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   Chapter 50 Divorce And Be Mine

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With her back against the wall of the bathroom, Cassandra's heart thumped inside her chest. Her breath quickened and she felt nervous but also secretly pleased that Rufus had decided to call her. She didn't know what was happening right now or why she felt this way. She just knew that she was happy that Rufus wanted to see her. At the same time, she also felt a tinge of guilt because she had no idea where this would lead them. She knew she shouldn't do this but she just couldn't help herself. It was as if Rufus was a magnet and she was a helpless ferrous damsel that was being drawn towards him.

After a few moments, she opened her eyes and gently bit down on her lower lip in an effort to make up her mind. She resolutely walked out of the bathroom into the bedroom that she shared with Cloris. Cloris looked up and saw the nervousness on her sister's face and broke into a knowing smile. She assumed that the call had been from her brother-in-law. 'They really were a sweet couple, ' she mused innocently.

"Sis, did he ask you to go and meet him? I am really sorry that I've interrupted you two,"

Cloris teased her sister. In spite of being young, Cloris was not ignorant about the ways between husband and wife. It was normal for couples to want to be with each other all the time. Though she herself was not in a relationship right now, she could understand the feeling. Cassandra's face burnt in embarrassment when she heard her sister's words. She lowered her head and touched her flaming face then murmured shyly, "Cloris, I am going out for a while. Go to sleep. Don't wait for me, please."

Cloris nodded then waved at Cassandra urging her to go out and have fun. The teasing smile remained on her face the whole time.

"I know, I know. Don't worry about me. Just go have 'FUN' with my brother-in-law!"

Cloris stressed the word 'fun' with a smirk, making Cassandra's face burn even hotter. She panicked momentarily but said nothing in the end. She just nodded her head and hurriedly walked out the door, clutching her phone tightly in her hand.

Only when she had walked out and closed the door behind her could Cassandra breathe in relief. She didn't like lying to her family, especially about something so overwhelming. At the moment, she just couldn't care less. Her steps became lighter and her paces quickened. She didn't know why but she felt so happy all of a sudden. She had been wanting to see Rufus too.

The gentle fragrance of the yellow flowers blooming in the small back yard made her want to know the name of the flower. Frankly, she had never even noticed them before. Perhaps it was because she was in such high spirits that even the smallest thing delighted her. She was in love. This was something that she had never thought would happen to her because she had already accepted her fate when she got married four years ago. Her heart had awakened and suddenly, she felt the bittersweet taste of love.

Under the dim streetlight stood a tall man. The light shone down on him, forming a halo around his shoulders. He looked pure and graceful like an angel. Clearly, he was waiting for someone. And one could tell that he had been waiting for a good while.

Cassandra quickened her steps and stopped in front of him. She had rushed all the way here so she was a little out of breath. Their eyes locked and it seemed as if time had suddenly stopped around the two of them.

Neither of them opened their mouths to talk at first. Instantly, Rufus walked up to her and before she could say anything, he put his lips on hers, swallowing the words she wanted to say.

It felt like both of them had been waiting for this moment for too long.

Cassandra closed her eyes because of his sudden move. But slowly, she opened her eyes and looked at Rufus' face. He was really handsome and made her heart beat faster whenever their eyes met. Her heart was enmeshed in a warm feeling. A sudden realization struck her hard.

She was aware that she liked the man who was standing in front of her. Maybe she was even in love with him.

"Cassandra, be my woman,"

after the kiss, Rufus sighed and whispered in her ears. His words made Cassandra's eyes widen in shock. She couldn't believe he

, maybe I would have married you instead of him!"

Cassandra tried to contain her emotions even as the cruel words left her lips. She suppressed her tears while saying this, a perfect smile hung on her face.

"What do you mean?"

Rufus narrowed his eyes, his gaze on her. 'What did this woman say just now? Since when had she become this bold?' Cassandra could almost feel the temperature drop because of him. He was really unhappy. It seemed that her words had really made him furious.

'Does she mean that in her eyes, all men are the same? That I am exactly like Lionel? There's no difference between us?' Rufus raged quietly.

"If the man I met in Rome wasn't you, I might have made the same mistake. You are not special, Rufus. Don't flatter yourself. You just happened to be in my life. Let's stop this ridiculous thing between us. I am tired of it already. You are too serious about this. Don't you know that it was just a fling? Don't tell me that you really love me. That's just funny,"

Cassandra said with a smile on her face. The light shone down on her pretty little face, making her look even more beautiful than usual. But right now, all Rufus wanted was to shut her up.

Her words infuriated Rufus, making him angrier and angrier. She made it sound like what they had shared in Rome was casual and meaningless. And that she would have slept with any other man had it not been him.

It was clear what she had meant.

Rufus was not special in her heart. What they had shared was just a coincidence.

'Ha, you really are something else, Cassandra, ' Rufus thought to himself. For the first time, Rufus felt stupid and humiliated. He, who had always been a successful and powerful man, had been fooled by a little woman!

What Cassandra didn't know was Rufus never easily give up. Once he set his mind on something, he would surely get it. He was never the one to lose.

"Cassandra, you will love me one day,"

he rumbled, the frown disappeared from his face. Suddenly Rufus dropped his hand, letting go of Cassandra. It seemed that he was no longer angry. He was back to his lazy and carefree self.

Seeing Rufus' attitude change, Cassandra's heart throbbed. She knew that she had successfully hurt him. Even she hurt for him, she couldn't show it. She remained calm and collected as if what Rufus had said didn't matter at all.

"Yeah, you know, it's easy for me to love a man. If a man helps me, protects me and gives me what I want, I will surely love him. What's not to love, right?"

she said mimicking his carefree tone. The two were truly a match made in heaven.

Cassandra balled her hands into tight fists. Hearing her frivolous words, a flicker of anger flashed through Rufus's eyes but it quickly disappeared. He immediately changed back into his casual attitude.

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