shame.

Little did she know that Rufus had been waiting at the door to make sure that she was alright. What she had said out loud went into his ears, and a trace of smile leaked from his dark eyes.

After a while Cassandra climbed out of the bath, and wrapped herself in a soft white towel. She looked at her clothes on the floor and let out a defeated sigh. They were soaked with water and mud.

There was no way she would be able to wear those now.

Glancing around, she found a shirt on the towel rack.

Luckily, Rufus was tall. This shirt of his could cover her until thigh and be used as her dress.

Well! She decided to just put it on. 'Worst case scenario, ' she thought, 'I'll just buy him a new one.'

Seeing her emerge from the bathroom in nothing but his shirt, Rufus caught his breath.

Her skin almost turned transparently white under the light, and her silhouette shone subtly through the cloth.

He wanted to turn his eyes away respectfully, but found it impossible to break from her allure.

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