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   Chapter 53 Unfortunately It Wasn’t Rufus

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Lionel took his phone out of his trousers' pocket. Ivy's name flashed on the screen, somewhat dampening his spirits.

His eyes darkened and the expression on his face grew hesitant as he debated whether or not to answer the call.

Ordinarily, Lionel would have answered it without hesitation. But right now, Ivy's call had obtruded on his plan. It made him impatient.

The phone kept ringing. Lionel glanced at Cassandra, who was looking at him uneasily and shivering. He thought he could give Ivy a short greeting and then get back to business, so he quickly pressed the answer key.

He heard Ivy's panicked whimper as soon as he put the phone to his ear. She spoke to him in between tears, "Lionel, can you come right now? I... I'm scared."

Lionel's heart jolted. Ivy was an elegant and demure woman. The only time she had pushed the panic button was when Cassandra had become his legal wife. That news cut her to the quick at that time.

Since then, however, Ivy had stood strong like a rose with thorns. Lovely, but dangerous. She had never given him a sign of vulnerability and he had never seen her cry again. What happened today? What had upset her?

"What happened, Ivy?"

Lionel asked patiently despite his agitation. Her next words immediately doused him in cold water.

"I… I'm pregnant!" she cried out.

Lionel froze, panic shooting through his veins. He could hardly believe his ears. Pregnant? They used condoms every single time. How could she get pregnant?

"That's impossible. You must have made a mistake!"

Lionel's eyes widened a fraction as he tried to convince himself that she was joking. He had been pressured into marrying Cassandra under his father's arrangement. He had been forced to make a considerable sacrifice in the form of his marriage, for the sake of Tang Group and in the hopes that he would take over the company one day.

So he reluctantly accepted Cassandra as his legal wife just to win his father's favor.

However, after Rufus appeared, he lost his position in the group. And at the last celebration party, Rufus publicly disgraced him.

Now Ivy was pregnant. Misfortune seemed to follow him everywhere. If Ivy was right, the baby had undeniably come at the worst possible time.

They used protections and he had been very cautious the whole time. There was just no way that Ivy could get pregnant!

Lionel was pulled out of his musings as her cries filled his ear and her breathing got uneven.

"What should I do, Lionel? I... I'm really pregnant. It's confirmed. Would you come to me? I'm so scared and lonely."

Lionel had talked to her about the matter before. She agreed to his decision not to have babies for the time being after analyzing all the pros and cons. Now that she suddenly found herself pregnant, she was terrified.

"Lionel, are you coming over? I really need you..."

Lionel was so up

a man. His concern for Cassandra was off-putting, but she still nodded in agreement, "You are right, Rufus. Lionel, please take care of my sister. Call us if you need help."

Lionel looked at his half-brother with confusion in his eyes. Rufus had already helped him twice in less than five minutes…How strange. He shook his head slightly. It didn't matter because this was exactly what he wanted. God be thanked!

After assuring Horace and Jill that he would get Cassandra to the hospital safely, Lionel dragged her out of the living room. Rufus's gaze darkened as Cassandra followed Lionel out like a ragdoll, too weak to put up a resistance. It drove him mad.

Lionel pulled her to the garage and pushed her in the back seat. He swiftly got behind the wheel and drove the car out at lightning speed.

Cassandra was tired and didn't have the energy to oppose Lionel. Her eyelids started to droop. She felt like she was wrapped inside a silk cocoon; her strength seemed to have dried up and she was just biding her time.

Befuddled, she forced herself to open her eyes and then frowned when she saw the back of Lionel's head.

'Why is Lionel with me when I'm sick? I wish it was Rufus who stayed with me, '

she couldn't get that thought out of her head and smiled unknowingly as she allowed her mind to linger on Rufus.

His smile. His scent. His sensual mouth.

The ruthless lips that always gave her a hot kiss.

The muscular arms that always lifted her up in warm a embrace.

The deep and husky voice that whispered sweet nothings in her ear. Even his scolding now would sound so enticing.


Unfortunately, it wasn't Rufus with her.

Cassandra finally drifted off to sleep, her thoughts dissolving into nothing.

'I must relax…I must stop thinking about Lionel and Rufus…No drama, no hatefulness, and no complication...I just want to sleep...When I wake up, I wouldn't feel so tired…'

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