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   Chapter 48 Leaving Cassandra With Lionel Alone

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With Lionel's eyes pierced at her, Cassandra felt uneasy as if she was sitting on thorns. Her eyebrows crossed as she averted her eyes away from him, pretending that he wasn't there.

"Since this was Lionel's first time to visit our home, why don't you show him around, Cassandra?" Vernon suggested.

He noticed the distant look and the uneasy treatment between his daughter and her husband. Suggesting something for them to do and let them spend some time together might make things different.

"Father, it's late. It's been a long day and I need to go to sleep now," Cassandra rejected without a second thought.

It was pitch dark outside and she didn't think it was a good idea to play as a tourist guide and give Lionel a tour around the house.

"Please don't bother. We would be staying here for long. I believe that Cassandra must be very tired and she needs to take a rest. It was rude of me to come over untimely. Please go back to sleep. I'm fine," Lionel said sincerely.

He sounded like a polite gentleman, which made Vernon nod repeatedly to show his agreement.

"All right, take care of your husband for us, my dear daughter. Good night!" Vernon didn't insist.

He stood up and smiled at Edith, and she knew what he meant. It seemed that they had a language that only the two of them could understand. They went back to their bedroom without any more words.

They thought that it would be better to leave the young couple alone.

Edith winked an eye at Cloris, implying her to go to her room too before she closed the door of their room. Lionel and Cassandra were left alone in the living room.

The moment his in-laws were out of sight, Lionel loosened the collar of his shirt and put on the expression that Cassandra dreaded the most. He extended his arms and suddenly grabbed her chin to force her to look into his eyes. His face was ablaze with rage and pure hatred.

"Tell me! What's wrong with your lips? Did someone bit you?" he asked in a low voice.

Cassandra felt suddenly cold and tiny shivers were running down her spine making her quiver. He fixed his eyes on her like a lion clenching his prey under his claws, ready to devour at any moment.

Cassandra's eyes dimmed and she bit her lips out of her instincts. Doing that, she managed to calm herself. The panic and tension in her eyes slowly developed into overpowering confidence.

She responded calmly, "Why did you take the trouble to come here at such a time? Knowing you? I don't think you're kind enough to put on a show in front of my parents. Seriously, I don't need it. I'm pretty sure you know what I mean!"

She felt awkward with any kind of body contact between them, despite the fact that they were married, but she was unable to get rid of his hold. All she could do was turn her face away from him, avoiding his fierce eyes.

"Is that so? Then can you just tell me how it feels to bring Rufus here? Tell me! Just tell me, my lovely wife! What was it like to cheat on your husband in your parents' house?" Lionel asked coldly.

He sounded a little sour, but the grinding of his teeth betrayed his temper. Cassandra knew that he was about to explode.

"A kiss is nothing compared to your sex video! Am I not right, Lionel?" she asked contradicting his accusations.

Lionel could see the rising anger on her face. Although she titled her head away from him, the disgust and sarcasm in her watery eyes were clearly evident.

Her words didn't deny that fact tha

ad planned to teach Cassandra how to respect her husband when they would be left alone in the room. However, he couldn't find any excuse to refuse his sister-in-law.

"Please, Lionel, please! I promise I won't disturb you later! Just let me have my sister for one night!" Cloris kept on pleading.

She had seen the expression on Lionel's face, making her pout her lips and plead for Lionel repeatedly.

Lionel was left with no choice but to give in. He didn't say anything but just nodded his head to her.

There would be a long way ahead for him and Cassandra. The days were long to count for him to deal with her. 'Her wife-lessons would be best taught later, ' Lionel presumed. He needed to make her realize who her husband was by making love to her, for he had never touched that woman before. It would be a more memorable and one of kind lovemaking.

"Cloris, listen, it's too late to play chess. Why don't we just go to bed now? I believe that Rufus is tired too," she tried to persuade Cloris.

Saying those words, she glanced at Rufus with the corner of her eyes, with the expectation that she could go now.

"All right! Rufus, let's play another time," Cloris agreed without any hesitation.

The night was deep and Lionel gave Cassandra a fierce stare. She might get away today, but not tomorrow. He had come a long way to her parents' house, determined to get her in bed by hook or by crook.

There were no love and passion involved when he married Cassandra. He did not expect that Cassandra would adore him or honor him as her husband, but he just couldn't let Rufus win over him.

Things were getting more and more complicated as Lionel joined the game played by two. The game that Rufus and Cassandra were enjoying to play. Cassandra felt a growing sense of despair in her heart, desperation on the fact that she couldn't tell what Lionel was planning. For she knew that it would be something horrible.

However, her heart was softened when memories of the way Rufus kissed her, touched her, caressed her, pulled her and gave her a warm embrace flashed back her mind. She felt reassured with the thought that Rufus had her back.

'Would it be ridiculous to fall in love with Rufus, my brother-in-law?' she pondered. But on her mind lingered another question, 'Does Rufus love me too?'

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