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   Chapter 54 Ivy Is Pregnant

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After reaching the hospital, Lionel rushed into the emergency room with Cassandra in his arms.

"Hospitalize her!" he ordered, gave a wad of money and hurried away.

As quickly as he had come, his footsteps receded into the night, leaving the doctor bewildered at his abrupt manner.

Cassandra willed her eyes to open and looked at the doctor on duty, with a bitter smile on her lips.

"Doctor, I think I have a fever," said Cassandra weakly.

Then she lost consciousness and fell backwards.

Luckily, a pair of powerful arms caught her.

'Well, the doctor is quick in movement. He's really a nice and thoughtful man, '

thought Cassandra the second she fell into a coma.

The doctor stared at the second man who suddenly appeared in the emergency room. He suspected this second man must have come here in hot pursuit of the unruly character who had just left. By their manner of handling the unconscious lady, it was obvious there was bad blood between the two.

Rufus's face darkened with anger. Urgently, he ordered the third guy who accompanied him and was standing by his side, "Victor, keep a close watch on him. Find out what he's up to."

Quietly, Victor nodded and left, pensively touching his nose with a finger. By the hasty way in which Rufus followed Lionel, he knew Rufus really cared about Cassandra.

Rufus was right. Lionel didn't intend to take Cassandra to the doctor. It was just his excuse.

From the parking lot Lionel stepped on the gas and drove like a maniac straight to Ivy's home, burning with anxiety.

A puffy eyed Ivy came to open the door. When she saw Lionel, she threw herself directly into his arms.

"Here you are at last," she greeted, her anxiety echoing on every syllable.

A beautiful, strong woman most of the time, Ivy was now clumsy and irritable. She wore little make-up and was terribly upset. It distressed Lionel.

Helping her to sit on the sofa and wiping away her tears, Lionel held Ivy in his arms and comforted, "Take it easy. I'm here with you."

But in the warmth of his arms, Ivy sobbed all the more, her shoulders twitching and her voice choking.

"Lionel, what should I do? I want to keep this baby," she wept.

But Lionel flatly refused without a second thought, "No, you can't keep this baby. I'm not ready for a baby now!"

For a moment a menacing look flashed across Ivy's face. But soon, realizing how futile it was trying to argue with him, she dropped her demand. 'It would be better to play along, ' she mused.

"It's not like I'm forcing my way, Lionel. I have a good reason for my desire, and maybe, you'll understand," she began, in a solemn tone now. "You see, after the last car accident, the doctor said my uterus sustained pretty bad injuries. It would be virtually impossible to conceive. But look, here I am, pregnant, beyond a shadow of a doubt. That to me is a miracle which gives me joy that words cannot express. I'm more than willing to take a risk and carry the pregnancy to term," she paused and wiped a tear from her eyes. "Please, let me keep the baby. It

her, right? She should be alright.'

When Ivy saw that Lionel was obviously distracted, she spoke out directly what she had held back for a long time, "Lionel, if you insist, I will leave you. I will completely disappear with your baby!"

That jolted Lionel back to the present.

"How dare you!" he roared.

But Ivy, not worried anymore, snorted back, "I would do anything for the baby! All these years, you've only been fabricating a future for me to keep me by your side. On my part, I've been good to you. Look how you want to reward my loyalty? Yeah, you want me to kill our baby in return! I'm bitterly disappointed!"

When Lionel listened to her, his pangs of guilty came in huge, threatening waves.

At his dumbness, Ivy continued, "I thought the idea of me carry your baby who is also the eldest grandson in Tang family would mean something to you. By the fact that your marriage to Cassandra had gone south, you made me believe I'd be appreciated in the family! You took advantage of my innocence!

Lionel came to a sudden realization at Ivy's shout.

He had never slept with Cassandra, but Horace didn't know that. If the family realized that Cassandra couldn't bear a child for Lionel, they'd allow him to divorce her. Once Cassandra was gone, the family would gladly accept his remarriage to Ivy.

Seeing how close he was to his dreams, Lionel gathered Ivy to him. He had gotten an idea.

"Take good care of yourself, Ivy. I will do what I have promised you. I'm ready to have a baby with you," he promised.

Resting her head on Lionel's shoulder, a smile of triumph lit up her face.

'What a foolish man!' she thought.

What Lionel didn't know was that Ivy had hatched that plot. She knew he had no reason to divorce Cassandra. That left her with only one plan. She'd have to take the risk and get pregnant. With the baby, she could easily blackmail Lionel.

The shrewd Tang family should know which was more important between their own eldest grandson and Cassandra - the daughter of the declining Qin family.

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