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   Chapter 51 You Are On The Losing Streak

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 10012

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Cassandra was not his first woman. Put it more frankly, she was only one in a countless list, including a random fling here and there or a one-night stand once in a while. It was hopeless to hang on to him.

Tonight, in the faint light and the dappled shade her stunning beauty still shined through. That captivated him. Like they did the first time when they met, he ached to get her laid again.

But upon her cold and heartless words, his heart convulsed in an instant.

To recover from her smothering words he took a deep breath, reflected for a moment, and told himself to ignore his hurt feelings.

With intense eyes, he watched her face, and sensed a distance between them. It was a deep, dark rift that separated their souls and emotions, even while she stood right in front of him. How awful!

"Sorry to say this, Cassandra, but you are doomed to lose!" he declared, without blinking.

Believing that the headstrong woman could never escape, he fixed his gaze on her, trying to read her mind. The insolence in his voice was unmistakable.

But Cassandra didn't mind him. She simply brushed him off with a mocking smile.

"Well, whether I will win or lose, it is not up to you," she said nonchalantly.

"At least by now, you have been on a losing streak, haven't you?"

Rufus retorted.

Intentionally, he wanted to get on her nerves.

Never had Lionel treated her with respect, Cassandra's love and respect for him had fizzled out along the line. Now, she didn't even give a damn. The only inspiration she had in this particular case were the interests of the Qins - her family.

"Whatever you think or do can't change anything. I've already made up my mind and I'm OK, without your advice!"

Cassandra stood her ground.

Frustrated by her stubbornness, Rufus heaved a sigh and thought for a moment before reaching out a hand to stroke her cheek.

"It is quite late, go to sleep!" he suggested.

Cassandra blinked, wondering what would be his next move. Their rivalry was was here to stay and it was only sensible for Cassandra to keep a watchful eye, if she was to survive in the game.

Silently, she thought to herself, 'Am I such a fool? The man I keep fantasizing over is my husband's elder stepbrother. That's my brother-in-law! Why invest my emotions in him when I know well it's a very complicated relationship?'

There was no doubt, her marriage to Lionel was just a trade-off. Her life had been set and it would not be wise to allow this man into her life. She began to fear for her family, and their family.

As if escaping some danger, Cassandra went back to her room in haste, trotting all the way. By the time she got to the room, her pulse was racing and her face flushing.

As she walked to the bed, she smiled at Cloris, who was fast asleep on the bed, like a delicate and adorable doll.

Careful not to disrupt her delicate, adorable sister on whom she dotted, Cassandra tiptoed around to her side of the bed and quietly climbed into he

e tone, "Let's make a baby tonight! Isn't that what you have been wishing for!"

Then he reached out and stroked Cassandra's long hair, in front of everyone. A chill ran over Cassandra's body. She had never seen Lionel so...creepy before.

Cassandra tilted her face away and glared at at Lionel uncomfortably before she quickly steered away from the conversation subject.

"It is the first time that Cloris is visiting us. I have to take her around," she nudged Lionel away.

At that very moment, when she happened to meet Rufus's gaze, she was mortified and turned away at once.

'What is wrong with me? Why am I afraid to look him in the eye?' she mulled, a pang of guilt eating at her conscience. It felt as if she had been caught red-handed. Images of Rufus and her making out in the Qins' backyard flashed through her mind. She blushed crimson.

"Cassandra, don't worry about me! Rufus had promised to keep me company. You and Lionel must be tired, just go have a rest," Cloris said tenderly.

What a sensible and considerate girl! Her sweet voice and her innocent look, somehow, left Cassandra absent-minded.

Cassandra remembered last night when the little girl had just asked her to pair her off with Rufus. She hated to admit it, but she knew, a pure girl like her sister could well be the perfect match for Rufus.

'What am I thinking about? I'm a married woman and there is no chance I'd ditch Lionel to remarry Rufus. That is impossible!' she scolded herself.

No doubt those remarks under the streetlight had caused a stir in her mind. The flood of thoughts and conflicted emotions came so thick and fast that she had to heave a sigh to recover from the shock.

Dropping her head in disappointment, Cassandra told herself to stop those fantasies. All those romantic memories with Rufus on the night in Rome and their kiss in the Qins' backyard last night were things that she needed to let go. Hell, even her future in the Tangs' family now hung in the balance.

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