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   Chapter 52 She Could Never Run Away From Him

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Dry leaves rustled as the wind cast a gentle blow. Cassandra was anxious at the thought that she would be alone with Lionel. Excusing herself, she went to the backyard and took her time to think things over while walking.

The light in the backyard was dimmer compared to the one in the mansion which was overly lighted. The backyard was bleak.

Cassandra could hear the laughter made by Horace, Jill, and Cloris from inside. They were having a great time.

The peals of laughter were warm like sunshine in the winter, melting the snow. But the warmth was not enough to melt Cassandra's freezing emotions.

Cassandra knew that she wasn't as likable as Cloris, and Jill didn't like her at all. Cloris made a good impression on Jill and she liked her company. She felt happy for her sister knowing that she felt at home with the Tang family.

The chill of the early evening crept through Cassandra's senses making her nose itchy.

Out of nowhere, someone put a coat over her shoulders. Without looking back she could tell who it was by the familiar scent. Then Rufus said with his husky voice, "Are you trying to make others feel sorry for you by getting sick?"

Rufus' bark was worse than his bite. He was showing his concern for Cassandra in a sarcastic way.

"Besides, Lionel is still expecting you to have his child. Are you sure you can do that when you're so weak and sickly?"

Usually, Cassandra would talk back. But tonight was different. She didn't have the right mood.

Lionel was acting so possessive these past few days. His actions made Cassandra realize that she could never run away from him. Needless to say, Rufus, who knew well how complicated their relationship was but still persistently did things to worsen the situation.

Cassandra felt helpless and frustrated at the thought of her fate.

She was forced to marry Lionel, and the Qin family had kept on giving her the cold shoulder. That was fine with her, however, she got herself used to loneliness and ill-treatment. What scared her the most was other people showing pity on her. It made her feel belittled and vulnerable. And Rufus entered her life. He showed concerns and affections for her in different ways. She got used to the feeling of being cared for and secured, which might be the reason for her attachment to Rufus.

She would have been much happier if it was Rufus whom she married.

'Wait, stop thinking about Rufus!' Cassandra felt annoyed that she kept on imagining something she couldn't have.

'Cassandra, you should stop dreaming. It's not right, ' She reminded herself.

Then taking a deep breath and removing the coat Rufus had offered, she said coldly, "If you know that I'll have Lionel's child, then you should stay away from me."

Rufus glanced at Cassandra hearing her words. Her remarks angered him in an ins

to come.

"Lionel, calm down! We have a deal. This marriage is for business only. You hate me and I don't like you either. Why would you do this to me? You're becoming a rapist!"

Cassandra stepped back out of fear, but Lionel kept on stepping forward moving closer to her. He smiled viciously. He stretched out one hand to caress his chin playfully while looking at Cassandra who had been trying to escape.

"Cassandra, do you think you can stop me? I'd like to see whether Rufus will still be interested with you if he learned that you've slept with me!"

Lionel said coldly. His insult made Cassandra furrow her eyebrows.

"You're my wife. It's your duty to make me happy. Cassandra, you can't run away from me!"

Cassandra was cornered by Lionel. She had nowhere to go.

Lionel locked his hands on the wall around Cassandra, stopping her from running away. They were so close that Cassandra could feel his heavy breaths.

For the first time, Cassandra felt really scared.

She looked at Lionel and pleaded for him desperately. Her vision was clouded by the tears in her eyes. She hated Lionel's approach, his smell, his touch, and everything about him. She hated him a lot.

She felt so harassed. Out of her desperation to escape, Cassandra thought about telling Lionel that she had slept with another man. This might get Lionel angry and let her go.

That was Cassandra's escape plan.

She knew what kind of person Lionel was. And she was certain that he couldn't hold up to the idea that his wife cheated on him. Pulling her strength together, Cassandra said, "Lionel, I have to tell you something…"

Cassandra didn't have time to care about the consequences of what she was about to do.

But before she could finish her words, a phone call interrupted her. Cassandra lifted up her head and saw Lionel took out the phone from his pocket. He was exasperated.

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