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   Chapter 57 Who Is The Better Hunter

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 10557

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Moonlight poured through the windows of the ward, shrouding Cassandra in an unabating silver glow. Her eyes were shut tight as she drifted into dreams.

Rufus's lips couldn't help but curve up in a soft smile as he looked down at her. She looked peaceful. The only time Cassandra was not on her guard was when she was sleeping.

It was actually quite interesting to tease her on purpose. It amused him to see her ears go red and her mouth twist into a scowl when he provoked her shamelessly.

But watching her while she slept was fascinating too. He felt himself being drawn to her serene face.

It would undoubtedly be even more comforting to hold her in his arms as sleep took over both of them.

Looking back, Rufus was not sure when it all started. When did spending time with her become his favorite past-time?

When dawn came, he took his leave. Cassandra was still in deep sleep, a result of the drugs injecting through her IV drip.

Before stepping out, he bent down and kissed her on the forehead. His gaze held bottomless depths of sincere affection.

Cassandra woke up soon after Rufus left.

She realized that she had dreamed of him again.

At first, she had been sucked into a recurring nightmare. She remembered feeling like she was drowning and unable to come to the surface while her lungs burned from the lack of air. Someone had finally pulled her up and relieved her of the torment.

That someone had been Rufus.

She shook her head in an attempt to forget the dream.

'Cassandra, what the hell? You promised yourself you would never think of him again. How could you dream about him? What's wrong with you?'

she said to herself with frustration and shame, then tossed right back into bed.

Nevertheless, she couldn't help thinking of his beautiful eyebrows, his deep-set eyes, his straight nose which gave on to his captivating lips...

She groaned out loud, 'Why couldn't I just get him out of my mind?

The last three days, Cloris had been keeping Cassandra company. That way, she also made sure she met Rufus at least once a day.

She found it strange that he was in her sister's room every single time she arrived. He was always reading out Tang documents or case projects though, so she turned a blind eye.

"Rufus, my sister hasn't healed completely yet. She shouldn't be working so soon. What's the hurry?"

Cloris said. She didn't want to bother him too much but was just curious about his work ethics.

Rufus answered her in a clipped, formal voice, totally unlike his casual manner with Cassandra, "It's not easy to be the manager of the Design Department. People take notice of your every action and decision. If she doesn't work hard enough and people get to know that she is Horace Tang's daughter-in-law, it could lead to complications."

It was stressful for Cassandra to deal with the bout of sudden work, but she was glad for his company. His presence soothed her anxieties so she could easily redound to her exertion.

Not to mention he helped her a lot as they worked together. He pointed out her shortcomings, informed her what kind of documents needed to be rejected, and which f


At this point, if Ivy wanted to become his wife, Horace would probably welcome her with open arms because of her pregnancy.

After all, compared to the perishing reputation of the Qin family, a heir to the Tang Group was far more important.

The day Cassandra was to be discharged from the hospital, Lionel drove there in person to pick her up. He wanted to make a deal with her.

He whistled in a low voice as he strode to her ward, in a fantastic mood today. After all, he held the key to regaining his power in the form of Ivy and their baby. But all his excitement vanished the second he opened the door.

While Cassandra was packing up her stuff, Rufus stood looking out by the window.

Lionel straightened his spine, on his guard immediately as he gazed suspiciously at the pair. He was sure that they were involved romantically. They spent far too much time together.

It was one thing that he wanted to leave Cassandra, but he would never allow her to be intimate with Rufus. His self-esteem was on the line.

"Darling, let's go home. I've come to pick you up!" Lionel announced sharply.

He pretended not to see Rufus and enveloped Cassandra in his strong arms. Burying his face into her hair, he inhaled deeply and sighed in satisfaction to irritate his half-brother on purpose.

"I've been so busy lately. Sorry I didn't have time to come see you. How are you doing now?"

Lionel asked as if he cared. Jill had taught him never to show weakness in front of an enemy, no matter how bad the situation got. He always bore that principle in mind.

A keen hunter was always exceptionable at detecting the weakness of his prey before striking it down.

However, Rufus was a keener hunter than him. He was more insightful than most people and saw through Lionel's ruse immediately.

It was no wonder that he was so successful in business. His shrewdness had made sure he emerged safely on the other side of every danger he faced.

And he had come back to this city not only to take over the reins of the Tang Group, but also to avenge an innocent and vulnerable woman...

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