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   Chapter 49 I Have Something To Tell You

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Cassandra hadn't slept in her princess bed in a long time, but the sheets still smelled of her lost childhood. She looked around her former room. Nothing had changed. The teddy bear at the foot of the bed, the wind chime twinkling above the windowsill, the numerous photographs on the wall that captured her adolescence...Everything remained the same. She stood dully, reminiscing on her past. She had so many memories attached to this bedroom and her house.

Just then, there was a sharp knock on the door.

"Cassandra, I'm done taking my bath. Can I come in?" Cloris exclaimed, interrupting Cassandra's long-lost memories.

Cassandra snapped back to reality and turned around to open the door. Cloris came in wearing a bathrobe, her face breaking into a wide grin. Once inside, she changed into her pajamas.

She was pretty and had a perfect hour-glass figure that obviously attracted attention. People, including most women, simply couldn't tear their eyes off her when she walked into a room.

Her smooth, creamy white skin contrasted sharply against her black PJs, giving a strong visual effect. Cassandra made a sound halfway between a gasp and a sigh as she stared at her little sister. Cloris had grown up to be quite a stunner. She was as beautiful and graceful as a swan.

"Cloris, you are just so lovely. Nobody can take their eyes off you."

Cassandra's praise came from the bottom of her heart, and her sister gave her a soft smile in return. Cloris moved closer to Cassandra and embraced her, breathing in deeply. She leaned back and looked at her.

"Cassandra, may I ask you a question?"

Cloris asked. A mild blush stained her cheeks. Cassandra's heart jolted. She already knew what Cloris was going to ask, but she smiled and nodded anyway, "Sure."

Cloris pulled her sister's arm shyly and the two of them sat on the bed. She opened and shut her mouth repeatedly, too nervous to say anything. After a moment's silence, she finally blurted, "Does Rufus have a girlfriend?"

Just as Cassandra had expected, Cloris was curious about Rufus. She had seen her sneaking glances at him downstairs. Cassandra's heart sank to the bottom of her stomach and she swallowed visibly. Her throat had turned dry.

"I don't know. Probably not. I haven't heard that he has one,"

Cassandra answered softly and lowered her eyes, avoiding her sister's inquiring gaze.

"Really? That's awesome."

Cloris grinned widely, clearly overjoyed. She hugged Cassandra around the neck and then kissed her on the cheek, unable to contain her excitement.

Cassandra stared at her lovely sister, wondering if Rufus liked simple and innocent girls like Cloris. Perh

gentle breeze flew in through the window, making her hair dance. She saw a tall and handsome man standing under the street lamp below. The golden light elongated his shadow and cast his figure in stark relief. Rufus stood alone on the street, holding the phone in his hand as he raised his head. His obsidian eyes were locked on Cassandra who stood two floors above, looking down at him.

Cassandra's heartbeat pounded in her ears. She inhaled deeply and opened her mouth, but said nothing.

"Come down,"

Rufus said through the phone in a gentle voice. It felt like they had been looking at each other forever. His voice lured her in like magic.

"What did you just say?"

Cassandra blinked. She felt like she was in a dream. What game was he playing?

"Cassandra, come down,"

Rufus raised his voice, still looking at her intensely. The voice stirred up something deep in her. What was he doing?

"It's late,"

Cassandra repeated firmly, her heart racing uncontrollably even as she listened to the voice of reason in her head. This was her parents' house, and she was married. She couldn't do anything improper.

"I have something to tell you. Come down."

Rufus ignored her reluctance and hung up the phone. He put his hands in the pockets of his trousers and leaned against the lamp pole, waiting for her patiently. His eyes were deep pools of black, looking at Cassandra with desire and tempting her.

Cassandra closed the window and turned her back to it as she took a deep, shaky breath. Why was she so nervous? Why was her heart racing a mile a minute? Her hand that held the phone had sweat running down it.

"I have something to tell you."

The words echoed in Cassandra's ears. She shut her eyes, uncertain whether she should go down or not…

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