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   Chapter 58 The Fight In The Tang House

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Lionel put his arms around Cassandra tightly all of a sudden. Her first instinct was to push him away.

But Lionel had already thought of it. He pulled her closer to himself, making escape impossible.

Rufus marked this in his deep eyes.

Victor had reported to Rufus that Lionel and Ivy seemed to be planning something in the past few days. They were having serious talks for hours. Rufus had no idea what the plan was so all he could do was to wait and figure it out.

Cassandra was his woman. No one could change that. Yes, Lionel was her husband and so what?

"There is no need to display affection in public,"

Rufus mocked Lionel, with a look of disdain.

Just one hour ago, Lionel was kissing Ivy. Now, he was hugging Cassandra.

Rufus knew that Lionel was just using these women. He didn't take his relationship with Cassandra seriously. But he still felt jealous when he saw Lionel hugging Cassandra.

Cassandra was very embarrassed by Lionel's hug. She hated Lionel's touch. Lionel was not comforting or reassuring as Rufus.

Suddenly, Lionel lowered his head and kissed Cassandra's face. Cassandra got goosebumps.

"Honey, let's go now. Father and mother are waiting for us at home. And I have good news to announce when we're back home!"

'Good news?' Cassandra worried. If the news was good to Lionel, it probably would not be good for her.

Lionel dragged her to the car as she screamed.

"What is this dirty game?"

Lionel smirked, as if he had conquered Cassandra.

True, he didn't like Cassandra. But he didn't want Rufus to get the love of his life. His original plan was to divorce Cassandra and kick her out of the family. Now he had a change in mind.

Rufus loved Cassandra. Instead of divorcing her, Lionel decided to torture her and make her life hell.

"Be patient, sweetie. You'll know when we get home!"

Lionel said with an evil laugh.

Cassandra called the house to inform that she was coming home with Lionel. Horace answered and breathed a sigh of relief over the phone.

Cloris couldn't wait to speak with Cassandra in her excitement. She took over the phone and said, "Cassandra, I reported today to the Tang Group. Leo showed me around the offices."

Cloris continued, lowering her voice to a whisper, "It turns out that employees in the company don't know about your true relationship with Lionel. You can rest assured. I will help you keep it a secret."

Cloris finished with a reassuring wave of her hand even her sister couldn't see.

Cassandra wasn't listening. She was nearing a breakdown. She wondered why Lionel was torturing her mentally.

A chill went down her spine when

broke free from Cloris' grip and said indifferently, "It's no big deal. It looks like that we might need to buy wine glasses from a different maker."

Jill was silent all this time. She didn't want to get involved. But when she heard Rufus, she couldn't help herself and said angrily, "I bought these wine glasses from France myself. They are the most expensive ones. We don't need to change anything!"

Rufus just laughed, with no regard to her anger.

"Price isn't the only standard when judging a wine glass, just as not everyone has the taste or the sense to tell whether a wine is good or not. It is like casting pearls before swine. Wine is worthless if it is given to someone who knows nothing about wine."

Jill's family were the new money. She knew that she wouldn't have married Horace if her family wasn't in the upper class.

She became angry and embarrassed when Rufus implied in public that she had no taste but only money.

"I'm the lady of the house now. I handle everything in this family. These wine glasses, since I brought them from France, have served many guests. No one has ever complained about them!"

Rufus remained calm, as usual, in spite of Jill's tantrum.

"Of course, strangers won't say anything. But I'm a member of the Tang family. I think it is fine that I make suggestions which will benefit our family."

Hearing Rufus, Jill stood up.

She had been in charge of the daily affairs of the family for so many years and no one had questioned her. Rufus was the first one to challenge her and he did it in front of so many people, embarrassing her.

What's more, he was just a bastard child.

"Rufus, when did you become a part of the Tang family? Your last name is Luo. You have nothing to do with the Tang family!"

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